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At what age are women at their most beautiful?Page 1 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
^^^ "It's not about external appearances. It's about inner beauty. That comes in all age groups."

Along the lines of what I was going to say. A woman is beautiful from her soul, her demeanor, her attitude, her convictions, her strengths. One who is ugly in those realms at whatever age, will be left in the dust....regardless the attention they give their outward appearance (eventually).

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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/25/2008 10:30:30 PM
You are talking about physical beauty correct?

So I don't have to go on about beauty being non-physical then.

When I was in my teens and 20s I thought from 29-33 women were most beautiful.

When I was in my 30s, I still though in 29 to 33.

Today (age 53) I'd say today, age 28 to 38.

*** Now a days, the relationship between age and beauty is nowhere near as close as it used to be. ***

A *typical* 55 year-old woman today looks better than a typical 40 year old when I was 20.

In my part of Canada, a typical 18 to 25 year-old woman today looks significantly worse than in the 1970s.

The increasing prevalence of junk food and sedentary lifestyle, versus the availability of far more sophisticated exercise techniques and technology, better medical technology, the availability of sophisticated plastic surgery, cosmetics and fashion designs, has lead to a greater variability in the level of beauty women can have.

This means that a woman's lifestyle and values choices today have a much much bigger impact on her beauty, or lack of it, than they did 25 years ago.

These days I'd guess maybe the top 2% of women in their mid-50s (many without plastic surgery) are more beautiful (by my 53 y/o standards) than 80% of 30 y/os. You could not have said that about the top 2% of 40 y/os 25 years ago.

There is a much greater difference in beauty between the "most beautiful 10%" and the "least beautiful 10%" of women in the same age group today than 25 years ago.

You did ask about physical beauty, and I answered about physical beauty.

But I just know someone is going to post something about us being "so superficial". So I will add, "of course beauty is only one aspect, and not the most important aspect of a person's desirability." That should go without saying.
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/25/2008 10:46:45 PM
Re. Msg. #6: Oh, okay....didn't realize it was strictly a numbers game.

In that case, strictly by the numbers, I have to go with 35 - 55

Sorry, those younger or older....I was given an ultimatum. Even though you may be outside that range and far more beautiful to me, I had to arbitrarily, pick 'something'.

Give me a's the whole package....both genders. Otherwise, there wouldn't be threads about "how old/young is too old/young?"

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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/25/2008 10:47:46 PM
Beauty and attractiveness are not synonyms.

Wasting time isn't attractive. So if a man is considering overall attractiveness, beauty can reduce it. Men have a range of physical beauty they think they deserve. For me, these days, it is 6 to 8. That is why in studies they find beautiful women are not approached any more often at bars than average single women.

Online here, it is similar with age, up to 10 years younger and 5 years older. No point wasting my time with women outside that age bracket.

In person, when I'm sizing up a conference room full of unfamiliar women, my decision on who to approach will be made on the basis of *all* available information, which is their appearance and how they move. (Their personality only enters into it to the extent it shows in their appearance and how they move.)

After that initial approach, whether to continue depends much more on personality and chemistry.

So women are not wasting their time and money by working on improving their appearance, at least in my opinion. But in the long term, appearance is not a magic wand that will excuse gross defects in personality.
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/25/2008 10:52:00 PM

Give me a's the whole package....both genders.

I agree with attractiveness, its the whole package, beauty, inner beauty, and whatever else. I guess I'm confused because she asked about both didn't she, beauty and attractiveness.
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/25/2008 10:52:37 PM
^^^ "In person, when I'm sizing up a conference room full of unfamiliar women, my decision on who to approach"

Just wondering....did you mean 'conference room' metaphorically?

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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/25/2008 11:01:30 PM
OP, then you may want to clarify exactly what it is you're asking.

At what age physically (chronologically) is someone the most attractive?

Or, at what age are they most appealing?

Or, at what age do they hit their sexual 'prime'?


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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/25/2008 11:54:59 PM

did you mean 'conference room' metaphorically?

Yes. Conference room, pub, evening class, lounge at the theatre center, any place where there's multiple (hopefully unattached) women that I don't know but would like to meet. So I have to pick one.
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 12:03:09 AM
In my 53 y/o opinion:
Most physically beautiful 28 to 38.
Most attractive 35 to 55.
Most appealing for long term 45 to 55.

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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 5:43:16 AM
It depends on the woman. I know one woman who was stunning at 18, and as she got older was more and more ugly. Her looks were about the same, even better if you wanted to get her in the sack. But her personality went so sour that I knew very few men who wanted anything other than sex from her.

