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Joined: 6/24/2006
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Have I been missing something? I just saw a profile that had "Private Picture--Yes", listed under hair colour. I have never seen that before so I went looking for the option, but, apparently I don't have it. Does anyone know what or where that is?
 Sweet Euphoria
Joined: 6/17/2005
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Private Pictures??
Posted: 8/5/2008 3:13:03 PM
I went on a hunt to see where it is. In 5 seconds I found it. Click on to Images. There you will see where you Browse for your pictures on the computer to add one. Right beside that, you will see Show on Profile. If you click onto that arrow, you will see the second choice of Private Image.
Joined: 6/24/2006
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Private Pictures??
Posted: 8/5/2008 3:16:36 PM
^^^ I figured that is what it was, but, I tried and it didn't work for me. I will try again.

Thank you
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Private Pictures??
Posted: 8/5/2008 3:17:04 PM
In the "images" section of your profile view/edit banner is the following:
You can upload up to 8 images, you may keep these images hidden from other members by selecting not to display them on your profile....
....You can (then) share these private pictures with other members when sending them a message
So as before, just make sure you remove the check marks from your downloaded pics to keep them from appearing on your profile.

I think because this option was always available, this feature may have only been added in written form to our profiles because of the number of people who will refuse contact with someone not having a picture.

Hope that helps, ladies.


edit to roseboots: it may not have worked for you because you actually do have profile pics available.
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Private Pictures??
Posted: 8/5/2008 3:21:01 PM
This still doesn't work for me, and, I just realized my profile does not have a hair colour option, and that other person did.. hahaha.

I checked a few profiles with no photos visible, and several have the hair colour and private photo option. I guess I have not noticed those since I usually don't check profiles without a photo.

Thanks for your help.
Joined: 6/29/2008
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Private Pictures??
Posted: 8/10/2008 3:21:37 PM
Miss Allison,

Thanks for the information. That was kind of you.
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Private Pictures??
Posted: 8/15/2008 4:40:47 PM
Ahhwwww..... I get it now. That's what that woodrow dude was talking about in his dating tips fo GAL / GUYS. "Sending picture of your c**k, to the ladies". Didn't understand how people on POF where sending pictures of their private parts.

Thanks now there's another guy who knows how to send pics of private parts.

No just kidding. Still though this is usefull information and a neat feature.
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