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Joined: 6/17/2006
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WATCH THIS. There'll be several tests afterwards!!

No doubt a bit of a revelation for those who thought the faster you could move your tongue the better.****-eating-lesson

ok the room doesn't like cats apparently so that url doesn't show properly.

Just drag and drop that url into your destination box at the top of your browser
and substitute the **** cra p for "" /pu$$y-eating-lesson ""

Also ... you can add my condolences Jonsey. I KNOW how you feel. T'was, by far, my fav way of letting her know how MUCH I enjoyed making her feel extra special/loved/sexy. Next to just having her to hold THAT is THE thing I miss the most after the Angels came and took her away.
Joined: 5/26/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/12/2008 3:38:01 PM
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of having a man go down on me-not sure why-but it rarely brings me to a climax. Now, if he's fingering me the right way....yeah-that works like a charm. With the right person-any sexual act can be wonderful-but I need some serious g-spot attention to have a huge orgasm.

I'd much rather go down on my man because that in and off itself is a huge turn on for me and makes the intercourse later even hotter-but that is just me, I can't speak for any other women.
Joined: 6/9/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/12/2008 8:46:16 PM
Show me a woman who's man won't eat her, and I'll show you a woman at my place at midnight vocalizing her desire to find Jesus Christ at the top of her lungs ! ! !
Joined: 5/30/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/12/2008 9:03:41 PM
Alot of young girls dont give head, so i dont go down.

nuff said.
Joined: 6/28/2007
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/13/2008 10:23:03 AM
VERY, VERY, VERY important
Joined: 5/18/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/14/2008 6:10:46 AM
Wow! Have I got a lot to learn. And all this time I thought it was just an excuse to get a closer look!
Joined: 12/22/2007
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/14/2008 6:41:21 AM

how important is it to you as a woman, to have a man make you reach climax duing oral sex and finger play?

On a scale of 1-10....I'd give it about 1000!!!!

I want the entire package and that is definitely a most important part of the package!
Joined: 4/29/2004
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/14/2008 7:35:11 AM
Id rather a man finger,eat and use my toys on me over all else..Gets me the best orgasims ever.
Joined: 5/22/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/20/2008 12:07:43 PM
an 8 inch tongue will get further than an 8 inch penis any day
Joined: 6/8/2007
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/20/2008 11:49:32 PM
This is a no-brainer. Since I want my women to give excellent oral and swallow, I want to provide the same pleasure to them. This means bringing them to climax orally, continue licking them, even if they're highly sensitive, and keep going in an attempt to make them cum at least another time.

I love to give and receive, but as soon as the woman states rules and restrictions on what she's willing or not willing to do (read: no swallowing or no coming in her mouth), then all bets are off.
Joined: 5/22/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/21/2008 1:37:12 AM
Well Ms -vc- practice makes perfect let's get busy
Joined: 2/1/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 6/21/2008 5:08:09 AM

I am with you, I have been divorced almost four years now and have found that most women want to have this kind of attention. In fact, they really seem to enjoy it. But you must start slow and work your way down there with plenty of attention to the other important areas along the way.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 12:33:45 AM
Obviously the joke 'how does a women hold her licquer? by the ears, was thought of by a woman who is in the majority in this question
Joined: 1/12/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 10:06:12 AM
oh, I'm a hard one to tie down on that, but if you smack me in the head with a shovel then clamp on real tight down there I'll be good to go.

Many moons ago when I used to have sex I used to like 69 but his fingers only, no tongue. Or some appliances- don't remember why tho. I liked to use MY fingers on my clit and he could do whatever with whatever.

I wonder if that's odd-- but just remembering what *I* liked. Ahhhh, the good old days.
Joined: 3/30/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 10:14:50 AM
You want a serious answer, OP?

Wait until you find the lady who interests you, and ask her. ;)

Some dig it, some don't...Some insist on it, some won't.

But while I am in the dig it/insist on it have to say that there seems to be an obsession these days, with men telling us how they LOVE IT, they LIVE FOR IT, they would do nothing but...and how THEY ROCK AT IT! This gets annoying...extremely so.

