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All things are interdependent.
(awareness, physical, mental, spiritual, scientific, ).
If something is true in one, it's true in all.
If something is done in one, it is done in all.
If it is undone in one, it is undone in all.
(and so on)
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 5/20/2008 10:46:03 AM
Sounds like Sir Issac was on a bad trip. Or really screwed up. Or was put on the spot and made a politicians statement that would confuse anyone!
Is all related to one another? Perhaps on an atomic level...but the distance of generations makes that path hard to follow.
Sure... everything is made up of chemicals....which makes me wonder at times whu people are so against chemicals. Everything is made form them. Everything. We do make compounds...we can purify them. We can make some dangerous ones. We can make safe ones. We make vitamins...more chemicals. But how do we make the act and react? What triggers changes? We study all forms of chemistry. We are looking at nanotechnology...working on a nuclear level with tiny machines.
We;ve seen our nightmare "borg" on TV....but little do we realize that we ARE the borg...and wish to assimilate everything to conform to us.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 5/21/2008 1:05:46 AM

What does this quote mean to you?

All is one.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 5/21/2008 1:21:54 AM
In an idea for a short story I referred to Dark Matter as the oil in the machine, the Eta to our Tau. And it moved backwards. Like a double helix where Eta spiraled forwards in the 4th dimension and the Tau spiraled backwards.
The 2 didn't touch, but their influence on each other altered their spiral behaviour. And that a photon was a helix where it's head was pinched so that it's spiral was making an eye shape every cycle.
It's hard for me to explain, but I'm weird though. So don't think about it too much. It was only a fun story idea.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 5/24/2008 6:47:33 AM
Dark matter are Smurphs before they Smurph into existence.
Some turn into Snorks though. I am uncomfortable talking about Snorks.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 4/16/2011 1:40:55 PM
Me not that smart but is drk matter Super galactic burnoff of suns and primordial space.
God particles binding dimensional' phasin'spacial elements. I guess other universe are possible. Start up elements giving new ideas of density. I have the force inside of me. I'll be back. Do you wanna come back to? God particles binding inadversely charged ions to insulating dimensional distortion. That hurt my head. Cause I made it up.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 4/16/2011 1:43:03 PM
Mol elements compunding molecular mol structures of complexity in denser regions of space. That's why those stars shine so bright.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 4/18/2011 1:40:13 AM
What I believe he was implying in that quote is that all things must follow the same rules. That we can extrapolate the things which we can not detect by examining the effect they have on the things we can detect.

In terms of dark matter, this is detecting the distribution of dark matter by observing it's gravitational effects on the visible universe. Interesting enough one of the largest simulations performed on purely dark matter models have yielded spine like structures which match the distribution patterns of matter very closely, with galaxies forming where the dark matter is densest.

At "The Last Hope" convention a presentation was put forward that had a slide which was of particular interest about 20 minutes in. On the left half of the slide was observed distribution of matter and on the right half was proposed distribution of matter based on a dark matter simulation, they were nearly indistinguishable. The downer however was mentioned in that presentation several times, it takes so long to do such large simulations that changes made to the model take years to demonstrate whether it's a step in the right or wrong direction.

The only relation to being a primordial substance is that the gravitational effect it has is profound enough to allow energy to condense into matter. Without the mysterious substance(s) we call dark matter, matter would be spread so thin that nothing like the galaxies could exist as they do now.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 4/18/2011 11:48:43 AM
I believe you have it right. The scientific belief that general 'laws' of the behavior of the universe were initiated by many very religious people, and Newton was very much one of them. Though he is thought of today as one of the 'founding fathers' of modern science, he was anything but modernly scientific himself.
Think of him as you might the ape-like creatures that were our own great-to-the-power-of-etcetera ancestors. If you ask why Australopithecus's failed to build parking lots, you would clearly have missed the very different nature of the world they lived in. Newton was a man of his own times, not of ours, but some of what he came up with was essential to what we have since learned.
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Is the primordial substance Dark Matter?
Posted: 4/18/2011 7:46:56 PM
Didn't Newton oppose evolution? This is odd to discuss the scientific circumstances ambigenesis could have occured in by quoting a man who used the Bible to answer that question...
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