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I think everyone needs to hear this story... I'll change names just for anonymity (aside from my own). This is a true story.

Its Friday and I'm going to meet Felony who I've talked to on POF for over a month, I've seen profile pix, so I had an idea what i was looking for. I call her right as I'm coming to the bar parking in the street behind it. Felony said she would meet me at the front door in a bout a minute. So I start to walk up to the parking lot to make my way to the front door. While walking I see a young lady looking at me, I smiled and continued on my way, but noticed she wouldn't stop looking at me. Well, I must have really dressed to impress tonight if the pretty girls are eying me down... Then she calls out my name "MIKE!!"... Whoa, its Felony? I walked over to get a closer look, and well... brown hair, pretty, maybe the pix were a bit inaccurate but it would be RUDE to say she looks different in case she took it the wrong way.

Now, Felony had told me in the past that she sounds different on the microphone and on the phone than she does in person, so I assumed that's why she sounded so different. I didn't question it, I was sure this was going to be fine and I boiled it down to nerves (my palms were sweaty and I was more nervous than usual). I found us a seat at the balcony upstairs, we ordered our drinks and she asked if there was anything I'd like to say to her now that I met her in person... I said yes, I'm quite upset that you lost that accent you have on the phone! She was shocked! 'I have an accent?' but I assured her it was only on the phone and her voice was nice either way.

At this point, she grabbed her phone "Did you just try to call me?" I checked my phone to make sure it was locked, then I double checked my call history. "Nope" and I showed her no recent calls. She showed me her phone that read "One Missed Call POF Mike" I shrugged my shoulders blaming the network. We continued to talk and all in all, I'd say for a first meeting the date was going quite well.

Then my phone rang.

It was Felony... I looked at my phone, I looked at the person I was on a date with and I turned to stone. I answered the call trying to sound as friendly as possible. "Hi, where are you?" "I'm at the front door waiting for you" "I'm gonna be about 10 minutes, just wait there I'm really sorry, I'll call you back"... At this point, both girls knew there was a problem, the young lady I was sitting beside probably thought that was my "escape call"... a thousand thoughts rushed through my head, I know I've been under pressure lately and stressed out from work related issues, but did I plan 2 dates at the same time and who is this person I'm sitting beside? she's smiling, oh crap, she knows something is wrong... Did I plan another date in my sleep? I couldn't have... And I cracked...

All the noise in the bar flooded over me and hit a quick silence when I finally got the nerve to say "I don't think we're each others date" She looked at me confused... "I wasn't calling you, that was another POF Mike" She looked shocked... 'but whats your number? you're in my phone.' I showed her my phone number, she compared it and looked so embarrassed, I will be honest with you, I wanted to lie and continue to be her Mike for the date to avoid the situation, she obviously didn't deserve to have a date go this horribly wrong.

"So you're not Mike the Mechanic?"
"No, I'm Mike the DJ and you're not Felony"
"No, I'm Crissy"

I kissed her hand and told her she was beautiful, we exchanged numbers... I felt, well, we already went through the embarrassing first meeting, maybe we can work backwards on this one. To add insult to injury, 20 min later the bar got evacuated from a gas leak... so even after I met up with Felony, THAT date went off to a rocky start.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 12:20:46 PM
So, enquiring minds wanna know.

Have you talked to crissy since?
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 12:23:33 PM
lol how funny is that so did the first lady in question call you and did you explain to your real date what happened????
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 12:24:06 PM
Well you sound like you are more lucky than anything meeting a new woman that was pretty to you and the original one you had planned.
It is a good story and hounds like now you just have to choose which one is the better one.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 12:24:51 PM
I just text her to let her know I wrote a story about it on the forums, I hope she's not offended and sees the humor of it all. She was sweet and neither of us knew how to react to the whole situation. I also hope her REAL date showed up and that it went well.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 12:26:24 PM
oh yes, I told Felony what had happened and it became the butt end of the majority of our jokes the rest of the evening (then we went to a comedy club where a lot of internet dating jokes were thrown around)
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 12:37:10 PM
I have heard alot of stories but that is the ultimate!!!!!!! I will be copying and pasting that one in all my friends emails...
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 1:48:15 PM
Again, all I can say is I hope "Crissy" isn't overly embarrassed about it. I've passed the story to a friend in Van who may want to use that in a scene on film. The best stories seem to write themselves.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 2:05:58 PM
That is so funny! I wondered how long until something like that really happened...which reminds me

