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I’ve been following this thread with interest, not so much for the cancer issue but for the state custody issue and the questions surrounding freedom of choice for children and their parents. I have 4 kids of my own and the thought of the state taking control of their lives makes my blood boil…though not as much as the thought of them dieing would.

Although, having said that, and in response to

Most decisions about cancer treatment are extremely complex and difficult for adults, and totally beyond a child. The parents should decide, "It's Their Kid", not institutions.

I believe that child rearing is also a community responsibility and since our community includes our form of government then if a parent is making a poor decision perhaps the community/state should step in.

The biggest problem I have with the father’s decision is that he claims it’s his son’s choice to not have chemo (well that’s what all the news articles say) if this is the case then he obviously has no idea about what stage of development his son is at. Kids of that age nearly always agree with, and have the same beliefs as their parents. If the boy was 13 or 14 he would probably want the exact opposite to what his parents suggest…cos that’s what teenagers do.

This may sound harsh but personally I think the father is using the line that it’s his son’s choice to justify his own inability to see his child suffer during the treatment and, if and when his son dies he’ll be able to say it was his sons choice.

As for the cancer issue and choice of treatment I only have anecdotal evidence and the little that I have read to comment on. I have a friend who chose chemo to treat Hodgkin’s disease and went into remission for 5 years; he then required more treatment and has since been in remission for 4 years. I also have a close friend who had breast cancer and chose a strict diet and a rigorous course of alternative treatment and to the bewilderment of her doctors the cancer shrank and she’s been in remission for 3 years.

If I were in the position of the father I would be researching and considering all forms of treatment and possibly using a combination of both, but in the end I think this would be the clincher for me;

<div class='quote'>He has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia . The overall cure rate in children is 85%, and about 50% of adults have long-term disease-free survival 'Acute' refers to the undifferentiated, immature state of the circulating lymphocytes ("blasts"), and to the rapid progression of disease, which can be fatal in weeks to months if left untreated.

85% seems like damn good odds to me.
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Hamilton boy with cancer forced to undergo chemo
Posted: 5/25/2008 11:25:51 AM
Many times people come to cancer treatments too late to do anything to save them regardless of the route they take & they die. Some cancers respond better than others to chemo/radiataion therapies & others don't respond at all but are still administered. Many people only do a portion of what is needed in any type of medical treatment & antibiotic resistance is a prime example of people not completing the full prescription of antibiotics which allow for mutations to resistance to develop. Just drinking a tea or taking a single type of supplement is not going to do much of anything for anyone. My issue with chemo/radiation is that it is used on all types of cancer regardless of the efficacy rates. Doctors are not allowed (under threat of having their liscenes pulled) to include alternative therapies in a complementary manner even. They are not allowed to do studies with these other methods! The pharmaceutical companies subsidize all medical education in every med school in the US. They have been suppressing knowledge in any area that they cannot have patents for because it cuts into their profit margin. Friends of mine who ARE MDs in various fields have told me that. For you guys that will have to be considered 2nd hand information, but for me it's not.

The bottom line in which route to take or how to blend them requires looking at the whole picture with a sense of balance. In cases where someone has seriously advanced cancer, it may very well be too late for natural alternatives, however in some cases which have been declared too late for allopathic treatments, there are many cases of full recovery via naturopathic treatments. I am of the opinion that every case is different & a lot of how a patient responds to ANY treatment begins between the ears. Individual physiology has a lot to do with how patients respond to any treatment protocol you might pick too. There is often a percentage of people who have violent reaction to anything you can think of, including sunlight. So, what works for one may not work for the next guy. If the allopathic treatments are making a person sicker than they are without it, it's immoral to force it upon them regardless of their age.

I have many friends who have HIV & many of them have already died, while others are more recently infected or have more robust immune systems. The AZT****ail that is the routinely accepted treatment for HIV as well as Hep C, has killed many, yet it continues to be prescribed. Some do well on it, for others it's fatal, & others realize the toxicity to them & cease the treatments. Those who have ceased the treatments began to improve immediately & lived far longer without it. But I would certainly not want to disallow those who do well with it the opportunity to recieve that treatment, the same way I would not want to force those others to take it no matter what....regardless of their age. The same goes for cancer treatments or treatments for anything else.

From the studies I've done into the FDA, AMA, & the ADA, I do not necessarily trust that they have our best interests at heart above their own private interests as individuals participating in those organizations. It's a pretty shameful history that continues to this day. On the other hand I will concede that there are certainly some snake oil salesmen preying on the fears of the masses as well & Shame, Shame, Shame on them too!
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