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This story probably isn't for everyone, and please don't think that I condone rape or non-consensual sex. But, if it is you thing ... then enjoy!

The preparations were very carefully done. 

He had meticulously donned black clothing from head to foot and made sure that they were fit loosley enough to be able to get out of easily. The black gloves were slightly rubberized and created a snug fit. The knife at his belt was blackened also so as not to shed light. The black bandana on his head stopped it from bouncing off even the tiniest bit of light.

The rope was but and knotted at just the right length to fit. The boxes stacked to the appropriate height. The flashlight positioned for easy access. And all the lights in the building had been disabled except for one in the very back which was only dimly lit.

He heard the door open and the "ding" of the bell annoucing someone had just entered the shop. The jangle of keys as the front door was locked behind the person entering. The swift click, click of the high heels on the cement floor.

The time he had waited for had come.

In the still darkness he waited in a darkened doorway the looked out upon a large warehouse still dimly lit by a light in the back. His anticipation almost overwhelming, tangent and tasteful. He could see her outline as she passed directly in front of him. He wasn't worried because he knew the little light at the other end of the room wouldn't be able to help her lack of night vision from coming into the darkened warehouse from the brightly lit street outside. His heart almost catches in his chest when she pauses directly in front of him and turns his way, but then she just as quickly turns the other way, as if searching.

He takes a small bolt he had collected earlier and softly tosses in the direction of the light. It bounces with what seems an earth shattering clash in the quiet stillness as it collides with the cement floor in the distance. She jumps back a step in her sudden startlement and says "o, ****!" She is facing directly away from him as he steps from the shadows moving swiftly and silently, one hand gripping the knife the other poised at just the right height.

He clamps his hand over her mouth and quickly brings the knife up to her throat. She is frozen in his grasp for the split second it takes to accomplish this. Her own sudden fear betraying her into immobility. Suddenly she starts to struggle and to make "mmmpphhhinggg" sounds as she tries tries to scream, but the rubberized gloves effectively cut off all sound while his strong arms keep her struggles under control. He places the knife against her soft throat and wispers in her ear "Quit struggling and I won't have to hurt you!" Her struggling lessens as he begins to drag her backward toward the darkened doorway he had emerged from, and then deeper into the dark recesses.

He guides her to the waiting boxes and throws her on top of them all the while keeping his hand tightly upon her mouth. She struggles to keep herself from being layed down on her back, but not enough and when she is laying there he straddles her so that his legs have her pinned down.

Looking her directly in eyes, the dim light allows him to see her genuine fear played out there for him to watch, and savor. 

"If I take my hand off your mouth, will you promise not to scream?" he askes her in an almost gentle voice. "Because if you do then I will be forced to hurt you. And we both know how much I don't want to hurt you."

Seeing his eyes when he says "hurt you" light up, she knows in her heart that he is lying about not wanting to hurt her, he is just looking for an excuse. She softly and slowly shakes her head yes.

His hand comes off of her mouth and she is able to take her first real breath since he grabbed her. As she inhales, not to scream but to bring the air back into her fear soaked lungs he takes her hand one by one and inserts them into ready-made loops at the end of a rope. Sitting up he looks down at her shapely form and admires it for what to her would probably be an eternity. He slowly starts to unbutton her blouse. She is dressed as any business woman might be. Nice blouse, black skirt that reaches midway to her knee, high heels, hair pulled back exposing her nicely-turned neck. Luckily for him, or maybe her depending on the outlook, the buttons on the blouse are snap buttons, and don't require her blouse to be ripped open.

He gazes down at the ample bosom and is gratified to see that her nipples are beginning to swell under the black fabric of her strapless bra. "Hmmm," he muses, "looks like someone is a little turned on by this." He laughs, but it doesn't seem like a laugh of pleasure, but more of pure evilness. He pulls down the bra around her belly fully exposing her breasts, then slowly drops his head down and take a nipple between his teeth and carefully biting down, just enough to cause a little ripple of pleasure to run down her belly and between her thighs. She tries to stifle her small moan of pleasure, but its just loud enough for him to hear.

