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The whole point of welfare is, after all, to alleviate poverty, but not give you quite enough to comfortably live on

Is it really ?????

Just to make it "easy" for ya.

She stated something as a fact........

And I asked a question.

In other words,,,,,,welfare was NOT put in place to alleviate poverty originally,,,, far from it actually.

Get it??????

 Ed Bear
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 7/12/2010 11:58:42 PM
Check your history, guys and gals.

Charity by religious organizations promoted their control of society, and governments got into it too, for the same reason:

Welfare keeps people from being quite desperate enough to become criminals, or to kill all the rich folks and take their stuff. It's cheaper than repressive private armies and guards. Rich right-wingers are never cheap about wanting their taxes to pay for police and jails.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 7/18/2010 7:41:22 AM

Because "poor relief" was influenced by heavy oppression and control of serfs, no one on welfare should have a phone?

The topic is more of welfare providing recipients with money to buy extras, non-essential luxuries, such as Call Display or cigarettes, not about denying them essentials.

I don't think many would argue that ready access to a phone is essential. I can even see how access to the Internet can be considered to be essential for many people.

Yes, there are some arguments made for Call Display being essential in certain circumstances.

However I doubt anyone will be able to convince me that cigarettes are essential.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 8/4/2010 11:11:03 AM
I usually don't like to butt heads with the "big guy" lol, but I felt one statement a bit unfair...

# 155...I report about a Dozen or more annually, just about everyone on Welfare I happen to run into.

This seen to me like a job for "Welfair Police" everyones guilty until proven inoccent.


I read this entire thread, something I don't do. I like to read OP's post and give my own oppinion without others in mind.

I feel many have strayed of topic and many are very closed minded...and some down right unfair/ mean.

We all pay taxes even welfair people ( most every purchase is taxed from a store).

As for some wearing designer clothes...second hand stores do get these labels and then are affordable to those less fortunate.


As a mom with a very sick little baby being born 1lb 11oz. and dad walking away. I found myself one of the unfortunate welfair receipant. I could not pay for the 1,000's of dollars of meds this little man needed. Nor the respite/ daycare when he was in and outta hospital. I still worked bartending, claimed my tips and still didn't make enought not to be topped up. I was very careful where every dollar was spent, as is my right not someone elses who may think one thing is not valid to them. I never smoked, didn't drink but did find nice clothes/furnishings through yard sale and second-hand stores. To some I may have looked like an abuser...should I be reported??? No
One Christmas withnot a dime to spare...I volanteered with the Christmas hamper handouts. If you would have been at my home that Christmas may have seemed my kids were very fortunate and perhaps should have been reported.
Not one gift was purchased with my wefair monies...all donations.

Not everything that one sees is always clear.
Perhaps one should be direct and ask instead of feeling self rightous to tattle tail.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 8/5/2010 7:49:59 AM
It's just so heartening to see people rush to judge others even when they cannot possibly know each person's full story. Oh, and of course, everyone making these judgements is a paragon of perfection - no vices, no problems, totally able to live life according to the highest standards of perfection.

It's really an epidemic in society - spending one's time criticizing everybody else rather than figuring out how to make your own self a better person and letting others be.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 9/1/2010 8:27:32 PM
It annoys me to see all these posts. Don't people ever think that before someone goes on assistance maybe some of the things they have they had beforehand? Or are they just supposed to sell everything and sleep on the floor, have no furniture etc.

Also about the call display, when I hooked up my phone they asked me which feature I wanted as one was included with it as a promotion, some people take advantage of things like that.

Not everyone on welfare is into drugs, drinking and smoking, but I gather some people would still have something to say like, oh look at her child, he/she is wearing gap not realizing maybe it was a hand me down from a family member, a friend or even bought from the second hand store.

I have been there before, I owned and still own guitars and stuff, thank god I don't know any of you or you might say well this one shouldn't have spent their money on that. Well they were purchased long before I had to go on assistance, and since they are and have been my hobby and what keeps me sane at times, they have not been sold. Now I am back on my feet, I am glad I didn't and have no problem helping through taxes for those programs.

One thing I do think for sure needs to be changed, is the education system, maybe if it was accessible to all, things may be different, but then again they may not. I have a good friend who wants to take graphics art and design, however she can't because she cannot get a student loan due to a bankruptcy, and there isn't funding through the Income assistance here for that.