A few years back I was talking to a guy online, he is from Canada,I am from the US. I was going to visit Toronto,so he suggested meeting me at the airport, I met him and introduced myself,and we then drove back together to my hotel.. (I have been talking to him online and o the phone for months so I felt safe)

Went we got to the hotel, he had a suprise, wine,cheese it was very nice. Once in the room, he says so A_____ (My name) how was your trip?Being silly I responded,Who is A____? He looks at me and says,your not A____?? I said, "No I got off the plane in toronto and saw this cute french guy looking at me so I decided to give him a ride., you must have left A___ back at the airport" he could tell I was kidding, so he says,thats okay I like you better than A.. I teased him that he would leave his date, being me behind
At the end of my visit he said he was going to go back t the international terminal and see what cute redhead he could get for the next weekend :)
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 5:12:48 PM
Time to delete that 2nd profile - decide if you like Chrissy or Felony, and delete the other one... and next time don't setup 2 dates for the same place at the same time!

Seriously, though (just kidding there), pretty funny...

Then again, for my own "first meet" - way back in HS I was working at a local dept store, and I guess one of the girls at the 'courtesy desk' uh, "fancied" me... I was going to the pizza place 2 doors down for a couple slices at lunch, when I hear this girl behind me yelling "Paul! Paul!"... didn't think anything of it (uh, my name isn't "Paul" ) until she was next to me tugging on my arm to get my attention... she was a little embarrassed over that, but I bought her a slice and we sat and talked at the pizza place, and wound up dating.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 7:12:11 PM
I started to 2nd guess myself... I honestly was scared that I had gone crazy and seriously planned a 2nd date that I didn't know about... I was so shocked and started to blame SOMETHING that I did for that whole thing to happen.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 7:23:59 PM
((Note to self: There's lots of POF action going on in Calgary. Move there if dating scene in Delaware dries up.))

The last first date I had, I brought him a foam finger from a baseball game that I had been to the night before. For $4, it was a great way to assure that we were meeting the right people. Plus, it made me easy to find.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 10:37:22 PM

((Note to self: There's lots of POF action going on in Calgary. Move there if dating scene in Delaware dries up.))

No Kidding!!!
After reading what the canuck chicks write in here, I'm amazed that there any single ones left up there!
Must be a shortage of men up there?
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/9/2008 10:42:03 PM
That is really funny! It reminds me of something that happened to me, not quite the same but weird nonetheless. I just have to share...
Before I moved to LA I talked to a guy online for a few months that lived there. We planned on meeting up once I arrived.
My first night in town I went out to a club and saw this gorgeous guy that I couldn't take my eyes off of. We stared at each other all night and neither of us made a move.
The following night I saw him again at a different place but I was leaving the bar as he was arriving.
Later that night when I was online my LA friend immed me asking if he could come over to my apartment. I was kind of put off because although we'd talked for a few months, I thought it was kind of presumptuous to ask to come over for our first face to face meeting.
Long story short, it turns out he was the guy I had seen at the bar! He knew who I was but I didn't recognize him because he was wearing sunglasses in all the pics I had seen of him! He said he was too shy to approach me because I was even more beautiful in person, blah blah blah. We ended up dating for quite a long time.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/10/2008 12:27:31 AM

Must be a shortage of men up there?

Well... If you're in Alberta, there's a lot of men and women who have just moved from various other places for work, so that makes for a huge singles scene. Not always the best since, when you're working so far away from your home, some people tend to forget to mention things... like a wife.
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The FUNNIEST first meeting EVER!
Posted: 8/10/2008 9:08:08 PM
Hmmm.....i doubt Crissy is embrassed. SHe sounds like a pretty mellow chick, just saying
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