"Are you enjoying this?" he asks.

She shakes her head no and begs her body to belive her mind.

"I think your lying to me." He gets off her body and moves to the side so that he can run a hand up the inside of her thigh, going higher and higher until he feels the cloth of her panties which are warm and wet. "Yes, you are lying to me. You like this just a little too much don't you, you little slut."

His hand rubbs against her warm **** bringing almost to much sensation to her already on-fire body. Another moan escapes her mouth, this time louder.

He moves between her legs and uses his body to force her thighs apart as he beings to strip her panties from her. She struggles, but only weakly as he successfully throws them on the floor. With her legs spread open for him and unable to close because of his body he slowly, almost gently slides two fingers into her sopping wet mound.

She gasps and throws her body onto his fingers while hating herself for enjoying it so much. Her body quickly responds to the in and out motion of his fingers and she is taken beyond her desire to get away, taken to a place where she can't remember having been before. Suddenly he stops before she can orgasm. This time her moan is in frustration.

He takes his fingers out and climbs up her body, his finger tracing a firey line to her neck. He roughly puts his fingers around her throat as he bends his head to kiss her. The ultimate violation. Even a whore will refuse to kiss a john, so it makes sense that a business woman will feel the ultimate violation when forced to kiss her attacker.

She clamps her lips shut at his insistent attempt to give her an open-mouth kiss. He drops his hand from her throat to her breast, his other hand tangles in her hair. He uses the hair hold to keep her hair in place while roughly tweaking her nipple. She gasps at the sudden pain, truly hurt this time.

"See when you refuse me I give you pain. But when you submit to me, I give you great pleasure."

Her mouth opens this time when he kisses her. His tongue darts inside exploring her, tasting her, drinking in her breath. A few moments of this preferential treatment is enough for him. He hungers for the real taste of her.

Going back between her legs he forces them apart and without preamble drops his head to her freshly shaven mound, parting her lips with his tongue and fingers to get at her highly aroused clit. Expertly he plays it back and forth with his tongue arousing it further, feeling the mounting desire of the woman below him. She is no longer struggling to get away, but her body is moving none-the-less. She begins to writhe and moan as her orgasm builds, and builds. This time he keeps going, tongue and fingers moving faster and faster as he feels her building toward an explosion.

Suddenly he raises up and thrusts his hardened****deep inside her. She screams out with pleasure as he impales her as deep as he can with each thrust. Her body begins to flow under his as they both reach heights of exstacy. When he feels her finish for a second time he stops and he moves around the side of the boxes to her head.

"Open your mouth!" he orders her. When she doesn't move quick enough he grabs her by the hair and pulls her head to the side of the boxes. When she refuses to open her mouth he again roughly grabs her nipple forcing an open-mouthed gasp from her at which time he shoves his****as far in as it will go. She gags for a moment and he pulls out a little, but only a little.

He reaches down and plays with her clit some more, and as her body responds, so does her enthusiasm for sucking his**** She becomes no better than a whore as she deeply takes it in her mouth and sucks it, trying to get his juices to come out. Her hand plays with his balls and she can feel him getting even harder in her mouth.

"Get it nice and wet, cause it's going back in here" she knows exactly where he is talking about since he is skillfully playing her clit back and forth roughly.

She sops her spit on his****just before he roughly turns her over so she is now face down. His****slides easily inside of her and the rythmic pounding begins again. He grabs her bra and uses it like the reigns of a horse as he rides her from behind never stopping until his sweat is sliding off his body and dripping down on her back. Even then he keeps going, in an almost anamalistic rage as he builds toward an orgasm. She is squirming underneath him ready to explode once again.

They cum together in a screaming match that rocks the warehouse walls. His sperm laying on the ground at his feet, her juices all over him.

He lays next to her. "Well, was that what you were expecting?" He asks in a suddenly tender voice.

"Yes, dear, it was fantastic," she answers with a satisfied smile on her face.