However they will happily pay money out for the junkies/drug addicts to continue to support their habits, and their failing treatments, but this single mum, not a chance.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 9/1/2010 8:31:54 PM
I will add, in general those single mothers you do see with lots of extra cash, either have starving children who don't eat, or have an extra curricular job at night, and tend to either leave their kids home alone, sleeping so they can do that job or leave them with some irresponsible friend who wouldn't dare say what is going on.

This I know from a few that I used to know and no longer associate with. I left that crowd behind long long ago, I never agreed with it, and I never will. But with some they feel that is the only job they can do and I hear the pay is good too.
 Ed Bear
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 9/2/2010 2:14:48 PM
I enthusiastically agree, my southern-hemisphere-lower-register friend. I won't accept any anyone-can-do it blame-the-victim stuff in a world where health care and education aren't available to all who can make use of them. With them, there's a good start on everyone being able to make it themselves - but there are many other roadblocks in life, from discrimination to crime and abuse - and there's nothing subversive about a society using its incredible wealth and power to keep people from falling through the cracks.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 10/12/2010 12:53:19 AM
First off let me add there are alot of people who abuse the systems in place to help.. but now they are so over protective of these services that they are almost impossible to reach ! I was a teen mom and at 17 I learned very fast I needed to be responsible for my money. I finished highschool while working part time at A&W I took out a student loan and finished mY RCA course through sprott-shaw(another mistake.. I hate that school) now I find years later and still paying off my student loan I am no longer able to work in that feild due to medical reasons (I have Chronic Fatigue syndrome & Fibromyalgia) I have been off work since may of this year anda my 15 weeks of medical E.I. have run out.. I am not able to go back to that feild of work and I am awaiting my doctors aproval to go back to work... anything ! My fiancé has drained his saving account to pay the rent and bills and I have been using what I got for food and student loan payments. Forseeing that I am going to loose everything I was told by E.I. to apply for income assistance her words were "thats what its there for is to help" after waiting 3 weeks to get a call back I was told there was no point in going ahead with my application as my fiancé is working and we need to live off his income... really I said.. My prescriptions are about 200 a month.. my sons are about the same (he has severe AHDH/ODD aswell as some developmental delays) our rent is 910 a month for a crappy bug infested building and he only makes about 1600 a month.. how does that math work out.. her answer... well go to food bank ! I understand there are alot of scammers out there but there willing to give help to people who are drug addicts not people who really need temporary help ! Of course as Im walking out of the office very upset almost in tears there was alot of people willing to tell me how to "scam" them... (sorry for the vent.. this topic is kinda close to my heart right now)

I belive there are people who need help who are not getting it because of the "lifers" Yes you should need to check in and do some meny hours volunteer or so on unless of medical reason witch should be noted by a legitimate doctor .. ASWELL YOU SHOULD NEED TO TAKE MONTHLY OR BI-MONTHY DRUG TESTING ! fail a test no check for you
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 10/14/2010 6:06:22 PM
@Princess, you only get covered for one child on welfare, and the max check for one child and a parent is just around 900 a month with a spouse about 100 more. Then with your spouse working they deduct dollar for dollar from that so if he is making more than $1000 a month that is why the worker told you not to bother.

You would fit catergory A per your description, so your husband needs to make less than that to qualify for income assistance, so according to your figures your husband makes $539 more than a person on assistance is allowed.

I guess they figure the majority of people on welfare barely survive then those working and making above that, won't qualify.

I know it sucks, but it is better off than those on welfare they do not care if medication costs are crazy, what they will say is go eat at a soup kitchen or something.

People blow welfare out of porportion so that others think there is a lot of money being paid to each family when there is not.

Also any assets you have such as a car must be sold first to get money to live on further putting families into poverty. There is a lot these people who glorify welfare do not know, nor would they care to learn.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 10/14/2010 8:03:42 PM
I believe the car has to be worth under $5000 and if it is not has to then be sold. Yes many have cars that they generally put into a family members name to avoid that, and ones that have multiple cars generally acquire such by illegal means. Did you also know that many of the housing complexes are not even people on welfare, but are living in subsidized housing with multiple cars so that they can take advantage of the lower rents? Not everyone in those housing units are low income. I have personally seen places where there are two working parents, one owning home business pretty well off 2-3 cars/van/truck and still getting subsidized because they falsify information or tell the government only one of them is living there.