My best friend is the reverse. She is 36 now, and far more attractive than she was at 26, when I first met her.

Well, I am just amazed. I have spent the last two days on a post about some guy who is absolutely distraught because a girl in her twenties has put an age preference that does not include him.
However, a lot of guys believe that women are better looking in their 20s, and they tended to be. But only as little as a hundred years ago, men and women suffered from starvation, malnutrition, lack of sanitation, cholera, smallpox, diptheria, and much more besides. People would often work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, without rest. Many people died by 40. If you made it to 60, you had lived a full life, because so many people died before 60. What with all that stress on the body, the massive additional stress of pregnancy pushed women's bodies to the limit. So often women looked completely wrecked after childbirth. Add in the lack of medicine in the West before 1900, and you get an environment where women over 30, who had been malnourished for decades, working 12-hours a day for decades, and gone through pregnancy and childbirth with no support from doctors and hospitals, had bodies ravaged by incredible stress. Men's bodies were the same, but women considered that men's looks weren't as important as being a good provider, so it wasn't an issue.

But in the last 100 years, and particularly the last 30 years, all that changed. Now, you get lots of women on POF who are mid-50s, who look incredibly hot. You get lots of really unattractive women in their teens and 20s. If you scan POF, you'll see that there are lots of women who are my age, have had kids, and have a model's figure.

The looks thing is now about how well you care about your body, and young girls are only more attractive than older women, when those women were raised by their parents to eat well, and get plenty of exercise, and so looked well when they were young, and then ate badly, drank lots of alcohol and wine, and didn't exercise, so they didn't look after their bodies, and their bodies got progressively less and less attractive.
Joined: 1/13/2008
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 5:05:42 PM
Imagine how sad the world would be if everyone viewed things the same...

Op the question you asked was about depends on what a man sees as beautiful...some men love natural the women out jogging with no makeup...some men love a woman all dressed up in the little black each man it is individual...when we do topics that tend to find a common asking what age, I think it could have a tendency to reinforce negative stereotypes such as men in their 40's going thru the change of life and going for a trophy wife the second time around.

I asked a very wealthy, professional man who was 39 why he wanted to go out with me vs some young *hottie...he said what he found beautiful (at the time I thought it was funny he used the term beautiful vs attractive) was a woman who could engage his mind and yet still have a physical presence that appealed to him. I found it hard to gasp since he had on designer clothes and was driving a car that cost more any home I had lived in. He could see I doubted him and went on to explain if someone is shallow and constant trying to improve their looks they dont *normally try to improve who they are...they have limited conversation abilities and their subject matter tends to be prone to themselves and how something will benefit them. He said that they to him are ugly and boring.

Some men have no desire to have their mind stimulated thru conversation and would prefer to just gaze on what they consider beautiful. I think Billy Joel said it best.. "I don't want clever conversation ...I want you just the way you are."
Joined: 6/19/2008
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 8:45:33 PM

The truth without frou-frou is, that young women look MUCH better than old women. This is physical beauty we're talking about, not the inner beauty shinning through

Speaking of beauty (physical beauty), all other things being equal (weight, height, fitness level, bone structure, clothing, coloration and makeup), a younger woman will look better.

But there are a lot of slovenly obese 20-something women in my part of North America. I don't think they look as beautiful as groomed and fit 40-something women. Mind you, I can't see the facial wrinkles on a 45 year old unless I put on my reading glasses.

In North America, there is a massive amount of individual variation these days, and the relationship between beauty and age is not as close as it was 25 years ago.

In places where cosmetics and economics don't provide as many opportunities for "self-improvement", or where women shun cosmetics, there is probably a much closer relationship between age and beauty.
Joined: 6/19/2008
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 8:56:34 PM
Don't bother feeding the troll Sherry. I think he several incorrect statements in the ad hominem part of his attack.

