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 Written by Hank
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Law of attaction -- a different perspectivePage 1 of 1    
So basically this is just another "why don't women respond to my e-mail" threads.

For your "lady at the light" story, here is another:

I once tended bar in Denver. There was also another bartender: a lady with very long blond hair. She was thin. She had perfect teeth. Very stunning. She usually made twice the tips I made. Usually. The hotel hosted conventions. Sometimes, certain groups would come in whose demographics predisposed them to resent beautiful women. In those times, the stunning bartender would work all night and come away with a few coins dropped in her jar while I'd walk with a wallet-full of bills. Things even out. More so when you don't keep track of the times you get slighted, because it happens to everyone.

For the second half of your post, I'll simply say:

I didn't read your profile. Perhaps post a thread in the profile reviews to see if it can be improved. I sometimes take the time to write a good profile (though currently I'm not really looking, so I haven't taken that time). When I do write a good one, I get lots of e-mails from the ladies. I don't even have to send out first contact letters because I get so many. People will say the written part of the profile is not important - that it's all about having a good photo. They are wrong.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/24/2008 6:27:39 PM
the law of attraction has its valid points, but it's watered down pop psychology.
years before these people were making a cottage industry out of cranking out these books, there was a fine and brilliant man by the name of neville goddard who never charged a penny for his lectures, except to cover the cost of renting the facilities. neville trumps this pop psychology crap ANY day. but, he sucked at business.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/26/2008 5:16:13 AM
Most people I knew in High School thought that way: the pretty, handsome, rich, popular people get all the breaks. Then we watched lots of them have their lives fall apart, and a lot of the ignored people have a really great life. I know several very attractive women, who "attract" things all the time, and they've been through several very unhappy relationships, often involving violence. I also know several very plain women, who have "mysteriously" got the loving husband, the house, the car, and are incredibly happy. Yet they are the "unattractive" ones. I have seen this played out many times.

It really does seem to me that the "unattractive" women end up with everything the "attractive" women wanted.

So who is really "unattractive" and "attractive"? Who is the Law of Attraction favouring? If I used your definition, I would say the opposite of the Law of Attraction works.

In high school, you are right. Once my friends got close to 30, the opposite had occurred.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/26/2008 3:21:02 PM
you know, the forums would be alot cleaner if we could just press a flag this thread button on every page of a forum. Then eventually a mod could come by and just press delete.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/26/2008 6:36:15 PM
^^^ There is a thread devoted to reporting violations of forum rules in the forum called "Plentyoffish Site/Suggestions/Help". I won't include a link, because the thread gets too big, and so a new thread is started every so often. So its better to go into the forum and find it. But it's always on the first page, and usually the first thread in the list. I suggest that you have a look at it, because it gives you an idea of what sort of things are reported. Generally lots of threads are reported, and then one of the mods will look at it sometime every day or every other day, and then act on them.

It allows us to help the mods out to keep posters to adhere to the forum rules. Effectively, we police the forums by reporting violations, and the mods check our reports and act on them if they consider them genuine violations. Without this, there would probably be too many posts for the mods to handle.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/26/2008 6:40:26 PM
Ah, thank you greatly, that's actually basically what does for picture modding except it is anybody who can become a modder, just by opening a link. Then there is a voting process. It generally works pretty well-ish.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/26/2008 6:50:50 PM

If some woman approached me on this site who had my level of good looks, then I'd ignore her too, big time.

Then you're getting just what you deserve. No reason to complain, because you're part of the problem.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 8/23/2008 2:18:01 AM
After reading your post of a different perspective ….i was reminded of places and times in my past and present that I felt the same way. Your post reminds me and teaches me that I need to be aware of my intentions of the present And feelings of negativity towards others and situations that make me feel like the victim.
This is the message I learnd from reading your post:
I need to change my perception......who am I letting my self the moment or situation?
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 8/26/2008 12:26:52 PM
All, there's lots to agree here...but my penn'worth:

there _is_ no law of attraction; we are predisposed to identify patterns where none truly exist and this is part of a greater hunt for meaning. However we rely on the few times we guess correctly to mean we have got it right. The bell curve is noted as being the common view but the skinny sides hold much more variation than we allow. Some of you may have heard of the Black Swan concept - something I'm about to dive into (so yes, only know so much just now...but tomorrow ;)

As regards replying - people are here for all sorts of reasons, some honest and straightforward and some *cough* not so public. We write to the profile, rather than the person, a small enough distinction. We hope the person will reply. And on the flip side, some fairly important warrior philosopher mentioned something about taking control of the things you may, and disregard the rest, i.e. don't get upset when you weren't in control, because the only things you are really in control of is your thoughts, attitude and outlook.

Ok, that was far too heavy for a first-ish post.

ATB. dmp.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/9/2009 4:15:03 AM
You attract whatever you put out and it sounds like you are getting EXACTLY what you believe is true...which IS the Law of Attraction in a nutshell. What we see outside of ourselves is EXACTLY a perfect reflection of what we believe is true. Change your mind, change your reality. Go to and answer the 4 questions, then do the turnaround. This will change your life IF you DO IT. Pooh pooh it and you get what you get. The Law is the Law, it works the same for everybody, whether we believe in it or not.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/9/2009 2:34:51 PM

One night I came home late and went through three stop signs

What's up with that? What kind of attitude does that reveal? It says: "You are the only person who matters and too bad for everyone else".

