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Joined: 2/16/2008
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..upon encouragment I'm creating a home for my without rules at all...just a home..ALL are welcome here..please, make yourself at home..(if you want something to drink, GET IT YOURSELF! lol..i kid)....
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:28:12 AM

the inspiration of the title....Mr. Looney says my crayons are dipped in pheonix fire...thanks for the encouragment man!

A plain ole poet
with ADD
I was gonna say somethin' profound
"Hey look at THAT tree."
I love trees that grab me
forcing my imagination to roam
It's odd how places foreign
are the ones
I feel like I should paint a picture...
But alls I got is crayons.
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:31:13 AM
ode to B.B. King....note: the words in quotes are actually from his songs (gotta give credit where it's due)

b.b., oh b.b.
God bless you old man
When no man on this earth can feel me
I rest assured that you can.
You know all about the thrill that's gone
And how "you upsets me" with the things you do
How it's all in the way "you treat me"
and yes, babe, it's my own fault too.
"Baby's done lost a good thang, b/c he ain't what he used to be"
But who needs baby, when i've got the blues
and b.b. to help me see?
So I "b.b. boogie" across the kitchen
(spilling coffee all over the floor)
While letting the guitar ease on in
man......i couldn't love u more
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:34:14 AM
Chris - But Not

I fealt you from miles away...and knew

you were a "would be", long overdue for....

"surely not".....

A complex man of many motions and movements

broken down into thier most simple form:

that which IS love...even when no one is watching.

I could feel you no more if you were in me

than I do when you are around me -

silvery smoke, "feeling" my most intimate memories,

without the words to paint the picture,

your fingertips reading passionately placed braille that runs, at best, across my chest -

with your tongue so perfectly placed

i remember the perfection of our first embrace.

I meant to tell you, but you were on a mission to find yourself.....

but, upon finding, found yourself already found -

knowing that you would have known this had you been able to entertain yourself ( not that self, but the other one) with the idea of "still."

How do I know?

The girl beside me (that would be me too) told me of you as she gasped for air in a loved filled room, alone, with your voice.

Joined: 1/25/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:37:11 AM
all i ask for is that you provide the ice cubes!!!!!!

here she flies
this phoenix rare
my surrogate daughter
of whom i care
here she will rise
higher still
to heights unimagined
her dreams to fulfill

love you precious, adorable ash.... my shining cosmic comet..... and am so happy you were obedient and did this!!!!!!!
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:51:00 AM
seein' as how you're my "other mother" I reckon I WILL fix your

I sat by the pond
pondering life and all these things
admiring the beauty of the trees
and the song that nature sings
most beautiful these things were
but, still, I was seeing them there alone
until I realized a swan was near
floating right along
the swan noticed me too
and came to hang out and chat
something so familiar in the soul of this swan
her eyes see right where I'm "at"
in my mind and in my heart
forever she'll always stay
my "other mother"....such a sweet, sweet soul
i'm so thankful for you today

(gotta have a dancin nanner in there u lady!
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:53:30 AM
I’d pirouette on Saturn’s rings
and waltz with you on Mars..
I walked into the parking deck and wandered
amongst the cars..
Who am I?
Where did I go?
Where have I been?
I am me....
tried being you..
Went round the world
in a year or two..
Tried on all sorts of suits
and all sorts of shoes....
playing dress-up with strangers
avoiding the news...

The good news is all bad
and the Earth’s demise it sings....
I’d rather wear these ballerina shoes,
Hang with you,
and dance on Saturn’s rings.
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:54:27 AM
ready or not
lickity split
gotta hurry and get outta here
so I can go and sit
like SHE said
gotta get outta my head
and breath....
hard to do with the smog and cars and people and bars
and concrete and hookers
saw a crackhead down the road at the I shook her
and screamed in her face
....there's not enough rivers and streams in this concrete world....

do you know where you come from?

.........ever been there? you care?
.....................can you FEEL that much?
................................or have you lost touch?
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:54:58 AM
So popular
yet no one knows are alone and crowded
I am somewhat chlostraphobic
Me being me...and you being you...
can u explain to me the difference between the two?
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 7:55:42 AM
Paint me a pretty picture
Because the one that I see is abstract
Attempting to make sense of it all....
and still keep my heart intact

Paint me a picture using numbers
Although 1 + 0 will always = 1
Through this hole in the wall,
alls I can see is that the ignorant have so much more fun

Paint me a picture of innocence
That has a tight grip on the real
Paint me a picture of a world
where there’s a safe place for those of us who’ve been overdosed with "feel"