First of all...some guys who think they are so incredibly awesome at it...based on their previous partners reaction...not all chicas are the same or enjoy the same thing. (For example...p1ss on that "treat it like an ice cream cone" thing!) And if you are not doing it well, AND won't take instruction well...then Imma gonna make you think you did just fine so we can move on to something else! ('s true!) Or I just might say, "OK...get your ass up HERE now!" LOL

Also...seems every guy thinks he has "the secret" to eating pvssy. See above. Some guys think having a tongue piercing helps. Boys, boys, boys...if you need a tongue piercing to eat need PRACTICE. If you do well with the tongue will do just as well, without. ;)

And lastly...this is for me personally....if you spend hours eating...please spend just as much time workin' off those hard earned calories! ;) Seriously...I think sometimes guys eat simply to cover up a two minute shooter!
Joined: 4/29/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 12:06:42 PM
It's absolutely vital. I could do without penetration most of the time, and just have oral. It's the only thing that really does 'it' for me.
Joined: 3/30/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 12:12:59 PM
LaughingLibra...must be a 40-somethings, thing? ;)

Abodigital...not me! LOL disclaimer...please note...oral sex is NOT the only desired act for all women! LOL

So anyway...I went and viewed the reccomended video on pvssy eating, just to see what it was about...and how accurate I thought it to be. The "instructor" is my new idol! LOL But what I wanna know is...where is the equivalent for the c0ck sucking instructional?! Yeah...let's see what two guys can teach us?! LMAO LMAO
Joined: 3/30/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 2:02:49 PM

I've got a Dynamite *Instructional* VHS tape you'd Certainly enjoy..!!
Lemme find it . . I'll get it wrapped, for you..!!

Are ya' fessing up to a guy on guy experience, Namats? ;) I asked where the female equivalent of the "how to eat pvssy" was...the "how to suck c0ck" and instructed by a MAN. ;)

Aside from that...VHS?! I have not owned a VHS player since....they came out with DVD?!
Joined: 2/7/2007
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 6:33:27 PM
LaughingLibra........... that is sooooooooo true. I speak/agree from experience myself! :)
Joined: 3/30/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/3/2008 7:32:42 PM

u may find it hard to believe but I prefer giving oral( to a lady may i add) to having a blow job!!!

Who woulda' thunk it with a name like MrLick?!

sombody knows a little to much about eating **** i think.

Well..."too much" as in I know what *I* like...or "too much" as in competition for you boys? Cause I notta carpet muncher!
Joined: 5/10/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/5/2008 9:33:58 AM
Well Great Subject.......Please read my profile and you'll see some of us are very good at it and LOVE it!!!!!!!!!
Joined: 3/30/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/5/2008 5:05:22 PM

How many guys also claim to be hung and rock in bed, and afterwords your like "hmm, not quite".

Honestly, I have never had a guy claim to be well endowed, who was not! LOL How embarrassing that would be for them! I get more men "manning up" to having an average, or less than average penis size...Imma guessing it's cause they know it's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean? AND...interestingly last BF...NEVER bragged on his size...he actually thought he was quite average...and umm...well...he was not! ;)

Also, look up at her from time to time, if she's looking around the room, watching tv, or sending a text message, time to rethink the strategy!

Ummm...yeah...dead give-away! ;)

I know im good at it, becuase ive learned there is no secret

THIS is exactly what cracks me up! some men might think I could suck start a Harley...others probably are bored with my technique. And like not all men like the same thing head-wise...not all women like the same pvssy eating techniques. (which I know you stated) Point might be great with some...but I am sure there is others who would not enjoy's about finding the right match. ;)
Joined: 7/2/2008
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/20/2008 5:51:25 PM
you said it all ! .....but if you need one who is a gee on that futura area of sexuall interlude ,....look no further i am the man. thank you for openning up.

see yeah on the down-side,


Joined: 12/13/2006
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/20/2008 7:49:54 PM
plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
Joined: 6/18/2007
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oral sex on women
Posted: 7/20/2008 9:04:38 PM
Oral pleasure is a must for me i love it and allot of guys really do enjoy doing it.Funny thing is it's easier for me to cum while a guy is eating me out than for me to cum during intercourse sex i love foreplay touching licking fingering.
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