However, I think the statements he's quoted on the material point do represent the majority opinion of medical doctors currently. (Of course most experts will tell you those opinions are opinions and they don't know with certainty how hormones work or interact in the body. That is why so much research is still going on.)
 Henry L. Moon
Joined: 6/1/2008
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 9:09:07 PM
I had to have it put in perspective for me before I ever truly understood this situation and could answer this question. I'm watching ESPN and the ad comes on to buy a subscription to the Sports Illustrated..AND, with it comes the Swimsuit Models Calender..wooohoo! I whips out the ol' credit card and order up this bad boy! ( it even has LUST in the title of the magazine....Ohhh Gaaawd! ) and in 14 business days comes my package with calender.....I open it up and am remembering Swimsuit Model calenders of years past fondly...and I might of even sighed a little bit as I rip open the cellophane wrapper ...while I'm wondering just where I'd like to hang this up??.....Hhhhhhhhmmmmm.......well, as I open it up, I am in SHOCK!! When in the hell did ALL the Swimsuit Models in this calender look like they were my daughter and all her little girlfriends ages?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I mean, who WANTS a freakin' subscription to Sports Illustrated anyway?? It lame on news and just full of airbrushed pictures! ....I tossed the damned thing away! Where's the Swimsuit Models I lusted after when I was still in my 20's?? anyway?????...Whatever age my graduating class is ...THAT'S when women look their best!
Joined: 6/19/2008
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 9:11:24 PM


American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists medical guidelines for clinical practice for the diagnosis and treatment of menopause.

Recommendation grades (A-D) and levels of evidence (1-3) are defined at the end of the "Major Recommendations" field.

Note from the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC): The following recommendations are taken from the Executive Summary of the original guideline document.

Treatment of Symptomatic Women

In selected postmenopausal women, on the basis of an individually determined benefit-versus-risk profile, hormone therapy (HT) may be appropriate for the relief of severe menopausal symptoms (Level of Evidence [LOE] 1, grade A). Comment: Strong evidence exists that HT is the most effective intervention for menopausal hot flashes as well as vaginal and urogenital atrophic symptoms. The recommendation to use estrogen in this setting is offset by the potential risks enumerated later in the text. Careful attention should be paid to absolute contraindications against use of estrogen (see the "Contraindications" field in this summary). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance should be followed in using HT at the lowest dose and for the shortest duration of time necessary to control such symptoms. The use of estrogen (in conjunction with a progestational agent in women with a uterus) should be thoroughly discussed by each woman with her physician.

* HT is prescribed during the perimenopause and early menopause for relief of menopausal symptoms and treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy (LOE 1, grade A).
* When used cyclically, a progestational agent should be administered in an adequate dose for 10 to 14 days each month (LOE 1, grade A).
* Amenorrhea may be achieved by using a low dose of a progestogen administered continuously (daily) in conjunction with estrogen (LOE 1, grade A).
* Long-cycle therapy with use of a progestogen for 14 days every 3 months has not been well validated for effectiveness, but it has been proposed to reduce breast exposure to progestogens (grade B).
* The dose may be reduced with advancing age (grade C).
* Estrogen in various forms may provide relief of vasomotor symptoms, and use of the transdermal or transvaginal route should be considered (LOE 1, grade B). Comment: Although it is reasonable to believe that the transdermal route of administration of estrogen avoids the hepatic first-pass effect and therefore may reduce thromboembolic risk, no randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to support this concept have been published. Likewise, local estrogen therapy may have vaginal and uterine benefits with less systemic absorption, but the same caveat applies.

Effect on Bone

* Data from multiple RCTs substantiate the efficacy of estrogens in preserving bone mass and, less consistently, preventing fractures (LOE 1). The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) was the first large clinical trial to show a significant reduction in osteoporosis-related fractures, including hip and vertebral fractures. Approximately 85% of osteoporotic fractures detected in the WHI trial were nonvertebral and nonhip fractures (LOE 1). The beneficial effects of HT on bone protection persist, even with doses of estrogen below those commonly used for relief of symptoms (LOE 2c). The decision to use estrogen for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis should be made by the patient and her physician in the context of her age, symptoms, and other risk factors (grade B). Comment: Because other nonhormonal therapy is available for osteoporosis, use of estrogen should be considered with global risk-to benefit potential in mind.
* Each patient should be appropriately monitored with use of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry as well as known clinical factors of fracture risk to determine the adequacy of an administered dose of estrogen (grade A).

Related Cancer

* Endometrial cancer has been shown to be increased with use of unopposed estrogen; thus, this treatment option should be avoided in women with an intact uterus (LOE 1, grade A).
* The overall hazard ratio (HR) of breast cancer in the estrogen plus progesterone (E+P) arm of the WHI trial was 1.26 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.00 to 1.59) (LOE 1).
* In the WHI estrogen-only treatment arm, there was a lower relative risk (RR) of invasive breast cancer in the treatment group than in the placebo group (HR, 0.77; 95% CI, 0.59 to 1.01) (LOE 1).
* Comment: In the text of these guidelines, several studies (LOE 2) are cited with similar RR for breast cancer, noting that a difference may exist in the use of estrogen alone versus E+P. Therefore, the presence of a uterus and consequent need for the use of progesterone may temper the recommendation to use estrogen with regard to breast cancer risk.
* Several studies, including the E+P arm of the WHI trial, have demonstrated a decrease in colon cancer incidence (LOE 1, 2a, 2b).
* Patients may have an increase in ovarian epithelial tumors with use of estrogen for more than 10 years (LOE 2).