Keep your love life, interesting, exciting and full of passion. Never let it go stale.
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 7/16/2008 2:31:04 PM
Very hot. Just curious; is this listed under fiction, or autobiobraphical? Role play can be a lot of fun indeed!
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 7/16/2008 2:50:00 PM
Well at first it was fiction. Then I found a "friend" to help make it autobiographical.

What a fun night!
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 7/16/2008 4:06:28 PM

right on I'm just gonna file it under "pervert" and cal it a day.

You know your gay for me bro! (like scruffy is one to talk about being a pervert)
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 7/16/2008 5:24:57 PM
I must admit OP interesting read Scruffy gives it 4 out of 5 stars you are indeed gifted....

shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I was classically trained! I actually got my degree in journalism, but graphic design affords me the time to f*ck around all day long and pretend I am working!

he's use to accepting a 50 being left on the night stand...........

50's aren't required, but tips ARE appreciated!
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/6/2008 1:03:02 PM

Coming from you damianax, that is one compliment I am truly proud to recieve ... and slightly humbled by!
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/6/2008 3:15:01 PM
I am sure there are many things about me that people don't see in my post -- GOD I HOPE SO, otherwise I would be just plain boring!

I have never read those authors, but then I don't read a lot of erotic fiction (although I do read way more then I probably should in other genres). I am what you might call a fledgling writer ... but the story I wrote has very little to with fiction and more to do with being more then slightly biographical.

Ahhh, old Piers, one of my favorites, although I haven't ever read that particular story ... I did cut my teeth on his other works, especially Xanth, Blue Adept and just about everything he wrote in the late 70's and early 80's. I will now have to go out and buy that collection.

I really enjoyed reading a series by Anne Rice under a psydoname called Taming Beauty, which if you haven't already read it, I believe you would enjoy!

Thank you for the lovely comments, they are truly taken to heart!
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/8/2008 5:48:30 PM

Ok, I'll be the only one to say that I didn't like the story. Sorry but the "rape fantasy" is offensive to me. I guess it hits a little too close to home, as I was almost raped in my early 20's, but managed to outsmart him and get away. Rape, or the idea of rape, is not a turn on for me. Its terrifying. Frankly, I'm surprised all the women think its so hot.

I'm sorry bridgette, this kind of this is not for all people I know, and I would never suggest that someone who isn't 100% completely comfortable involve themselves in this in any way. I am very sorry for what you went through, and hope that you don't hold it against all men.
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/26/2008 1:29:18 PM

If you dare to read, at least let me know what you think.

Nice to see a fellow erotica short story writer in here ... but fair is fair! You never said anything about my story!!
Joined: 1/29/2006
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/26/2008 7:05:40 PM
OK here's one of mine... I'll assume POF is going to **** out the bad words... (I hate editors )

The Elevator Ride

Once upon a time, you and I were staying in a large hotel in Vegas. It was a very busy season and the hotel was packed. I had been gambling downstairs and you had been shopping but now it was getting late. You decided to head upstairs and I was going to play a couple more hands of blackjack before joining you. So you grabbed your shopping bags and headed up. As you made your way, you passed a handsome man who looked a little dark and mysterious. You could smell the faint but distinctive cologne he had on. You headed for the elevator. There was quite a crowd waiting and when the doors opened you could see the car was partially filled already. Everyone shuffled in and you ended up toward the back. There was a wall of bodies around you, one of the disadvantages of being slightly short. You had two bags in each hand and you could feel them getting slightly crushed in the crowd.

Close by, you could smell the cologne you smelled earlier. At the next floor, more people entered and you could see that there wasn't much room for you - people were packed like sardines. You could feel yourself being pressed back against the man behind you but there was not enough room to turn around. A rather large man in front of you blocked your view and it appeared the elevator was stopping at every floor and people kept shuffling but nobody was getting out. You realized everyone must be headed for the penthouse restaurant and night club.