Paint me a picture to get lost in
Paint one that leaves me always wanting more
Show me how to use pastels while painting hell
Paint ME - a house in a field with an Iron door
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:02:19 AM

a stroke at 22
brain functioning but fried
underhanded - lessons - branded
but I didn't die
robbed of life and death
for one second
life had ceased
hard knocks 101
a school from which, finally, I was released
the final stand of God
for this child had learned so much
numbed by the fight
molded by fright
forgotten: the simple touch
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:05:02 AM
Scarred 4 Life

Get moving or count the scar
and keep counting
Lessons in the physical sense
Reminders of yesterdays that
Left a burn
a yearn
a mark
a turn in character
A changing that won't leave
and shouldn't
my subconscious tried to forget
but couldn't....
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:05:43 AM
Some Men Ask For It

Trusting: a particular order of chaotic bliss
And I wasn’t saying "I trust you" when I gave you that kiss...
Just bored tonight: in need of drink ....I’m not blushing
Oh, don’t you worry, I won’t be rushing..
These other girls may find you, oh, so endearing
When not one single word outta their mouths are you hearing..
So, yes, pay for my drinks....and "I’m sorry, did I forget to feel?"
When you go home alone.. remember I warned you: I’m real...
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:06:39 AM
THAT Guy at the Bar

A mischevious grin in your eyes
YELLING with excitement to all who will listen
no one offering opposition
No matter where you wander
Know that your thoughts and actions I’ve sat and pondered
We’ve devoured the day
Chased our issues away
And now you’ve attempted to throw every peace in this china shop
Without moving one..
....offering a new mind to read...
your existance
....understand my desire.....
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:13:27 AM

A gift of incalculable worth
selfless giving and giving and giving
everything she had
all the while with love and a smile
She'd protect her babies witha chipped tooth and a black eye....
STILL stop to color with me in my coloring book
and try to answer all of my "whys"
brush my hair outta my eyes
and ask me about my sighs
when there was no one around
and it was okay to frown
just for a minute.............we could settle down
without the fears of standards we couldn't meet
eggshells that we walked upon with "stupid" feet
but..........egg shells....................are oh...sooo fragile
and they always break
and after it happens enough
it's about all you
can take
and give
and you gotta do whatcha gotta do
to live
'cause momma ain't no good if she ain't alive
"Well I would never" and "If I were her"
all the same ole' jive
-Sometimes you just gotta walk away -
what do you say when your life is threatened
when you've rolled the dice and there's no safe bettin
when your babies can't understand why they live this way
but it's only "X" amount of unusual...
because they know no other way
You go where there's no path and you cut a trail
Do without your babies for a sec, although it's a living hell
You make a safe haven, and hide from the beast
until he's calmed at least a little
and the flames from his nostrils have ceased....
you gather your strength
........................your air..................your self.....
you say a prayer
step out into thin air...
break your own heart because you care...
say ANOTHER prayer...
begging.....that maybe one day your babies will understand...
that there's no handbook to this plan
and you woulda took 'em if you could afford....
and you broke your own heart...........
because for them, you wanted more....

Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:14:35 AM
Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry fields forever
enough for momma to make strawberry preserves for the rest of our years
and with a little butter and a biscuit
I am one happy woman....
and momma is too.....

now...back to "me and you"
not just "us and them"
and all those eggshells
and feelings held in
momma's happy when she's in the kitchen
and even happier when I'm at the table
I used to hate the shoes she wore
now, I just wonder If I'd be able
to counsel my kids
after life had beat me down
but then again, I know she looks at each of us
and NEVER wears a frown

because we ARE our mother's children
.....momma's good people.........

and the beauty of the friendships
she has with her kids
is enough to make any one of us cry on a dime....
kinda like I just did.
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:16:48 AM
Coffee In Hand

That coffee cup
knows watssup
An adrenaline junkies
last stand
In this pain stricken land....
Follow me if you can..
Through this determination of man
to survive on dry land
and damn good bands...
So the words find purpose
If only the audience heard us
They heard our song
But did they all sing along
....or happily hum unaware
of the words placed with care....
As the feeling floats on out the door.....
Refill my coffee....I must......have......more....
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:29:52 AM

Missing "my" pond
my dog
my home
where the people still wave
and the deer still roam
where when spring starts to bloom
you visit the rivers and streams
help the little ones throw a line
sit and ponder life and simple things
if you close your eyes for a sec
let the breeze flow through your hair
and listen to the laughter
of the children playing there
you forget that there's anything else
but simple happiness and peace with it all
nature sounds for your heart to still
no longer distant, you hear the call
home......... sweeeet......... home
burning bonfires at night
sharing laughter....making memories
beneath a pale moonlight
no matter how far I roam
no matter of the new memories made
the home fires always burn strong
the flames reach for the sky and never fade
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:31:20 AM
Good Ole Love

