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Balled Eagle, I have told you before the data we have now is so inconsistant that we can never prove smoking causes or doesnt cause cancer. There are so many factors involved. However the well oiled anti smoking machine has made us think that we might as well say that if you light up a cigarette and smoke for 50 years you will get cancer. Or go to a bar and drink and inhale ETS and you will get cancer and heart disease. There is no such evidence that can prove without a doubt much less consistantly the health effects. I can flood this thread with information an independant reports but I doubt you will read them much less want to anyways as it challeges your point of view.

Its hard to explain that if it happens at all. I for one DO think its possible but I think also again requirea a perfect combination of factors. From expereince I think if you have to litterally sleep in a smoke filled room (which I have been exposed to) and already are in an enviroment that is known for poor air quality. I was dianogsed with Asthma in the 8 grade and that was when my mom had smoked for quite some time. However I felt I had asthma all along but we mistakened the weezing for another problem. I always have had respitory problems but cigar smoking hasnt been a contribution susprisingly enough.
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