You were becoming more and more aware of the man behind you, who obviously found the fact that your buttocks was pressing against him very amusing, perhaps a better word might be - arousing. As the elevator car moved slowly upward, you became aware of the man's engorged penis rubbing itself against you. As the car stopped at the next floor, his penis poked at you. "Poor guy" you thought. Still only the fourth floor. You looked at the room key in your hand - 2238. As the car started again, you could feel your nipples rubbing against the sport coat of the large man in front of you. He didn't seem to notice, but your bra-less breasts through your thin blouse could feel the coarseness of his tweed jacket. Suddenly, you felt the slightest touch of hands at your hemline. The fingers were curling up around it and rubbing your thighs gently. Should you say something? The car stopped at the 5th floor. More shuffling. Someone got off, but two more got on. For an instant, you think about getting off at this floor but you realize everyone would have to get out for you to make your way through the crowd. The man in front of you takes a half step backward. Your nipples are starting to get hard rubbing against his tweed jacket. He shifts his weight a little. Now you are certain he has noticed.

The doors close again and up the car moves again. The penis behind you is getting more aggressive. The faint fragrance of the cologne wafts by. It's a pleasant smell. The hands are moving up your thighs and your short skirt is coming with them. Slowly, ever so slowly, the hands peel your skirt up. The man in front is gently rubbing against your breasts. The car stops. 8th floor. The doors open and close. You are barely aware of people outside the car who were waiting to get on but couldn't. Your skirt is more of a belt now. As the car lurches upward the excited penis behind you pokes at the crevice of your cheeks. You can feel him through your thin panties. The hands have cupped your ass cheeks, rubbing, massaging, encouraged by the fact that you haven't stopped them. Over the hum of the elevator car, you hear a faint unzipping noise. The man in front of you has also become encouraged. He is moving in a rhythm now. Your nipples are enjoying the attention, even though you aren't especially interested.

10th floor, three people get off. A breath of air reaches you and you breath it in greedily. As the doors are closing, a hand stops them and three more people get on. The man in front takes this opportunity to take another half step back. You are pinned against the man behind you and his penis is now making a struggling assault at your panties. You are aware of how heavy your bags have become. Two bottles of fine wine. As the car moves again, you can feel the man's penis pulsing. Evenly, almost without realizing, you push back with the rhythm. The new group of people are rather talkative. The ambitious hands are at the top of your panties now, slowly sliding them down, down, down and they fall, caught on the edge of your shopping bags. A man to your side has noticed them drop out of the corner of his eye. Now he notices your skirt around your waste and pleasantly realizes that everything below your waste is exposed to his view. As his eyes meet yours, you both turn away quickly, but you are aware that it was the mysterious man you saw downstairs and that he has continued to watch. Fourteenth floor, doors open and close - no one gets on or off. Perhaps someone will get off soon.

Those greedy hands are spreading your thighs now, making room for the insatiable penis. As the car lurches up again the invader is inside you. The big man in front is undulating now, trying to be discrete, but because of his size, not succeeding. You press into the man behind you. His mouth is at your ear, his breath warm against your cheek. The mischievous hands are rocking you now, back and forth, the long stiff penis sliding in and out, in and out. The man to your side is blushing through a big smile. 17th floor - some get off others get on. People shuffle - you don't care anymore who might see. A tongue has found the back of your ear. The car seems to be rocking with the motions of the man in front. Your nipples are tingling. The penis is relentless. 18th floor. An elderly lady wants to get on. No room, unless everyone squeezes a little more. The big man takes advantage. His buttocks is pressing against you now. He can feel your pubic hairs through his thin pants. The penis has no room to come out, it can only move in, in, in, in. The tongue is in your ear now. The hands on your ass cheeks. In, in, in. You wonder if you are feeling weak because of lack of oxygen, you begin to tremble. No this isn't a weak trembling. The penis has found the spot you like. And it can't move from it. In, in, in. You wish you could drop your bags without breaking the contents.

