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i used to work at a sex shop, and we carried rubber c*ckrings (i dunno what else to call them) that had vibrators built into them. they were only 5 or 6 bucks, and lasted an hour and a half, and then you just throw it away. trojan makes condoms with vibrators, but those only last like 20 minutes. do you mean a g spot stimulator? we had sleeves that went over the penis, that had a notch on them....but those were a hard sale, because its kinda like telling a dude that his thing isn't long enough, which is kind of a turnoff... but yeah, the rings are fun, and they're cheap. we had ones that weren't disposable, had changeable batteries for 15 bucks. they used the little hearing aid batteries. i'd try the cheaper ones that are disposable and see if you like it, and then go for something with batteries that can be changed. oh, and these rings aren't tight. they're not designed like bondage type rings that prevent blood flow. these are very flexible, somewhat loose fitting, so they're comfortable. they sell rings that are meant to stop blood flow and cause pain (some people like that i guess..), but the ones with vibrators generally aren't, and the ring is only used to hold the vibrator in place.
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Sex Question
Posted: 7/30/2008 12:39:22 AM

Maybe make a date night with your BF and have him go with you to a sex shop. You'd be amazed at the people who go there--they're not full of pervs.

I would also talk to your gyn and ask him/her if you can use a lube or a cream that might help. I have never used a ring that you're describing but there are a lot of toys that could help. But talk to your doc too, just in case the hormone issue needs help.

And don't believe the "majority of women" crap you read...!

Good luck!
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Sex Question
Posted: 7/30/2008 12:44:46 AM
To the OP:

While it's good that you're looking into ways to stimulate your orgasms to keep your sex life interesting, you should probably also seriously consider taking a trip to the doctor. You may be 100% correct as to the reason you can't seem to have intercourse orgasms, but I would suggest getting some tests done to make absolutely sure.

Especially since you can get hormone suppliments, if that's what is indeed causing the problem.
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Sex Question
Posted: 7/30/2008 10:38:03 AM
OK, this is a free opinion, so naturally it's worth slightly less, but it's also based on some 51 years worth of experience, gleaned as a successful, professional, single male, traveling(and dating) extensively all over the continent, and slighty less in Europe.
First, climaxes do NOT diminish as you age!!!
In fact, if you're with the right partner, and have become comfortable and confident in your own sexuality, and have also genuinely learned to enjoy both the intimacy, and physical pleasure derived from really great sex, then my experience suggests just exactly the opposite, not only climax easier, but also more often and harder . Climaxes result from two things: a) Getting your buttons pushed just right, (either with a vibrator or a vast assortment of other toys designed just for that, and used by either you, or your bf) .
b) The biggest of them all,......Being mentally aroused.

Great sex NEVER startes between the legs, but rather between the ears,... and trickles down, usually dallying on or around the neck, breasts, small of the back, & thighs, en route to other, even more potent erogenous zones. The best foreplay ever developed doesn't involve any toys at all, just your own naughty imgaination, totally open and mischevious, EXPLICIT communication, and then mentally visualizing things verbally hinted at, and likely to occur soon. I.e., anticipation can get you wet faster than most petting, and in a deliciously "hungry for more" way.
If your vibrator can cause your climax, have you tried letting him use it on you? How about multiple vibrators, anal, vaginal, clitoral, in combination with vaginal penetration? Mutual masturbation is horribly underrated, and a great way to break up the "monotonous, routine sex rut" that can kill arousal and climaxing as sure as an arrow through the heart.
Are you and your BF truly comfortable suggesting new, and different sexual things to try, WITHOUT EVER JUDGING?
Are you aware that your passionate climaxes are arousing to him, creating a self fullfilling orasm fest? Why are you only interested in climaxes via vaginal penetration? Of the six general methods of achieving orgasms(purely mental, breast, clitoral, ejaculation, vaginal penetration, and anal), have you tried the others, or possibly multple forms at the same time .
Considerable ,..... er.... reading, lol, tells me that once the stigma is overcome, and the technique truly mastered by your BF, anal orgasms are the most powerful of the six, but slowly, steadily stimulating multiple erogenous zones simultaneously, can result in climaxes so powerful that you'll need five full minutes of "quivering wind down" time, before he can even touch your skin, ten minutes just to compose yourself enough to stand, and about two more to actually walk to the bathroom.
Is your G-spot active, and does your BF know the proper way to stimulate it to cause you to ejaculate? Can he do this while also having oral or anal sex with you, actually penetrating you, or while using an anal vibrator and sucking your breasts and steadily massaging your clitoris?
Just a few thoughts, I hope they help. I've persoanlly tred all of them very successfully, and can elaborate if you'd like more details.
Best of luck, and don't give up, talk!
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Sex Question
Posted: 7/30/2008 1:46:47 PM
Hmmmmmm, what about combining a toy and intercourse. You could try being on top and then using a "Magic Wand" on your clit. My ex used to love this....good luck....and relax.
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