Vascular and Thromboembolic Disease

* Lipid profiles should be monitored to determine individual risk (LOE 1, grade A). Several progestational agents are available, which may have different biologic effects on lipid metabolism.
* In the WHI study, the incidence of venous thromboembolic disease and pulmonary embolism was 3.5 per 1,000 person-years in the E+P treatment group, in comparison with 1.7 in the placebo group (HR, 2.06). The incidence was greater with increasing age, obesity, and factor V Leiden mutations (LOE 1). Women with a history of venous thromboembolic event (VTE) should be advised about this risk when HT is being considered. Because smoking further increases risk, women should be counseled in smoking cessation (grade A).
* In both arms of the WHI trial, cerebrovascular accidents (strokes) were more common in the treated group than in the placebo group, a difference that was statistically significant at the nominal but not the adjusted levels (LOE 1).
* Observational studies such as the Nurses' Health Study have shown an RR of 0.61 for myocardial infarction (MI) in women who took estrogen early in menopause (LOE 2b), but RCTs such as Estrogen Replacement and Atherosclerosis, the Women's Estrogen-Progestin Lipid-Lowering Hormone Atherosclerosis Regression Trial, and the Heart and Estrogen/Progestin Replacement Study (HERS) did not show benefit from HT in older women with preexistent coronary artery disease (CAD) (LOE 1). The E+P arm of the WHI trial showed a small increase in coronary events during the early phase of the study, whereas later the incidence was equal to that in the placebo group. The estrogen-alone group showed no significant difference from the placebo group (LOE 1). HT is not recommended for primary or secondary cardiovascular protection (grade D), although young women in the menopause transitional years with severe symptoms should not be fearful of an increase in cardiovascular risk in this setting. In fact, on the basis of published studies and ongoing investigations, estrogen therapy during early menopause may later be shown to have benefit (grade C).


* In several meta-analyses of observational studies, the risk of dementia has been reduced with long-term use of estrogen (LOE 2), whereas in the WHI trial, the HR for probable dementia was 2.05 (95% CI, 1.21 to 3.48) in women beyond age 65 years who were taking E+P (LOE 1). To date, use of HT for the prevention or treatment of dementia has not been recommended (grade D).

Nonhormonal Therapy

Prescription Medication

* Prescription drugs, including clonidine, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants, may have benefit for some menopausal women (on the basis of LOE 2 studies) and may be tried in individual patients who have no specific contraindications (grade B).

Over-the-Counter and Herbal Preparations

* Although they are not regulated by the FDA, supplements have the potential for interaction with other medications or medical conditions and the potential to cause harm.
* Studies have yielded inconsistent results in relief of symptoms with various preparations including black cohosh, phytoestrogens, and vitamin E (LOE 2). Women should be counseled that data regarding the estrogenic effects of soy are inconclusive. Therefore, women with a personal or strong family history of hormone-dependent cancers (breast, uterine, or ovarian), thromboembolic events, or cardiovascular events should not use soy-based therapies (grade D).

Androgen Therapy

* Normal postmenopausal women have a 50% reduction in the serum androstenedione concentration as a result of decreased adrenal production, with a consequent testosterone production from the peripheral conversion. The adrenal androgens dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and DHEA sulfate (DHEAS) also decline with aging, independent of menopause; thus, by 40 to 50 years of age, their values are about half those for younger women (LOE 2a)
* Symptoms ascribed to androgen deficiency, such as low libido, decreased sexual response, decreased sense of well-being, poor concentration, and fatigue, may also be attributable to estrogen deficiency. Accordingly, symptoms ascribed to androgen deficiency may be a result of either androgen deficiency itself or a deficiency of estradiol (LOE 3).
* Conflicting data are available on the effects of androgen replacement therapy on sexual function in menopausal women. Administration of testosterone by various routes at supraphysiologic doses improves libido, sexual arousal, frequency of sexual fantasies, sexual function, body composition, muscle strength, and quality of life in comparison with administration of estrogen alone. Physiologic replacement testosterone therapy appears to have an inconclusive effect on sexual function (LOE 2).
* Numerous observations are compatible with androgen therapy yielding improved bone-related factors, particularly in doses that exceed the normal range (LOE 2).
* Adverse effects may occur with androgen replacement therapy at supraphysiologic levels. Acne, hirsutism, and a significant reduction in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels have been described (LOE 2b).
* The FDA has not yet approved any use of androgens in women. Therefore, such therapy is considered an off-label intervention at this time (grade C).
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/26/2008 9:20:06 PM

Spin it anyway you want jughead. It's not an attack it is a discussion.

