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 Super Ryan
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I have no idea why the IOC gave the Olympics to China. My guess the same reason Utah got the games (bribery in case you did'nt remember).
Barring athletes from entering the country is a disgrace. I think the IOC should make a rule; for every athlete refused entrance into the country, the host will have one of their top athletes removed from compitition, chosen by the country that had it's athlete barred from entering the country.
I really don't thnk it is fair to ask athletes to boycott the games. Most athletes have spent the majority of their lives training for the Olympics, when the next games come in 2012 most athletes will be too old to compete. They did not choose where the games occur, all they have done is train for their dream of representing their country. To take away their dream because of the IOC's decision, just is'nt fair.

Although China has a very poor record on many social issues, it appears the Olympics caused China to make some improvements. Maybe that's why the IOC chose them.
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/6/2008 6:10:49 AM
The Olympics were created to be specifically non political, be a contest where countries could come together and leave their political turmoil outside the door,...

<div class="quote">The Sacred Truce

The sacred truce was instituted during the month of the Olympiad. Messengers known as "spondorophoroi" carried the word of the truce and announced the date of the games all over the Greek world. The truce called for a cessation of all hostilities for a period of one month (later three months) to allow for the safe travel of athletes to and from Olympia. Armies and armed individuals were barred from entering the sanctuary. In addition, no death penalties could be carried out during the period of the truce.

It seems every year these events occur they become more political going back to the Munich incident,...enough already yes the world is in turmoil with countries at odds with one another,....and many rightfully so but if you want to participate in these games then do so but leave all that outside the door,....

By not doing so I think you take something away from all the participants,....

So either we leave politics out,....or don't participate,...the participation is after all voluntary,....

That is my opinion,....and I don't apologize for it, was also the opinion of the creators,...

The Olympics shouldn't be viewed as an opportunity to air grievances, but a time, a very short time all grievances can be set aside,....
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/6/2008 8:09:05 AM
Olympic Boycotts do NOTHING but hurt the athletes.

Keep politics OUT of the Olympics.

If nothing else we can spend time with the Chinese people and express our opinions...might change a mind or two, might not. That's THEIR country, so they can do what they want within it's bounds.
 Super Ryan
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/6/2008 12:26:32 PM

Neither do I think it hurts the athletes to not participate. How does it "hurt" them?

Really you don't see how missing the Olympics would hurt an athlete. Most Olympic athletes have spent the better part of their lives training for the Olympics. They have sacrificed almost every thing for it, including their social lives, their education, and their finances. Most Olympic athletes are not rich, they are amatures barred from competing for money. They have made all these sacrifices for the sole purpose of representing their country at the Olympics, how can you not understand how much a boycott would hurt the athletes, in fact they would be the only ones hurt by a boycott.
So that's the emotional hurt, how about the financial. As I have mentioned most Olympic athletes are amature. So for them to pay for training and living expenses many of them get sponsers. Since the sponsers want their moneys worth, they put the athletes under contract, which means they have no choice, barring injury many athetes are contractually obligated to compete in the Olympics. Then their is the fact that many of the top athletes can gain huge endorsement deals if they place well at the Olympics, lessor athletes can still gain smaller deals, this money can be used by athletes to put their life on track after they retire from sports, if they boycott no endorsements will come.
It is just cruel to expect the athletes to boycott the games. Athletes are not politicians, and should never be treated as such. They are goodwill embasadores for their country.
But what do you think would be the outcome of a boycott: Absolutly nothing you wanted.
If western athletes boycotted the games, all it would do is give more medals to China. And China would play the boycott up as America trying to interfere in their country.
For all the people who ask for the boycott, I would like to ask; How many chinese made products are in your house? I'm guessing you have no idea. If you have anything from Wal-Mart, then you probably have something from China. Your TV might say made in Japan, but the picture tube was made in China. And if you have bought anything in the last ten years that is filled with down, most likely the feathers came from China.
So I ask, what have you done to fight chinese oppression, that gives you the right to demand the athletes boycott the Olympics?
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/6/2008 1:22:56 PM

the Chinese governments blatant ignorance of human rights and they have taken over people's homes only to tear them down and build hotels for the people who will come to the Olympics.
The Canadian Government does this everyday.. and sometimes just to build or widen highways no less.. Granted the previous occupants of the expropriated land are re-embursed at market value.. Do you have a source that says the Chinese Goverment hasn't re-embursed these people for their homes?

