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Joined: 10/16/2005
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When I say that, I usually mean I don't really care what happens.

Fair enough - in this case anyway, I wasn't able to care because I hadn't met the guy yet.

I find the WHH phrase as a bad as the phrase "It is what it is". What else could it be?

Yep, I say this sometimes too - usually to people who think it's something other than what it is. "What else could it be" is exactly right - but there are people who still don't get it.
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Whatever Happens Happens
Posted: 2/16/2014 8:09:17 PM
I'm a believer in what ever happened, happens
Joined: 2/8/2004
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Whatever Happens Happens
Posted: 2/16/2014 10:45:16 PM

Guys: "Whatever happens happens" is NOT a promise of sex! I can't fathom how someone would infer that, but here we are...

True. It's not a promise if a girl says it, and shouldn't be taken as one. Unless other parts of herself noticeably conflict with such a notion, it does strongly indicate Potential Possibility. Which, a guy will take over "I like to take it slow". Wanna bet which line is more statistically associated to at some clothes taken off on the 1st date? :) But no, it's not a promise. If you haven't had a 1st date/meetup yet, there are no promises about anything, really.

Ladies: "Whatever happens happens" is NOT an indication that the guy is incapable of commitment or is otherwise passive about relationships.

Yeah, in and of itself, I kind of agree with you. If, say, he has a profile that's actively looking for a relationship + "Long Term" + a profile describing himself as the type who is romantically/relationship-inclined -- I agree. But you're rarely going to find a statement of "Whatever happens happens" in such a profile as a definitive one. It's more likely to mesh with "dating but not serious" + "Friends/Dating/Hang Out".
Joined: 10/16/2005
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Whatever Happens Happens
Posted: 5/2/2014 7:54:40 PM

It's kind of like letting fate (if you believe in fate) take over. It will either work out or it won't.
Perfect attitude for dating.

You would think. I certainly find this to be a more peaceful way to date (should someone you actually like come along).
Joined: 6/29/2009
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Whatever Happens Happens
Posted: 5/2/2014 9:18:31 PM
I have found again and again, that any philosophical concept or phrase is susceptible to abuse, and especially to being purposely misapplied by the more rapacious members of the planet.

That's why it's vitally important for their own sake, that each person always keep in mind that these things (concepts and philosophies and so forth) are TOOLS. And it is always the person USING the tools who has to be in charge of them, never the other way around.

Thus a phrase like "whatever happens, happens", should NEVER be used on yourself, as a reason to let someone else tell you how to live your life, or to go against your own principles.
Joined: 1/4/2014
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Whatever Happens Happens
Posted: 5/9/2014 8:10:23 PM
It's going to vary by person to person. To some it just means to not have any expectations and just go with what happens. But on the other end, to some people, it's leaving the door open to date one person while having sex with another.

You just have to talk to the person to find out what they mean.
Joined: 11/14/2010
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Whatever Happens Happens
Posted: 5/14/2014 4:27:37 PM
uglybetty- Yeah, the weirdo's/nut jobs happen.
The first date I went on that I met the man online, we started out messaging each other on the site (not pof), then moved to email and then the phone. He seemed normal every step of the way.
THEN we met and oh boy was he NOT normal, I ended the date early and he insisted on walking me to my car, I couldn't find a way to say no, he parked right by me.
I got in the car, locked the door and the idiot tapped on my window, when I rolled it down, he asked me if I wanted to go home with him, WHAT?! NO!
He then proceeded to threaten me, in a not so veiled manner, "you should be careful leading men on, you never know what they might do". To which I proceeded to say, "I don't know what you think you are suggesting, but if a man EVER tried to force himself on me, he better be ready for one of us to die."
With that I rolled up my window and shot out of there like a rocket.
I didn't go on a second date after that for a while.
I'm sorry it happened to you too, it's scary.
Thank goodness we both had the sense to make the first meet in public.
He asked me what I was looking for (before the meet), and I was the one who said "whatever happens, happens."
The other men I have met offline (after chatting online)were told in no uncertain terms that sex was NOT going to happen on the first date and thankfully they weren't psycho's and wanted to meet me anyway.
Having said all that, it made me more cautious, but I realize it was THAT man that was nuts, not ALL men.
Whatever happens, happens means no strings, no promises, basically it's saying go with the flow.
Anyone that takes it any other way is NOT worth your time.
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