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Joined: 2/27/2007
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It's all about the smell for me. Not perfume, cologne or whatever, but it's the pheremones of the person you can's like an elixer. Like fruit, if it doesn't smell good, it's not gonna taste good.
Joined: 7/28/2008
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Smell plays a BIG part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 7:28:08 AM
Scents absolutely come into play when pairing up, good scents, as well as bad.
I once had to break off a relationship with a WONDERFUL and AMAZING woman because of how much she smoked. "You knew I smoked when we started dating" was her response, but I didn't realize how much she smoked, and how her skin, hair & clothes truly carried and held the smell so much as a result of it - and I REALLY liked this person, and wanted it to work. (Miss you Laura)

On the other hand, I've been absolutely draaaaawn to someone because of their perfume who in turn was not at all a good match for me, or vise-versa. I've heard that "smell" is one of the most powerful of our senses and the memory of a smells stays with us for a long time. Who can't relate to loving the scent of a lover's perfume left on your pillow after they've left.

Cheers, Raul
Joined: 3/15/2006
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 8:45:28 AM

LOL! I just told my roommate that both his cats were fighting over the shirt I wore yesterday thats laying on the floor. No kidding.... They are REALLY fighting over who can lay on my shirt on the floor... Its got to be the cologna but.... lol They are nuzzling and rolling all over on it ????

LMAO ~ your roommate is the neighborhood cat-person (just kiddin') They're marking're officially a "taken man"

~OP~ Oh yes. Smell is so powerful and at times, so troubling. I don't know if my memory is just exceptionally vivid, but there are sometimes I can almost feel someone from my past merely by thinking of their scent. (And I can definitely smell their scent if I think hard enough.) Much like the Oregon Coast, if I concentrate, I can actually smell the Pacific. I love that.
Joined: 2/4/2006
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 9:02:50 AM
Top of the head you are smelling testosterone, says my friend in New South Wales. Makes sense, actually.

I think smell can be attractive but sometimes when you get the true essence of the person, it smells kind of funky but when feelings deepen you find that you like that unique aroma even if you didn't really find it appealing initially. Erego, part of it is in your head.

Smell helps keep us safe by helping us to keep from eating or drinking things that are bad for us, but it is also an emotional thing because things that smell bad to most people can smell good to those with whom there is a positive associative memory. Dairy farms smell good to me becaise I loved spending time on my aunt and uncle's as a child and I have a friend whose dad was a geologist and the smell of oil fields is a good one for her although it makes most folks want to gag.
Joined: 7/8/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 9:21:01 AM
Yes it turns me on ,to freshly showered person with cologne.
Joined: 7/16/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 10:26:31 AM
I believe last girlfriend who unfortunately passed away always use to say that she loved how I smelled and would actually know when I was coming without seeing me...she used to sniff me like crazy and it was actually kind of cute...I loved her smell too and in someways it calmed me...I don't believe in regular CHEMISTRY...but I'm sure that just like animals we are drawn to certain people by different smells where there may even be a recall mechanism over time in some since whenever I see her picture the smell may appear and the funny thing with her was that regardless what soap/after-shave/etc I used she could pick me off in a crowd again without seeing me and was never wrong as we tried that.

One problem with this though...working the streets my tour of duty so to speak involved going to various pool halls...being Italian in background I could only pick off garlic as all the guys smelled the same (among other specific smells)...I wonder if the wives of these men could do just as good by selecting their own husbands/boyfriends?I think the ability to do this is only embedded in certain individuals,although many can even be attracted to someone on the first date just by the smell as you said...I ain't no pretty boy...but boy do a lot of women smile at me and say I smell good even though I never used anything and sometimes even when I miss a shower...however if I miss more than 3-4 problems arise and the natural smell logically disappears...since it's different for everyone I would imagine it has something to possibly do with the food/drink we use,nationality or other factors as my parents smelled the same who came from the same area and let me tell you when I visit my friend who is from Southern Italy the smell is totally different considering this may just apply to the opposite sex...he basically smells like rotten sausages and definitely not sweet...I think further investigation is needed...maybe we can all apply for a grant from the government and study the whole thing in Cuba.

Joined: 7/16/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 3:21:38 PM
I must admit...the Dollar Store gallons are even worse...never get trapped in car with the windows down with those fumes or light a cig unless you want to see angels/demons depending how you lived your life...and forget CPR...she ain't gonna breathe on me baby...

Joined: 2/11/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 4:23:11 PM
I know when a man reeks of Old Spice, I have to get out of there before I throw up.
Joined: 5/20/2007
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 5:43:30 PM
Oh, most definitely! Scent is a BIG part in the initial attraction. There are some colognes/perfumes, shampoos, soaps, laundry detergents, and natural scents that can send a person over the edge, or send them packing for the hills.

