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 The Artful Codger
Joined: 2/29/2008
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from thailand with lovePage 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
LOL @ Msg: 6 !

OP - Maybe ask them if they can have kids.
Joined: 7/9/2006
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from thailand with love
Posted: 7/31/2008 5:38:11 PM
I wonder what constitutes True Love for it the complete tamping down of the woman's will, desire and mind to yours? Should she have no hopes, dreams or ideas that are counter to yours? Does she have to desire to please you in all things for you to consider it True Love? Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly (you don't have to answer here)...

But truly when I read/hear men talking about wanting an 'old-fashioned' woman then start naming subservient tasks like fetching water - it's clear that you, as Morgana stated, just really want a sex slave robot who can be placed in the corner when not in use!

The last point to help you in your quest is the honest answer to this question....In England (or wherever men like you live), do you frequently get interested looks from extraordinary-looking women OF YOUR OWN RACE with hourglass figures wearing super-stylish, figure-flattering clothes with full faces of makeup in broad daylight? Then WHY in the world would you think a woman from a different race, from an IMPOVERISHED country would prefer you over their own countrymen?

Seriously, Playboy and Hustler did a real disservice to all men with those made-up stories about some below-average, pale, balding, pot-bellied, poorly-endowed men just happening by the bus with the flat tire carrying all the barely-18 cheerleaders who were so grateful for help that they screwed him in every way imaginable right by the side of the road!
Joined: 8/21/2007
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from thailand with love
Posted: 8/3/2008 6:50:58 PM
Joined: 9/30/2007
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from thailand with love
Posted: 8/4/2008 4:40:11 PM
Just find you a sweet English lass and be happy.
Joined: 9/30/2007
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from thailand with love
Posted: 8/4/2008 5:08:03 PM
Well said Morgana

What I think would be hallarious is for some creep who wants to import a subservient woman only to get one of these ladyboys.. buahahah rofl.. now that would be funny as all get out..

Remember the guy who had this love affair with a Gesha only the Gesha was male not female and he claims never to have known this.. wow leaves a lot to the imagination what their sex life was about .."shudder"..

Joined: 7/27/2008
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from thailand with love
Posted: 8/20/2008 8:48:49 PM
All you guys are barking up the wrong tree. Ive been to Bangkok on many occassions, sure its a splendid destination for some fun and games, but thats about it.

Many thai women living on the fast lane want to catch an unassuming farang man (white man) to improve her bottom dollar. Its true what englishman says, there is a very invisible system of philanthropy amongst them, and its quite brutal for us westerners. Thats why Thailand is best left as an exciting destination spot and not a place to find a life partner.

Thats not to say all thai women are this way, but the ones in the areas where farangs hang out are. Alot of opportunist in the westerner hangouts. However I found Japan and the Philippines more inviting. A typical filipina will also be as family oriented as a thai girl but has the added advantage of being christian and god fearing. Thai ladies are not god fearing and as such have a pretty flexible conscience. They have no issue with using a farang for all his worth and divorcing when they arrive to their destination. Filipinas on the other hand carry a stigmas of divorce heavily within their family group. So there is less of a chance they will do it solely because of money, love has alot to do with it, and they are firm believers of the fairytale marriage with all the trimmings and long lasting health wealth and romance.

Anyways thats my 2cents. So please forget your ladyboy woes, any seasoned tourist will tell you to try other pastures instead.
Joined: 6/26/2011
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from thailand with love
Posted: 9/25/2011 4:30:31 PM
well on thee search they should add on male / female / and shemale or ladyboy yo make it easyer when searching .
Joined: 6/13/2011
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from thailand with love
Posted: 9/26/2011 4:13:43 PM
You could always say that a physical exam is required before you commit much $$. If a person was born male, they have both X and Y chromosomes, if they were born female, they do not. "Gender Reassignment Surgeries" do not change your DNA. A blood test can answer this question scientifically.

And I have to add my counsel to avoid getting scammed. Romance scammers are out there, in all countries and nationalities, and they are very, very good at what they do.
Joined: 11/22/2010
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from thailand with love
Posted: 1/8/2012 8:17:09 AM
Gender dysmorphyia is real.

The male female differentiation in many species may have nothing more to do than the trivial ambient temperature of the gestating embryo or pH or the fluid within which it resides.

The human male female differentiation is based partially on the prenatal hormone variation during gestation. The human body begins as a female form and differentiates.

The body is not unlike origami. A female is only a couple folds back from the male form.

Currently studies show female male brain patterns differ, and that gender dysmorphic individuals hold the neural pattern of the sex they identify with.

It stands to reason that this phenomena is real and that discrimination against transgendered individuals is a serious infringement against freedom.

"Biologically speaking" a gender dysmorphic male has a female brain, and can therefore be perceived as a female for all intents and purposes. This is particularly true if the male has taken androgenic blockers during puberty and has been given female hormones, then the male characteristics during puberty should not manifest.

I have spent quite a bit of time with transgendered thai ladyboys and have come to realize they are in fact ladies.

More so than most Australian women (good god lol !!!).
Joined: 8/13/2011
Msg: 74
from thailand with love
Posted: 1/8/2012 9:12:59 AM
Are there any agencies you can search through that have a good reputation? The only solution to this would be to ask directly, & very bluntly, before you get emotionally attached to a fantasy. It's hard to have a LTR on the same continent, over seas has to be extremely difficult. Screen them as well as you can, ask pointed questions to make sure they were born female. A Ladyboy is still a man, he was born a man, even after surgery, he is still a man.

After I posted I went back to read the thread, very informative. I hope you look elsewhere for your mate.
Joined: 3/9/2011
Msg: 77
from thailand with love
Posted: 1/8/2012 12:52:55 PM
A man's (ladyboy's) ring finger is longer than his index finger. Opposite is true of born females. A quick and unobtrusive glance is all you need to find out if you should probe deeper.
Joined: 12/6/2011
Msg: 79
from thailand with love
Posted: 1/8/2012 10:12:46 PM
I guess you could always ask "it" what kind of tampons it uses.
Joined: 8/21/2010
Msg: 80
from thailand with love
Posted: 1/8/2012 11:27:21 PM

A man's (ladyboy's) ring finger is longer than his index finger. Opposite is true of born females. A quick and unobtrusive glance is all you need to find out if you should probe deeper.

Fallacy. Or I'm a ladyboy.
Joined: 12/29/2011
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from thailand with love
Posted: 1/9/2012 12:45:57 AM
There's actually some credence to the finger thing. In countries where they care about this crazy stuff (mostly in Asia), they've done studies involving thousands of people. It's been shown to be a rough measure of androgenization while in the womb.
Joined: 12/5/2008
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from thailand with love
Posted: 1/19/2013 9:34:35 AM
I agree; one of my aunts went gah gah over a Greek working on her vacation ocean liner and married him -- only to be ditched soon after he got kis US citizenship papers. Also, some foreign women not only want to get into your country they use it as a 'wedge' ; once established they bring over a whole boatload of relatives. (Maybe even a boyfriend they intend to get back together with after you're history.)
Joined: 6/9/2009
Msg: 89
from thailand with love
Posted: 1/19/2013 9:49:03 AM
The so called ladyboys are a scam that's been around for a long time now. Normally you will get a pic of a very attractive woman telling you how they are stranded in a country. If you can send them some money they will come to be with you .Its all about them getting payed . To the ladyboys its just business ,its how they make their money. Thing is they do same thing to a woman but using a mans profile .
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