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Joined: 6/22/2006
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Older? on the scrap heap!Page 1 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Oh Please........I swear, some men will try and say anything to get in a woman's pants!
You know better than that, I'm sure. Just look at some of the ladies right here on POF who are in their 40's, 50's and beyond.....none of them appear to be ready for the "scrap heap".
Men age.......Women just get better!
Joined: 10/16/2005
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 7:42:36 AM
If after 29 having a blast and doing what you want when you want with who you want while having the cajones and money to actually enjoy it is "on the scrap heap" then yeah I guess that's true!

When I saw "on the scrap heap" as a topic it made me think more of anyone who's let themselves go and given up on really living life and having fun...but that has nothing to do with dating, really.
Joined: 5/18/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 7:45:54 AM
Tell him to eat his heart out.
Joined: 7/3/2007
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 8:19:26 AM
I don't think so, wait you said you are 29!!! hell nooooooooo. this is so untrue.
Joined: 5/15/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 8:34:21 AM
Confucious say"Man Who ONLY See Outer Beauty,Play Alotta Pocket Pool At 50"We all know that with Matureity the outer shell deteriates.Mayhaps I am a dying specimine or a rarety.Myself I do not prefer to look at or find younger lady's attractive.A woman who exudes confidence,is inteligent,carry's herself with class,has a few miles and is knowlegable about life,knows who she is and what she wants.Now that is beauty.Dont get me wrong,not saying younger lady's are not beautiful in their own right.Just saying as a man in my 50's I will take a mature woman any day.Who you are inside for me is what maters.Albeit for two people to enjoy each otehr they need some physical chemistry,but as the old addage say's"Beauty Is In The Eyes OF The Beholder".Dont sweat some old geezer who has never learned what inner beauty means.Good luck with your fishing
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 9:41:04 AM
I am still laughing at the mental image of your story OP..........

I see this beer belly "older" man that drinks to much, talks about his high school conquests and sports, has a wife that is not what he hoped she would be, but has changed much because of how he has become, kids at home that he does not help with, and a fantasy of what he thinks he is......stud muffin......... ........NOT

This man is the epitome of what many of us fight all the time.......arrogant stupidity with the brain power of a fly........ Just let it go, and please know that most of us know different, and realize that age may slow us down, but not defeat us, unless we allow it to, and some of the best looking women I have ever seen and known have been in their 30's, 40's, and 50's.

I will leave you with this bit of advice from an older more mature male that thinks most times before he speaks, and values most women as an equal partner in this thing called life.......

"As you get more mature, and experience life to its fullest, you are on the top of the heap, and not at the bottom, like so many who live in the past because the future holds little for them."........

Just my opinion........
Joined: 7/10/2006
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 10:00:31 AM
Sorry for answering a question with a question, but...

Some random married guy, obviously looking to find someone to cheat on his wife with at some party, probably more than a bit drunk, makes an off-the-cuff nasty comment designed to make you feel insecure. And THIS guy's opinion has got you worried enough that you even feel the need to ask?

Here, I'll give you the worst-case scenario. Let's assume that you are even interested in guys whose basic priority is, well, sex, and anything else you have to offer comes a distant second.

Guess how those guys think? It's how you LOOK and ACT, not how old you are.

If you are physically beautiful, in good shape, well dressed, coiffed etc. you will beat out someone a decade younger who is not. That's ASSUMING you are even remotely interested in guys for whom that's a priority.
Joined: 3/22/2007
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 10:09:36 AM

Men is this true?
Well, yes and no.
Women do have "expiration dates" as far as having children goes. It's simple biology.

If the guy is looking for a woman to raise a family with, then age is certainly a factor - he won't be looking for a woman in her mid-40's or older.

30 is not too old; 40 is getting there.

If the guy does NOT want to start a family, then the whole expiration date thing does not matter.

Sounds like you were talking to a real jerk.
Joined: 1/13/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 10:20:45 AM
It is true for him, but then look where it got him, with a wife he isnt concerned about...I mean look what getting married young did for his wife ...she got him!!!!
Joined: 7/10/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 11:31:52 AM
at 30......your just barely ripe............the saying about wine and women is true.....but you gotta know the entire saying.
women are like wine.........some go straight to vinegar........others are nothing but a headache in a pretty package.......but most..........if cared for properly.........get better with age ...... not really sure why guys are hung up on younger women.............i know that for myself.........i've reached the age that not only do i know that young beautiful women arent attracted to me...i'm actually kinda happy about it
Joined: 5/19/2005
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 12:08:34 PM
I think to a certain extent this is true.
There are plenty of men that are looking for women their own age...but plenty also that
have a cutoff of 30 when they are 40, 40 when they are 50, and so on. Which means that woman in the plus bracket get skipped over. I'm not saying this happens with every one...I'm not complaining, or whining. Im just saying something I've noticed. It also works for women I'm sure, but I don't check out women's profiles.
I also think the older you get the harder it is to find someone. Not so much because the pool is more shallow but because you have different priorities and different rules. Most older people are out of a relationship they don't wish to you're dealing with histories and memories....some good some bad.
Maybe age isn't a factor to many that reply to this forum, but I do think age is a factor to a lot of people on fishes.
Joined: 11/8/2007
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 12:13:35 PM
sexy and raunchy has an age limit. Now if you were just sexy or just raunchy you might be able to work it well into your fifties but with both at the same time, yeah thirty is really pushing it.
Joined: 10/1/2006
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 1:01:28 PM
The only reason a man has to get married is because he wants to have children. And you don't want to do it with a woman over about 35 because you'll have to have them right away.
Joined: 1/18/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 6:00:11 PM
I don't believe that's the case.