Neither do I think it hurts the athletes to not participate. How does it "hurt" them?
I assume you've never participated in or, a child of your's has never participated in an organized sport, as you would know why/how boycotting the Olympics would cause hurt to them.

Although I commend your passion for the rights of the Chinese people.. boycotting the Olympics will do absolutely nothing to help. The extra revenue earned will help the merchants and shop owners as well as provide jobs etc. ~ at least while the games are in progress anyway...
 Wishes Granted
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/6/2008 3:38:23 PM

My source is an overseas radio reporter who lives in China and reported from there this spring when I was overseas. I haven't just grabbed the info from thin air.
Did the reporter mention if those whose property has been taken over were being re-imbursed or just out-right removed and left in the streets? As I mentioned in my previous post; Canada (and I'm sure the States as well) expropriates property when the Govnmt. deems that the land being expropriated will benefit that community's citizens as a whole.
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/6/2008 4:13:25 PM
If an athlete wants to go to China to compete in the Olympics, China has the obligation to allow the athlete in; however, if an activist wants to enter China to stir up trouble, as Cheek seems intent to do, then the Chinese government has the right to decide whether or not to allow this person to enter its sovereign territory. Athletes are guests. If they abuse the hospitality of their host, they don't deserve to be there.

a building that had been in a family's possesion for some say three hounderd years

China is a communist country. All private property was expropriated by the Party decades ago. Under their system of government, private citizens don't have the same rights as we have in the West.

to say it hurts athletes to not participate is an argument I don't buy

Possibly, you don't understand the importance of sport in the lives of athletes, especially Olympic athletes. Olympians train their whole lives for a shot at competing at this unique, historic, highly prestigious international event. It's a huge sacrifice for them to give it up.
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/7/2008 4:57:18 AM

The interesting thing is that today is Hiroshima Day, August 6, 2008. 63 years ago today, at 8:15am on August 6, 1945, the US was responsible for the deaths of between 90,000 and 140,000 Japanese civilians. As of today, the death toll ( due to immediate loss of life and the long drawn out radiation impacts) stands at 242,437. About 270,000 A-Bomb affected people still live in Hiroshima today. The second round of terror was unleashed 3 days later, August 9, 2008, with the exploding of a Plutonium bomb called Fat Man, directly above the Urakami Cathedral, annihilating the city of Nagasaki. Does here some people really understand and care about the human rights?

Yes, there are American people who care deeply about human rights.

However, we need to go back to what happened on December 7, 1941. On that day, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the United States Navy, an agency of the United States Government. In doing that, they attacked the United States Government itself, and specifically, they attacked the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government.

The Japanese activity on December 7, 1941 was a declaration of war against the United States, and as such, the entire nation of Japan became the enemies of the United States Government.

The Japanese continued their "don't give a hoot about Americans" by flying their airplanes into U.S. Naval ships because they were bent on destroying the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Government.

Fat Man and Little Boy abruptly ended Japaneses aggression against the United States Government, and I opine that those bombs were not meant to unleash terror against Japan but were meant to seek out, make contact with, and completely destroy the enemies of the United States Government. Japan had already proved (at that time) to be the enemy of the United States Government, and Japan was defeated by the United States Government when the Government used Fat Man and Little Boy against them.
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/7/2008 6:28:17 AM
Many countries now have nuclear weapons, the US remains the only one to actually use them in a war. We didn't want to waste hundreds of thousands of OUR young men on trying to take the island of Japan when we could just drop a couple of nukes and resolve the OUR & the Chinese's benefit.

Communism, or more correctly, Socialism, is something that some americans (like Hillary Clinton) are looking into (well, at least the dumb liberal side). Yet they don't realize that with those forms of government, personal property is owned only by the Benevolence of The Government. If the government's needs outweigh your own, you loose.