Food banks are ok if only they wouldn't hand out expired food. I volunteered at one for awhile and noticed that people donate expired canned goods. I guess people feel that getting ill from expired food is better than not eating. I believe social housing should only be for those who actually need it, but its just another thing taken advantage of and then people assume everyone in them is on assistance.

And since it is the government they have the right to know everything about you, at your meeting with the worker you have to give all information including car ownership and insurance. They can even run your credit information. Here in BC as well they have now implemented anyone with an outstanding warrant is now not eligble and can be turned in.

So if a clunker car is seen thats ok for them to have, just has to be under $5000.

those who work and make $1600 which is 500 some above what the max for 3 people get on welfare in this province don't qualify, if they want to change up for a $1000 check instead of $1600 that is the only way they can get on the system, though here is hard as just quitting work doesn't cut it as a reason, you have to do a 2 yr independence test, be below a certain income level which is generally very low, have doctors letters or a 3 week job search before they will even see you. Unless of course you claim abuse from a spouse then you get in immediately.

Anyway here is a copy and paste about income and cars etc

About income

Income assistance and disability benefits are income tested. This means, if you have too much money, you may not qualify for assistance. For example, if you are a single person whose monthly income is over $610 per month, it is not likely that you will qualify for regular income assistance. Single people with monthly incomes over $906 will not usually qualify for disability benefits. It is possible to apply for disability benefits if your income is over $610, but under $906.

You are also allowed to have a car worth up to $5,000 and own the home you live in
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 10/15/2010 1:56:35 PM
actually me either that must have changed sometime in the last couple of years. As it used to be you had to sell it within a year or something like that. This is also for BC so Ontario may be a bit different on that as each province is run under different legislation such as here BC doesn't give out moving startups and all deposits to hook up services and stuff must be paid back same as last months rent deposits where in Ontario it is not paid back. here there is also a 2 yr limit after 2 yrs they take $100 per month off the assistance check if a person is still not working, only way out of that is if you have children under 4
Thats why many have more kids, as when kids hit 4 they are forced to look for work so those who don't want to find some guy to knock them up so they don't have to work and get another 4 yrs on the system.

Disability is lifetime generally so they are subjected to the same rules.
 Ed Bear
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 10/26/2010 12:31:10 AM
Subsidized housing (there are many classes of that) usually runs on sliding rent scales based on income. Almost all such places have systems that adjust rents rather than booting people out the minute they no longer meet some standard - it would be stressful and wasteful to have people moving in and out, wasting moving resources and changing phones, etc, addresses all over the place and families disrupted. In general, people needing assistance benefit greatly from stable housing. If an old person in subsidized housing, with not too many years left before the nursing home and probably unable to survive a move, loses their spouse - should they be cast out, told to look for exploitative market housing and constant uncontrolled rent increases? They would probably have to give up many of their dearest possessions and memories, too. And what of a family who has one child go to school, jail or leave to marry? Evict the rest of the lot?

REMEMBER: If you are obsessing about what those at the bottom of society are getting from you, those at the top are getting away with robbing you and you aren't paying attention!
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 10/26/2010 8:33:41 PM
"REMEMBER: If you are obsessing about what those at the bottom of society are getting from you, those at the top are getting away with robbing you and you aren't paying attention!

heh. i like.
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Welfare recipients with money to burn!
Posted: 10/28/2010 10:37:47 PM
Ed Bear,

here and in other provinces in Canada, if one person leaves the home in subsidized housing and you become what they call under housed meaning you have more bedrooms than you do people living there, they will ask you to move to a smaller unit. If you only had one child and they move out, you will be generally asked to move from the housing complexes as you are no longer qualified by family size to live in the smallest units where most are 2 bdrm. The ones for seniors are separate from the standard social housing.

they do this so that a family of say 4 kids and an adult in a 5 bdrm don't hold it up for someone on the waiting list when say onlly 2 of the 4 kids now live at home. They would have this family downsize to a 3 bdrm instead.
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