Take me beyond this page of words that I write
leave me speechless...
we: a pair of morning doves
me: forgot how to be loved
you: lead me to the sky to fly
mid-flight = forgotten fright
you, me, air, opportunity
and love
good ole sweet love
I would fly to the moon and back with you
if that's what you wanted to do
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:32:49 AM
Pedaling Backwards

Run and hide
behind hate
if it makes you feel better....
and when you straighten it all out
in your mind
and finally seee
why this very moment was here
I'll still be willing to love you
regardless of shoes
or burger king
or what anyone else says
because that's what I do
not because God told me to
not because it convinces me of other falsities
but because it actually IS productive (multiplying itself..producing fruit worth eating)
and it actually FEELS good
hateful ways and violence: counter productive
I never did get far peddling backwards on my bike
actually most often found myself in the exact same spot....
going nowhere...
sure am glad I figured that one out quickly
or else I'd still be sittin' in the woods on my dirtbike....
in my hometown.....
and alone...
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:33:40 AM
So Be It

my life is shattered
but I know it's not the first time
damn sure won't be the last
and in a moment this one will be over with
and will be a distant memory of the past
think, if you will, of any struggle that you've encountered
and then think of the aftermath
then think of what was learned upon getting through it
struggles are blessings...not God's wrath
so wallow a bit if you need to
there's a natural flow of emotion to it all
but the strength that is built upon climbing outta the depths
leaves you better equipped for the next time you fall
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:35:02 AM

This man that I am dating
I have written of before
sarcastic and insightful
and always leaving me wanting more
i wrote of his "tough exterior"
and his readiness to break down my walls
i believe I refered to a sledgehammer in hand
if correctly I recall
hanging around in my frontal lobe
he's been doing this for months
brutally honest.....yet compassionate are we
our friendship knows no fronts
on accident, i tell you,
I find myself missin' him
he lives a little ways away
So it's not regularly that I'm kissin' him
but when I look into his eyes
the most gentle shade of blue
I forget about my insecurities
and drop all my toughness too
for even when I have bed head in the morning
he swears I'm the most beautiful site
and we talk for hours on the phone
each and every night
my heart, it flutters lately
I'd forgotten how that fealt
and I hate to sound cliche' and all
but when I hear his voice I melt
So the date was just a meeting,
in the middle,for a drink
discussing the day, no roll in the hay
but this man he makes me think
that finding someone who can love me
for who I am....not what I seem
may very well happen in this life
and not just in my dreams
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:35:58 AM
The Confusion Of Man

How do I hear you
when so many claim to speak your name
some seeking money
while others seek fame
and some just downright trying to do the "right" thing
but "right" changes according to what language you sing
How do I know who's lips to believe?
when in translation and controlling attempts
the words have been retrieved
you know mankind better than I
for it's you who sees the soul
when I can only look into eyes
my confusion you must understand
when there's constant chaos in the state of man

wandering around in the smoke
I bump into mirrors
say "excuse me"
and then realize that it's me

i see

it is you that I wish to receive
words spoken you me
through kind souls and kindred spirits
each of them a piece of you
but who IS your son?
What to do with the knowledge
attained in college?
Is it ALL not words?
I hear you in the voice of birds....
history documented in other books
show no records of the multi-faceted son of man
the "Good" books pose questions that I can't answer
translations within wicked intentions spread misinformation like cancer
but if it's all man-made
...prone to error....
assurance fades
I hear you when I pray
as of lately, I'm not sure what to say
or believe
or read
questioning the questions....
and the answers are questions too
when all I really want to know
what do YOU want me to do?
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:39:41 AM
Understanding Eyes

some days the truth of this life rips my heart out
and stomps it
and some days the beauty within it takes my heart
to the sky for flight
sometimes I wonder if I'm a little crazy
but most days I wonder why I have
no one but you
to tell this to
and I chase the bitterness with a glass of saltwater tears
that I collected over the years
and pretend that I really mean that smile
all the while....
someone watches from afar and understands
and that's where the beauty lies
in understanding eyes
and I smile and mean it
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/6/2008 8:41:13 AM

Running from the faucet clearly
Only to be sucked down by the drain
Or coursing along the rocks
Never returning to the same place again
Washing away the day:
opening eyes that lead to heart
Or starting the day
washing darkness way:
The source of a fresh start.
Pounding the sandy shoreline....peace of mind and heart it brings.
Whether waterfall or fountain
On the coast or in mountains
What an awesome song to sing:

Constantly on the move
Without a damn thing to prove...

I wonder how it would be to be the water.
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