Now in physics, the 'law of attraction' states: "Opposite forces attract; identical forces repel." It seems to me that the situations you open this thread by describing are ones in which you take exception to others who have the same attitudinal orientation that you do; so, far from providing a different perspective on 'the law of attraction', you seem instead to have really just provided us with yet another example.

Just sayin', is all.

On a different note:

You attract whatever you put out and it sounds like you are getting EXACTLY what you believe is true...which IS the Law of Attraction in a nutshell. What we see outside of ourselves is EXACTLY a perfect reflection of what we believe is true. Change your mind, change your reality.

That should read: "one perceives what one is conscious of". It should of course be noted that reality is not contingent upon ones perception of it - I think we can all agree that the world does not cease to exist when we fall asleep. It is, however, a defining characteristic of religion that it teaches people how to lie to themselves well enough that reasonable doubt can be exorcised - nothing new in that, whatever age we are in.

I don’t want to end this post without a positive note, however, so I’ll just comment that, no, of course life isn’t fair; it is people who have the trait and quality of fairness. A little empathy goes a long way.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/9/2009 3:27:32 PM
Sorry... not laughing at you, but I've been there.

Years ago I had a fantastic product. I told everyone it did this, that, and everything else under the sun. It did. I wasn't lying. But everyone just nodded or said "cool" and just walked away. After about 3 months of banging my head against a wall, one person said, "I don't care what it does." He wanted one anyway but asked if I could change a few things. The few things were ALL cosmetic/aesthetics. Guess what I learned from that!? Then I started pushing the looks and how nice it would look on their desk. "And it's functional to boot." I sold tons.

Getting frustrated while in the thick of things is what I call "the law of repulsion" (or whatever). lol You gotta lighten up and SHOW more maturity and intelligence that the annoyance. THEN things will go your way.

Scenario 1: You get out of the car and ask her for her number. It doesn't matter that she's never do it. When the cops show up, say something like "She wanted my number but I'm married." and laugh. "I didn't want to hit her car. It's ok now, I can get by."

By showing the cop you're upset, it puts you on a lower footing than HE is (forget her). You have to be at least at eye level.

Scenario 2: I'd just laugh at him and then ignore him. NEVER argue. It puts you on the defensive when you should let them try to explain it away as he cries like a little girl.

Scenario 3: This is the best. NEVER give a woman what she wants. Give her what YOU want to give her. Screw them if they don't want it.

I'm relatively attractive and my brother no so much. But HE got all the babes growing up. It's wasn't looks at all. It was attitude. He wasn't c0cky, he just never kissed them up on a pedestal and did his own thing. The phone never stopped ringing for him. Mom even had to put a few out the door for him. lol.

If something doesn't work for you, change it.

BTW, the Law of Attraction really does work. But it's nothing new and has been said a hundred different ways. Remember the Power of Positive Thinking?
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 7/9/2009 5:06:49 PM
I'll always remember what I consider to be a 'famous quote' from a philosophy prof back in university (3rd metaphysics and epistemology class):

"It is of the nature of the real that it resists the will."

Pretty good rule-of-thumb, I think: very helpful in "keeping it real."

Indisputably, we are all walking waterbags of ongoing chemical processes. We are intimately linked to out environments on a molecular scale, and are all pumping out chemical signs that others pick up on a molecular level... chemical pheromones, for instance, have been proven to be pivotal in attraction.

We are social creatures, too - a fact we seem to share with our closest simian relatives, so it must be supposed that this has been true for a s long as humans have been such. As animals that work together in groups, there is a survival advantage to be had in having others of a group actively pick up on the chemical signals which accompany stress or fear: having the whole group become alert at one member's fear helps ready the group to ward off predators, protect the children, etc... even if there is a trade-off in that predators can sense this, too - the old adage, "animals can smell fear."

There is nothing mysterious or unique in this: trees emit chemical signals when under attack by insects which causes other trees nearby to produce chemicals which make them more resistant to the insects - before the insects reach them.

There are environmental guidelines in place for slaughterhouses which stipulate the level of neuro-chemicals - stress and anxiety related - that can be in the air from the slaughtered animals.

So yes, as the social creatures which we are, there is a causal link between 'how we feel' and the reactions of those around us: it is well documented and it occurs on a molecular level of interactivity with other living things.

There is no disputing that.

However, this does not mean that we create the reality around us by our thoughts - no matter how much we might like to think that this is possible. Influencing people by how we act is a completely different form of interactivity.
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Law of attaction -- a different perspective
Posted: 9/9/2010 2:34:49 PM

You focus on what you want or what kind of live you want. Basically, you're envisioning a different life than the one you have now. This visualization process begins to change you and the changes you make within yourself make it possible for you to have the things that you wanted.

What you say is reasonable, and is true. If you have a positive mentality toward things, it will increase your positive results, and vice versa... and moreso than we'd naturally assume.

But "The Law of Attraction" goes beyond that into the childish-silly with superstition beyond standard/moderate religion. It's not about changing you thus your results, but changing the universe. You have control over whether there's going to be a traffic jam in the morning. Mere thoughts of someone possibly stealing your bike, even though you locked it up and parked it where other bikes are, will increase the chances of it being stolen. You have control over whether you win a sweepstakes. If you have doubts, you won't win. If you don't win, you must have had doubts.

It prevents itself from being wrong or able to be assessed to any level of accuracy because that would "ruin it". However, another person could blindly do the judgments, but they don't like that idea. :)
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