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Joined: 2/28/2006
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Small details speak volumes about people. Two men can be wearing the same pair of running shoes. One has a pair that are clean and have perfect laces, the other guy's are dirty and the laces are frayed. Subconciously, most people will perceive that the guy that takes care of those small details will also take greater care of the more important aspects in his life. I know that this is probably not as true in today's world as it was 40 years ago, but our minds don't always make decisions on facts. We tend to base subconcious decisions on instincts.
Joined: 9/12/2007
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 4/29/2008 9:36:26 AM
Hiking boots with the big tread on the bottom.....I'll carry in mud and make black marks on your floor......get you down on it to clean.....see what happens...?
Joined: 9/30/2007
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 4/29/2008 8:00:59 PM
OH my lordy I can't believe I had forgotten about this guy I once was gonna meet but this thread reminded me.. So I'll tell you guys about it right here.. this is funny.. so be sure and read it..

I had met a guy on another site oh it has been like 5 years ago I am sure. He as from Florida. Had a nice job.. and Seemed nice.. we talked on the phone oh for about a month.. everything very proper.. He was gonna fly to nearby big city to meet me "Memphis" for the day.. and I was gonna show him the town..

Well about two days before he flys in.. he and I are talking on the phone.. and he says this "will it bother you when we meet in Memphis if I am not wearing shoes?". I said "come again?" He says "I normally don't wear shoes around the house".. and I said "but you are gonna fly to Memphis, Tenn. and walk around the city with me barefoot"? He said "yes, I never wear shoes".. I said "what about stuff on the streets.. like gum.. crack pipes???, etc?" He said "well I have never had any problems before"..

I told him thanks but no thanks.. That was too weird..
Joined: 10/10/2007
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 4/30/2008 12:16:50 AM
Jeez, I'm lucky if I can remember what color your HAIR REALLY?!
Joined: 8/11/2007
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 5/1/2008 4:24:27 PM
OP - if you showed up at my house wearing red slacks; red jack; a tie; a white belt; and white shoes; the first impression that I'd have is you are probably a dork Hey, I've seen some fellas that look good in boots; penny loafers; birkenstocks; Keens; and hiking boots. Trust me, your feet will be one of the last parts of your body that I will look at. I'll leave it to that.
Joined: 12/24/2007
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 5/7/2008 11:36:10 PM
This is a funny subject because my best girlfriend and I use to talked about this subject and how much of a turn off it can be when you meet a guy and what type of shoes he wears. I remember once dancing with a guy at a club and he was wearing nice clothes but when I looked down at his shoes they were old and worn and it totally turned me off. I didn't want to dance nor see this guy again. Her and I don't like cowboys so another turn off is seeing a guy with cowboy boots on. We know a few guys that aren't real cowboys but have a pair of cowboy boots and we laugh and joke about it. We don't think a guy needs to wear cowboy boots unless he is a real cowboy and rides horses. Otherwise it is just tacky. Tennis or athletic shoes can be a turn off too. Especially ones in dark colors and with velcro. I can't remember the last time I was on a date and a guy wore athletic shoes, even white ones. They really aren't appropriate in fine restaurants. Another shoe we would laugh about is when a guy wears socks with sandals and also flip flops if he doesn't cut his toe nails or his toes are hairy. I am feeling sick to my stomach right now at the thought....

So would be judged if your were my date. I would wear appropriate clothes and shoes and I would hope you have even sense to wear the proper shoes with dress clothes and they are not worn and they should be shined.
Joined: 4/24/2007
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 5/8/2008 11:38:23 PM
Show me a lady in tall riding boots, and I'll show you a normally composed gentleman reduced to melting spumoni...........
Joined: 12/24/2007
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 5/12/2008 8:15:27 PM
I use to sell women's shoes. I love shoes and have a closet full. It would be a male foot or shoe fetishes dream come true. lol. I have one question...why do women in California wear boots in the spring and summer? It is so stupid looking. Those "ugg" boots are hideous with skirts in the spring and summer. I am originally from Nebraska and boots are worn in the fall and winter when its COLD!!! It's is just plain hilarious to look at how people dress out here!! I know, I know, you're going to tell me it is some sort of ugly fashion statement......
Joined: 3/9/2005
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 5/13/2008 12:05:12 AM
Ok. I swore I'd never post on the forums again, because I always say stupid stuff that gives people the wrong impression about me, but this seemed like a fun topic so I had to say something.

I'm usually a fashion libertarian. I don't consult the magazines for what I wear nor do I expect anyone else to.

However, two things that really gross me out are those sick grandma shoes, I think they're called "crocs", and flip flops. I tend to associate flip flops with bad hygiene, and hairy feet, and where I grew up its not that uncommon to see a woman with hairy feet.
Joined: 5/4/2008
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 5/13/2008 12:20:39 AM
A goal for any is to be healthy, wealthy, styling..
for this to happen you need the following.. everything will fall into place if these are implemented properly...

1 pair running shoes ( used for jogging.. good exercise..keeps you healthy.)

1 pair dress shoes ( look good, you will always look successful at weddings, or socials)

1 pair street shoes ( try to be in style.. if you pay attention there is shoes that are in style.. and cheaper imitations that are copying the same style.. but cost less..designer doesnt matter..make sure it fits your wardrobe, and is you..)

1 pair rubber boots ( at least up to your knee )

1 pair work boots ( can be worn with jeans casual, or at work.)

the most importent thing is keep whatever pair's' you are wearing clean...and representable not falling apart... i feel that is all girls really want..
Joined: 4/30/2008
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 5/13/2008 11:48:44 AM
Women can be funny about shoes and clothes. But I figure its who is in the shoes that is more important. If things work out and you really like each other, you can always take the guy shopping!
 novy 28
Joined: 11/28/2005
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Judging me by the shoes I'm wearing???
Posted: 9/27/2008 7:21:20 PM
LOL!~ I was thinking more along the lines of a "Special" class when reading velcro!!!!

DrDottie, I am with you. I thought the same thing!!
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