Wrong again, lugnut. They are not "opinions" they are scientific research studies.

You are name calling. And that is characteristic of an attack not a discussion. A discussion focuses on the facts, not personal characteristics of the people making them.

And if you read the society of endocrinologists guidelines you'll see differences between your "scientific research study" (aka Discover website article supporting a book tour) and current medical guidelines.

The conclusions at the end of scientific studies that back up the book will be opinions. That is what the conclusions at the end of virtually all scientific studies are.
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/27/2008 7:46:13 PM
I can answer that one....when men stop being consumed with our looks. When a guy stops looking or sarts looking the other way, you have to wonder what the answer to that question is. If my guy thinks I am beautiful or desirable, then I think that time is now.
Do you turn your head for every woman? Are we all beautiful?
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/27/2008 11:07:06 PM
I think between 28 - 33. They have begun to grow into their womanhood, but they are still young enough to have an open mind.

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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/28/2008 4:44:35 AM
Message 18~ I missed the cut off ,darn
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/30/2008 12:56:27 PM
who is everyone trying to kid.......its 18-20 !!!

but women can stay highlt sexual attractive until 50's if they keep fit & some older women like Helen Mirran just seem to hold onto it
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/30/2008 1:33:46 PM
I don't think is a general answer to this question. That depends on the woman. I know women who were attractive when they were 18-20 yrs old, but became much less attractive by the time they reached 30 yrs old. The reverse is also true. I know women in their early to mid 30s who are much more attractive now than they were 10-15 yrs ago. I also know women who were attractive in their 20s and now are in their late 30s / early 40s and are still attractive. However I do think most women become less attractive ( not necessary ugly ) by the time they are in their 50s.
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 7/30/2008 9:40:21 PM
I think for me, by the time people get about 25 -38 yrs old, they know how to hold themselves well, are still young looking, in reasonable shape, etc. Plus they do have an inner confidence that cannot be overlooked. I think every HUMAN peaks at about 28-32, physically, so that is when I think they are best to LOOK at. To TALK to, a little later, mid- to late-30s. That's the ideal age for me, for both men and women.
 Happily Ever...maybe
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 8/7/2008 2:43:09 PM
At what age are women at their most beautiful?

Whatever age she is at the moment we are together.
 Sweet J-me Baby
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 8/7/2008 3:36:35 PM
When I was in my 20s, I was cute, a bit shy..the typical girl-next door type. I was also a terrible perfectionist and was far harder on myself than I should have been. Others may have thought I was beautiful, attractive, pretty, whatever, but I never saw myself that way. (although now that I think back, swimming and sports had me pretty trim!!)

In my late 20 and 30s, I was busy raising my daughter, working, and putting myself through college..twice. It was not until my mid 30s, when I finally shed that shy little girl and became a confident, beautiful woman. No longer was I scared to speak up and no longer was I trying to please everybody around me. I was finally happy within myself.

When you are happy within, others will see a beauty that lies deeper than the flesh. I felt beautiful within myself only when I gained confidence, became more outgoing, and proud of my accomplishments. And it only came when I learned I did not have to be perfect, that it was okay to make mistakes, and the most important person I have to please is myself (and my daughter, of course).

These days I am happy, laid back, take things as they come...some people will see me as beautiful, others will not...and that is alright with me!!

And, note to Tiger: If you consider me one of those women in her 'advancing years', I am coming through the monitor!! LOL
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At what age are women at their most beautiful?
Posted: 8/8/2008 9:48:04 AM
I disagree with the people who stated that women are most attractive at ages 18-20. As I mentioned earlier, I think this depends on the woman. I will give an example to back up the point I made earlier. I'm sure that many people have been to at least 1 of their high school / college reunions ( or something similiar to that ) whether it was a 5 yr, 10 yr, or 20 yr reunion. A few years ago, I was at my 10 yr high school reunion. Yes there was some women that were attractive in high school who are less attractive now. But there were also some women that weren't that attractive in high school who are very pretty now. One of my friends recently went to his 10 yr college reunion. He noticed the same thing that I did.
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