At least it's not what I'M told.

Cause if it is true, I'm utterly SOL.....

But it's not so, just for the man you were speaking with......and he doesn't speak for all men. Ok?
 R U Right for Me
Joined: 12/15/2007
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 9:29:30 PM
Before you start worrying about something someone says why don't you consider the source. A total stranger telling me that I'm "on the scrap heap" would be a jerk, it's when your mother walks into a parts store an announces she has a single daughter and are there are any single men in the store that you have worry.
Joined: 2/8/2004
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 10:11:38 PM
Ehhhh, I think statistically, yeah, when it comes to raw physical attraction. However, that's because most older men going after younger gals have been married or in a LTR with an older woman, and want to "go back" to those younger years, and being wanted by a younger woman makes a guy feel more attractive -- not to mention younger women represent something "new".

However, an "older" woman (30's - 50) who keeps herself reasonably in shape, is more attractive to a lot of guys if she has her life together, etc. She's better at what she does and how she carries herself, emotionally stable, less games, etc. -- it makes her more attractive overall. Maturity in her looks (not too much of course) signifies that and she's more attractive.

Depends on the guy -- that's why younger guys like "cougars" -- they can be tired of the younger ladies, and older men can have a desire for younger ones, because they're exhausted of the older woman they separated from and want something "new".

In your case, when you're 30-something, 30-something guys will desire you just as much as anything if you've got everything together (physically and emotionally). I think the stigma of guys liking them younger when they're your age in the 30s is because too many women in their 30s are taken or have "let themselves go" over time. I think it's an inaccurate stigma, myself.
Joined: 5/16/2006
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/13/2008 10:29:50 PM

I say "29 nearly 30" and he tells me that I better hurry up and find someone quickly otherwise I'm going to be "on the scrap heap" as men much prefer a nice young thing to someone in their thirties/forties!!

Men is this true?

The 'Men' he was referring to are the delusional lotharios who think they're a prime catch for any woman 20-years their junior. They usually end up with empty-headed bimbos who are primarily interested in the contents of their wallets more than anything else.

The rest of us men love the company of the gorgeous, smart, 'got-their-act-together' woman closer our age.

We have nothing to prove and require much more of the women we choose to involve ourselves with than mere decoration.
Joined: 7/12/2006
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/14/2008 7:48:08 PM
Some of us recycle.
Joined: 10/16/2005
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/14/2008 7:56:45 PM

The key is to know how the system works but not let it get to you. You'll only be thrown on the scrap heap if you give in and let yourself go.

Joined: 6/4/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/14/2008 8:02:10 PM
I can't write on behalf of all men, but I can tell you that I don't have an issue with age. My taste leans toward someone that I can communicate with and enjoy the company of. If she is older than I, who cares? I've met women older that acted like they were in high school. And I've met women in their early 20s that were almost too mature for their own good. Age means little to this guy. As long as they aren't TOO young.
Joined: 6/11/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 8/15/2008 9:16:46 AM
Not true at all. It's said that the 30's are today's 20's and I think that's somewhat true. a lot of people are waiting longer to get into relationships,and 30 is certainly not too late. If I was looking for a girlfriend right now I'd be using 30 as a starting point.
Joined: 7/13/2008
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 9/1/2008 4:31:08 PM

just need more polishing is all!

I look at it this way........

the young ones want attention..........

the "older" ones want attention to detail!
Joined: 4/19/2007
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 9/1/2008 4:38:49 PM
Times have changed. These days, lots of women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and older, get lots of dates.
Joined: 12/13/2006
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 9/2/2008 1:22:09 PM
Personally, I haven't found being over 30 to be *any* kind of problem. And I've been over 30 for way more than 30 years, lol!

Live your life as you wish. Live, love, learn, and have a party!

Joined: 3/20/2007
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Older? on the scrap heap!
Posted: 9/5/2008 6:49:32 PM
Bridget Jones said it best when asked why there are so many unmarried women over 30.

“Ahm - I don't know - I suppose it doesn't help that underneath our clothes, our entire bodies are covered in green scales.”
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