19th floor, your knees are weak, but you know there's no way you could collapse here. There's no place to collapse to - you are pinned. Doors open and close. You are aware that your eyes are rolling back a little. The weight of the car is taking its toll. The elevator begins to shudder as it starts up again. The penis inside you vibrates to the shuddering. A little at first, then more, more, more. The hands have you at your hips now and the big man in front is aware of your trembling. He leans forward and presses against you. You lean over him. In, in, in and vibrating all the time. 20th floor and the shuddering of the car has frightened the occupants. As the doors open, there's a mad dash to exit the car. Even the big man in front of you exits without so much as a glance back. The arms reach around your waste and hold you. The doors close and it's just the two of you in the car. Now, the penis can take long strokes again, and it only takes a few before you are over the edge and fall into wave after wave of blissful orgasm. As you finally catch your breath, you hear my familiar voice in your ear "Did you like that?"
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/27/2008 9:49:13 PM
Here's another one from the vault:

It was going to be a long flight. I got the window seat but it was going to be a night flight anyway so it didn’t make much difference. My seat was in the last row, so I was able to recline it quite a bit. A couple found their seats next to me, a young-ish looking man and you who I imagined must have been his wife. I saw you - a beautiful young brunette in a mini-skirt. A little pulse of excitement rushed through me as I realized you would be sitting next to me for the next six yours. As you handed your suitcase up to your husband to store in the overhead, your mini-skirt rose to give me a quick peek at your soft white thong panties. Realizing you had exposed a little too much of yourself, you quickly looked at me. I smiled a knowing smile and I could see embarrassment on your face as you planted yourself in the seat next to me. You brushed my leg as you moved to adjust your skirt. Your husband sat on the aisle.

The two of you seemed very much in love. You seemed to look into each other’s eyes a lot. As the evening wore on, people were settling in for a nap and the cabin was darkened. Your husband ordered a blanket and pillows. I did the same. We all laid our seats down. I laid on my side and put the blanket partially over me. You and your husband were talking in very low voices… faces close together, barely audible over the relentless hum of the jet engines.

You very casually reached back to straighten your blanket and somehow pulled the end up onto your hip… unintentionally giving me a wonderful view of your beautiful ass. Your skirt was already pulled up and your thong was practically non-existent. I couldn’t believe you didn’t feel the draft. Your bare ass was only inches from my quickly-hardening**** I might have a bit of trouble sleeping on this flight, I thought to myself. The muffled tones of your voices stopped and you suddenly turned back and looked at me. My eyes were wide open. “Would you mind if we put this armrest up?” you asked. “No, not at all” I said. As you turned and put your face next to your husbands, you almost imperceptibly wiggled your ass closer to my****– brushing it slightly as you settled back into your seat.

I didn’t want to move as any movement on my part would certainly have caused my****to jab your ass, so I lay there frozen… except for the pulsation between my legs. At some point, I’m not sure when, my****had become enlarged to the point where it couldn’t help but make contact with your ass… mostly grazing but once in a while, you would laugh slightly and seemed to keep moving into me. At one point I felt my breathing become heavier and I noticed it was moving the hairs on your neck slightly. Finally, you reached back to cover herself… but no, you reached back and… gave my****a squeeze… never once stopping the conversation with your husband. In the same motion, you reached back and grabbed my blanket, and pulled it over us both.

Slowly, you moved in to me again. I adjusted myself and got my arm under the blanket. I reached cautiously over to your butt cheek and grazed my hand over it. I noticed your shoulders shimmy a little and I blew a little on the back of your neck. I could hear your still talking with your husband… but I grabbed your ass cheek and gave it a nice pinch, not too hard, but enough to let your know I was there. Your voice stopped for a moment, as if you was thinking of a word, and then you continued.

A sharp tug at your thong and it came apart in my hands. You shimmied a little more. My****was trying to bust our of my jeans by this time, so I carefully unbuttoned my 501’s and it practically sprung out on its own. As you felt me nestle it between your legs, you paused your voice once again. Now you were moving… you were pretending to stretch… the movement crushed my****between your thighs… back and forth a couple of times. I could tell you knew you were doing this to me. I couldn’t move a fraction. Then you slowly settled back down into your previous position but giving your ass one more little push that sent the head of my****into you. I could feel my****throbbing as I dared not move. I was in you… and there was nothing I could do.