Old spice has been a favorite for years. I prefer the Old Spice "After Hours" myself, and I can smell it on someone and pick them out in a crowd. It's pretty amazing.

I remember long ago, just the way a person's skin smelled after their shower, or after a hard day of work in the summer, and other things about them, made them that much more inviting...

Chapman, Kansas
Joined: 7/16/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 9:47:42 PM
Ok,I don't know if this is true or not...heard it from a bunch of cops...real jokers...still could be possible and haven't been able to confirm it... one of them told me that in the City where they make Viagra in the US the birth rate dramatically went up one year supposedly due to the men sniffing the fumes from the factory labs...if this is accurate I would be more inclined to believe it was from the free samples and not the smells.But,having said this if people can be attracted to each other by smells as everyone has stated I guess it's also possible the right combination of chemicals may also be able to stimulate men enough to get them using this same theory I further wonder if someone could get fat just by sniffing burgers/fries or lose weight by sniffing celery/lettuce...something to think about folks!?!

In any case,I can see a law suit coming from all this if it happens again..."Your client is just a simple Baker...a hard working family man who can't afford anymore kids...he just took a stroll one night and bang his wife got pregnant...I ask you...where's the humanity in all this...please sign here".

Joined: 11/24/2007
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 11:20:23 PM
trust me..if a lady doesn't smell good.."down there' ..she aint gettin' a 2nd date..LOL..
Joined: 9/30/2007
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/6/2008 11:58:18 PM
Yes.. I am very much into smell. For someone I really like.. I like to smell them as they exhale their breath.. and I like indidual smells that a person gives off. A touch of aftershave is ok.. but I prefer scented soap..

When my ex husband moved out.. I smelled him every where.. it drove me nuts.. because that smell he had connected me to him on an intimate level.

I hear that women choose men who are their opposite immune wise and will give their children the best immune system.

I also like to get a shirt from my lover that he has worn and wear it to bed.

I remember a man that I was really gettin into around the first of the year.. and his scent was all over a blouse I had worn on one of my dates with him.. his afrtershave or something.. anyway I waited a week before laundering that blouse and slept with it in my bed till the scent left it.
Joined: 7/4/2007
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/7/2008 6:23:13 PM
I dated a guy who always smelled nice. I'm not big on cologne but whatever he wore drove me nuts. One day while doing laundry I opened up a new box of dryer sheets I had decided to try and realized that was the scent I smelled on him......LOL
Joined: 1/21/2006
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/7/2008 6:36:09 PM
somewheres recently i read an article, or perhaps heard on public television, that people actually mate by complementary smells. this is somewhat built into evolutionary survival, so that what one person may "need" is not the same as another. i always thought it was pheremones,but whatever the underlying biology, i can still smell my ex SO and the memory of how he feels is still imprinted on my hands. i suppose this is "chemistry". but alas, chemistry, although a necessary ingredient, is not sufficient by itself to also sustain one's soul. . i think complementary temperaments are also important.
 Jan Sobieski
Joined: 7/4/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/7/2008 7:02:42 PM
Most reaction to smell is Pavlovs response. Excepting people with bad hygiene, abnormal voice, etc, the visual aesthetic will always be the major factor in determining initial attraction.
Joined: 6/7/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/7/2008 10:50:43 PM
Here is a little idea, which is not my own, but that of a brilliant philosopher.

Take just a dab of vanilla extract and put a little behind the ears, or on the neck. Much like you would a perfume, and watch how many men you attract then. Smelling like a cookie is a good thing. :D
Joined: 1/21/2006
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/7/2008 11:47:25 PM
ha! i thought the perfume spraying on his pillow was "my" idea.
Joined: 12/30/2007
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/9/2008 6:43:01 PM
Forget Polo or Coty Musk or whatever:

"In one study of 31 men (who were, oddly enough, all recruited from a solicitation on “classic rock radio broadcasts”) the researchers found that while all scents had a positive impact on sexual arousal, certain smells impacted penile blood flow more than others. What smell got guys most hot and bothered? Pumpkin pie and lavender topped the charts, increasing penile blood flow and average of 40% compared to their base line state. Here are some of the other scents and how they measured up (taken from the Foundation website):
Lavender and pumpkin pie: 40%
Doughnut and black licorice: 31.5%
Doughnut and cola: 12.5%
Lily of the valley: 11%
Buttered popcorn: 9%
Cranberry: 2%

In a study with female subjects pumpkin pie and lavender also made the grade, but other scents had a bigger impact on change in vaginal blood flow. A table from the study, which was published in the International Journal of Aromatherapy, lists the scents and the increase in vaginal blood flow:
Good and Plenty candy and cucumber: 13%
Baby powder: 13%
Pumpkin pie and lavender: 11%
Baby powder and chocolate: 4%"