Great example of this would be NAS Pensacola. After decades of Naval Flight Officer training, during the 1990's the Navy began receiveing hundreds of calls complaining about the noise of trainer jets flying over land that Originally was protected by Escambia County from purchase, but had been sold and Residential Neighborhoods built there. To most people, living on the backside of a NAVAL AIR BASE IN A FLIGHT PATH THAT HAD BEEN THERE FOR 70 YEARS, it should have been obvious that there would be a lot of Flight Operations going on...but they bought anyway...then started complaining about the noise. Ok, now if that had have been China, they would have either told the people to just shut the bleep up or bulldozed the homes of the offenders. In America, they Shut Down Flight Training the base that was originally known as the "Cradle of Naval Aviation" now has absolutely NOTHING to do with training officers for anything as they not only removed Naval Flight Training, but the Naval Officer's Training School (see "Officer & A Gentleman" movie) which had been there for over 100 Years!

All in all the Chinese system of government, while rather draconic by today's standards, is a whole lot NICER than it was just a few hundred years ago. It's also a heck of a lot more efficient in dealing with certain problems. Just because they actualy use Might Makes Right and keep the peasants down doesn't mean they're wrong...Nietzche would have been Proud.

Now as to boycotting the Olympics HURTING the athletes...if you had payed attention to what happened back in the 80's when we boycotted the Moscow Olympics, it basically DESTROYED a lot of young people's careers, because by the time the Olympics rolled around again, many of those atheletes were injured/too old to continue to for the olympics is a time & body intensive HARD life, and if you miss the window for being at the PEAK of your career, by the time 4 more years rolls by, you've shot your're DONE.

You want to change China's politics?? Move a business there. Look at how Coke, McDonald's, Starbucks, and others have put US business in place and are giving the Chinese people a really good look at how wonderful Capitalism is. Those businesses are operating with American Rules and slightly higher than Chinese Pay Scales...which gives those workers an upgrade compared to how they would normally live...THAT is how you initiate change. You show people a good life, and they start modifying things & attitudes around themselves. In another 50 years, Communism will have left the world stage as a government form for any but the smallest countries, which are the only places it can truly work the way it's supposed to because of relative physics. But by God, Canada & the UK are sure trying to make Socialism work!! They're doomed to utter failure too, but it's the plan they're working with at present.

China is doing the right thing by selling weapons...because if they weren't, WE in the USA would be selling them M-16's at inflated on it. We've got more arms merchants who deal under the wire than you can shake a stick at. But to be honest, the AK is a MUCH better weapon for rough conditions than the M-16...for the M-16 jams if you fart at it only takes a few grains of sand/dirt to cause it NOT to be able to's more accurate, but you have to keep it spotless for it to work and it's underpowered, it's designed to Wound rather than Kill. So for most people, they prefer the AK's because they'll go anywhere/do anything and kill more because of the heavier firepower. Ask our troops in Iraq/Afghanistan why they're requesting M-14's to replace their M-16's...they KNOW

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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/10/2008 8:38:42 PM
I think that maybe our original poster did not realize that Mr.Cheek is RETIRED from sports his only aim in going to China was to protest China's role in Darfur.Mr. Cheek's only reason for going to China was to get thrown in jail for an illegal protest.The Chinese government probably saved Mr. Cheek about ten years of his life in a very nasty prison.
Now as to why we shouldn't ask athletes to boycott the Olympics.I will use Michael Phelps as an example. If he boycotted the Olympics it would cost him approximately 6 MILLION dollars US,I realize the dollar doesn't buy what it used to but that is still a significant chunk of change.
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China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek
Posted: 8/10/2008 9:15:47 PM
"""""the olympics in China - is a total farce !!!
their human rights violations, Tibet, pollution, treatment of athletes, propaganda, restrictions on visitors, the taking of water away from Chinese farmers, traffic...""""
restriction of visa ?what a naive saying!!!! we also meet different barrir ofrestriction of visa . the permission of gettingUS Visa is 16% .
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