The stewardess shuffled by with a cart… I don’t know if they were passing things out or collecting them… but you seemed to skip our aisle. The voices stopped. As you leaned forward, you pressed your ass into me… my****went in to the hilt…Oh, my GOD did it feel good inside you. I tried to see what you were doing without being too conspicuous. You were kissing your husband… a slow sensuous kiss… and as you were, your ass was wiggling into my waiting**** I ever-so-carefully moved forward into you. Your legs clamped me to keep me from pulling out, and you kept grinding me as you kissed him. I heard myself moan slightly and I suspected you heard me, but it didn’t seem like your husband did.

Your husband’s hand had moved up to your hip. I was afraid he was going to reach down for your ass and find my****nestled between your ass cheeks. Quickly, you cut off his advance and pulled his had up to your chest. His attention successfully diverted, you continued to kiss him while you ground away on my**** I found myself stealthily thrusting myself into you whenever I could, but clearly you were in charge here. In a moment, you had gathered up your husband’s hands given him one last kiss, and convinced him to roll over and get some sleep. You rested your arm softly on his shoulder and glanced back at me. It was time for me to move more freely.

I grabbed your hips with my hands and slowly pushed myself into you. Oh, it was ecstasy to feel myself inside you and I knew this wouldn’t last too long… but I certainly didn’t want to be discovered… so I took long, slow, deep strokes. You moved into me with each one. We had to be imperceptible so each stroke, from start to finish took close to a minute… It was extremely exciting going this slowly. I could feel my****going deeper into your each time. I heard a little moan escape you. Your husband rustled, but went back to sleep. I pushed harder this time… knowing how turned on you were. My hand reached up under the covers and grabbed your breast. Another deep stroke… I could barely hear your strained breathing as I pinched your nipple. This time we pushed into each other and held ourselves there… pushing hard into each other. I could tell you were coming… as surely as I was. We bit our lips as we came… and laid there for several minutes afterward.

For an instant, you turned to face me… and I looked into your eyes. “Next time,” you said “let’s use the bathroom.”
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/28/2008 1:37:42 PM
^^Great! I guess if people are starting to share it with others then it's about time I wrote a few more of those stories and got em all published and make some money off em!
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/28/2008 4:21:30 PM
^^^ I've got a dozen or more... We should collaborate...
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/29/2008 7:30:39 AM
Here's another one:

Once upon a time, it was your birthday and we decided we would go out for dinner. You were dressed in a stunning, short summer dress, your long naked legs an invitation for people to stare. I was dressed too. We picked a very fancy restaurant that I frequent and when we got there it was rather crowded. But, I'm a good tipper, so we were able to secure a very cozy booth in a dark corner. We ordered wine and a wonderful meal that was cooked to perfection. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed me signaling discretely to the waiter, but you decided not to say anything. "Oh, my gosh" I said, "I've dropped my fork" and I bent down to pick it up. But in a flash, I disappeared under the long tablecloth. You thought to your self that this was a silly thing to do and you looked around but nobody seemed to notice except for one elderly gentleman sitting with his wife at the table across from us - he smiled politely.

As the waiter came and collected the dishes, you felt sure he would notice me, but the long tablecloth ensured he didn't. He seemed to smile a knowing smile. Meanwhile, you could feel my hands moving up the back of your legs and predictably slipping under your dress. You could feel your face becoming flushed. You had to shift your weight slightly but in an instant, your panties were off. You kept looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was paying attention, but other than the elderly gentleman, nobody was the wiser. A little nervous, you decided it would look better if you held your wine glass in your hand and nonchalantly took a sip once in a while. You were not too surprised to see your breath fogging the rim of the wine glass. You could feel me gently sliding your dress up very high. The leather of the booth seat felt exciting. You glanced at the elderly gentleman who was thoroughly enjoying the full view of your naked thigh and part of your buttocks. A busboy came by and collected the used silverware and napkins and replaced them with dessert forks. Was that a small smirk on his face? My hands gently coaxed you to scoot forward. When you did, the elderly gentleman was rewarded with an even better view and when you glanced at him, he again smiled politely.