I guess I'm not the typical female; I hate the smell of baby powder and cucumber

Some colognes on men really get me going. I worked one place where I was using the desk of some guy who worked shifts and wasn't there when I was. His phone was scented with his cologne and I couldn't get enough of it - couldn't wait to meet him. I finally did - and the scent was great on him. He was married so I couldn't pounce on him It was Adventurer by Eddie Bauer. I got a little sample bottle and have a sniff every now and then - I don't think I've run into anybody else wearing it, unfortunately.
Joined: 5/26/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/9/2008 8:47:27 PM
MMMMMMM yep-sometimes how a person smell with either attract me or send me running to the potty. Hygiene is IMPORTANT-and some folks might wanna remember to take a bar of soap with em when they shower. Too much cologne brings tears to my eye-blah.

Now-the manfriend wears one particular cologne that smells so good-*blissful sigh*-that just adds to his attractiveness as far as I'm concerned. Everytime I smell that cologne on him I have to have him right then and there-I'm not sure how the women felt seeing me mount him in the grocery store-but sometimes we can't help our animal instincts!!
Joined: 7/29/2006
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:21:19 PM
I am not big on colognes and perfumes, but certainly wouldn't want my partner to smell bad! I think it's the simple things like our shampoo and deodorant that give us our "scent".
Joined: 2/20/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/10/2008 6:37:36 PM

"meat eaters smell differently than vegetarians (as any vegetarian can attest to). When someone eats meat they have kind of a funky smell, unattractive to me, but if you're a meat eater, you wouldn't notice the difference. I do. You are what you eat, to an extent, and when you eat meat, the smell is unattractive to a vegetarian."

Vegetarian who disagrees.

Meat eaters can also attest to that concerning vegetarians: I've been a vegetarian and a meat eater at different times. I knew vegetarians who ate a lot of lentils and no dairy, and they smelled very musty -- in an unpleasant way -- to me when I was eating meat. When I was a vegetarian, meat-eaters tended to smell stronger -- I believe the smell is of "purines" -- a type of nitrogen-based substances the body sweats out when it has excess protein in the diet.

I think that there is a lot of variation, depending on the individual person, and what sort of combination of meat, veggies, carbs, dairy etc. they eat -- and how much.

That said, I must admit that I prefer the smell of people who eat similarly to what I am currently eating. If you go out to a restaurant, make sure your beloved is eating the garlic-sausage before you order it, and try to eat the same sorts of things -- you will have a much better evening if your scents are in step with each other!

And yes, when someone is a good chemical "match" the simple smell of them clean out of a shower, or drenched in FRESH sweat, is a definite turn-on.
Joined: 5/7/2006
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/10/2008 10:19:28 PM
I have noticed when I go out, that I get a lot more compliments when I wear cologne than I do when I don't.
Joined: 2/20/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/11/2008 9:06:12 PM
Garden Artist said:
Meat eaters can also attest to that concerning vegetarians: I've been a vegetarian and a meat eater at different times. I knew vegetarians who ate a lot of lentils and no dairy, and they smelled very musty -- in an unpleasant way -- to me when I was eating meat.

and Piscescoda replied:
That's in your head. There is nothing in a vegetarian diet that isn't in an omnivorous one. I assure you lack of meat and dairy are not going to make one smell.

No, I believe there is something in a high-percentage lentil diet that is unpleasant to those who are not eating them. Beans aren't much better -- although we all know what BEANS can smell like . . . javascript:smilie('')

Most meat-eaters are not eating a lot of lentils, or beans, or cabbage for that matter. You can smell the effects of those on a person, for sure.

Anyway, a romance goes more smoothly if you are willing to eat similar foods.

Garden Artist
Joined: 8/3/2008
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/11/2008 10:04:22 PM
Yesss smell is a HUGE part of it for me... I love to smell good, and I love a man who smells good (doesn't have to be cologne, but I prefer a VERY slight dab of it).

...and breath, well, just take care of your teeth :) and brush your tongue!! If you still have a problem after that, see a doctor, it may not be something you can't fix up a little. We all have some sort of breath after food or working all day, but 'care' about it... don't just think it doesn't matter :)

Smell is my number one above 'attractiveness'. Ego/confidence is 3rd.

*snifs you all* :) mmm
Joined: 2/8/2005
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smell plays a big part......!!!
Posted: 8/12/2008 5:44:03 AM
strangest thing in Paris I found = getting into an elevator with a group of french women dressed to the nines - they didnt bathe I am sure of it! It was awful... combo of dirty hair, body odour, layering of perfume, etc. Makes me think North American women have the right idea here! Soap and water, touch of scent, that is all one needs. Bring on clean!
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