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The prophet Isaiah even spoke of the time to come when women through thier radical feminism and greed would cause polygamy to one day become the norm because they abused thier power.

Well it IS becoming more common outside of religious sects. While it was nearly unthinkable in the 50's outside of those few cults.
I hope it is more than just radical feminism neutering so many men that I have been blessed with 3 lovely unique ladies.
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Posted: 10/13/2008 6:56:38 PM
Why don't so many confused females want polygamy?

a) Have you ever noticed how many are 'control freaks' over a stupid male who is willing to be abused by those types?

b) Bet you have never seen any females who well know about thier husband is with other women as long as the bills are paid and the children are fed?


Because she may want him with another woman where she can further her control issues by 'divorce court/alimony' and that good ole child support!

c) Have you ever considered the most powerful women on the planet, U.S. gals with the right to vote, allow prostituion legally in one state and questionably within all states: espeacially California?

But they will not legalize Biblically endorced polygamy!

But so many Church gals are against Polygamy despite it being endorsed in both the New and Old Testaments of the Bible! To my understanding, there is only ONE SCRIPTURE against polygamy in the New testament; and that pertains to a man being a Bishop!
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Posted: 10/13/2008 7:50:11 PM
I'm sorry this simply boils down to there are certain things I don't share well, my toothbrush, my ipod, my makeup, my car and my man... to each his or her own, however, whatever floats your boat...

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Posted: 10/13/2008 7:55:49 PM
I see nothing wrong with this as long as all parties agree and are happy with the arrangement. Otherwise, just adding one more person to the mix is a receipe for disaster.

To those who have found it, kudos.
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Posted: 10/23/2008 11:21:37 AM
From post # 127:

It is illegal here. Actually, any increase in a sex a guy gets by having several wives is offset by the additional: nagging, B***hing, wasteful spending, backtalk, etc, he has to put up with...not to mention the additional mothers in law. There is not enough sex in the universe to make it worth that. Polygamists should be locked up in insane asylums for life, and denied conjugal visits.

You evidently have been raised by controling females, and feel you are just a drone bee in the hive and subserviant to a Queen Bee. So you assume all women are like that!

My mother is from Arizona City, the Mormon Polygamy Branch of the Church. The behavior you describe is not commonly viewed in that community.


Because women recognize real quickly when a female is playing a game as the females you desribe. When women live together, share the work, they come down real hard on girls who aren't co-operative as it will spoil the family unit: this includes their daughters.

Women who are bent toward pseudo matriarchy or rather psycho matriarchy many times are like the syndrome you describe.

But think about it, how many brides are lying through their teeth when they 'promise to love and obey' at the altar. Only to dominate and make a man miserable when the knot is tied.

You ought to drop by Arizona City and witness a more comfortable family unit; it might open your eyes! And it sounds like you are putting sex above responsibility!
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Posted: 10/18/2012 7:13:36 AM
you have great views and many i see you have definatly have a refreshing view and it is nice to see.
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