Despite your nervousness, I gently, I push your legs apart, and you can feel my breath on your inner thigh. The roughness of my cheek makes you squirm slightly as you feel my mouth coming closer, kiss by gentle kiss. As you rest on your elbows sipping your wine, you feel your head tilting back almost uncontrollably. Out of the corner of your eye, you see several waiters assembling and glancing over at our table. Are they getting ready to throw us out? Now my mouth is gently nibbling at your labia. You take a big gulp of wine and it feels warm as it trickles down your throat. You notice the elderly gentleman isn't listening to his wife's conversation but is trying to peek under the tablecloth. My tongue is flicking about teasingly and my lips are nibbling vigorously. The waiters are heading this way. Now I'm on your clitoris, licking long heavy strokes, then nibbling with my lips, then flicking and then stroking again. The elderly gentleman's food has gotten cold and his wife is scolding him. You can feel your face growing more flushed. You dip your hand in your ice water and flick it on your face. My hands have worked their way between you and the seat cushion. You can feel me squeezing your cheeks hard. The long relentless strokes of my tongue are now quickening.

The waiters have moved to our table, and you look down expecting them to extract me from my hiding place, but instead they place a dessert and candle in front of you. You cannot stop to identify the desert - it is taking everything you can muster to keep from moaning. You cover your face as if embarrassed by what's about to happen. The waiters begin singing "Happy Birthday to You" - and in the cover of their voices, you softly moan into your napkin. Under the table, I'm pummeling your clitoris with my tongue - I know I've taken you over the edge. I can feel your legs begin to quiver and very slight jerks from your pelvis. Still, I am relentless in my attack, flicking, flicking, flicking. "Happy Birthday to You." Another moan escapes. The elderly gentleman heard this one and is watching your face intently. Now, you feel the first familiar wave of pleasure building up. You push yourself into my mouth. My fingers are kneading your butt cheeks like dough and still my tongue is flicking. "Happy Birthday dear Lady." And now you are trembling helplessly - you can feel your hands shaking as you set down your wine glass and with one final moan extinguish the birthday candle. Slowly you slump back against the backrest as the waiters hurriedly finish up "Happy Birthday to You."

Just as hurriedly the waiters are leaving the table and you are giggling to yourself. The elderly gentleman, one hand fumbling with the napkin in his lap, is lifting his glass in a toast to you.
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/31/2008 6:24:09 PM
This is just an itty-bitty one... just a kiss...

I give you a look, that you know will lead to a kiss... you know because you cannot stop yourself... our faces are too close to talk, only whispers are allowed at this range. I hover over your lips for a moment - you can feel my breath, and wonder if you should have taken a moment to moisten your lips - too late now. Your eyes are clear, bright and beaming at me - still I make no move. You know I am drawing you in - but you relent and move slightly to me. Being a gentleman, I meet you half way and our lips touch for an instant without kissing.

I brush your lips with mine, and this time your lips part slightly. As I press in, I realize I have never felt lips this soft before. My left hand moves cautiously to the back of your neck - under your soft silky hair. You tilt your head back ever so slightly. My right hand gently rests at your waist. Your arms have lost their ability to function. I pull back for a moment, and the thought that I will stop here flashes through your mind... but then I come back.

This time, you playfully invite me into her mouth with the tip of your tongue. My tongue responds willingly but respectfully, testing your intentions. Now you reach up under my arm with one hand and rest it on my back at my belt. The other hand has reached up to gently brush my cheek. Our eyes have closed and a gentle moan is heard as this kiss dies on our lips. We know the next one is waiting... and thanks to this kiss, the next one will be better still.
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Erotic Fantasy
Posted: 8/31/2008 6:55:35 PM
^^^ Yes... but I also know you punish me whenever I'm bad...
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