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Child w/Diabetes need new ideas on Lunches/SnacksPage 1 of 1    
Autism and diabitis dont have much in common...

You should be asking a health professional, everyones sytems is different.

Just as you wouldnt take anyone elses medication, nor would give your child anyone elses medication. taking advice from non-profesionals, that dont know your child's system, complications, medications could be dangerous. Lots of foods conter-act
certian medicaton.What works for Jane Doe, may not work for your child.

I rather error on the side of your childs satey, then give you some dish that could cause him harm.
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Child w/Diabetes need new ideas on Lunches/Snacks
Posted: 8/27/2008 3:51:56 PM
I think crinkle cut veggies and a lowfat dip/hummus are good ideas, they allow the kids to play and have fun with what they are eating.
Natural Peanut butter and sugarfree jelly on whole wheat or whole grain bread. Lean lunch meat like turkey, chicken and ham, tuna fish with lowfat or barely any mayo with cheese and crackers, cut up for stackers are fun also. pack oranges, any kind of melon, especially watermelon, grapes or sugar free applesauce, peaches, sf jello and puddings are avail as well for dessert.
make sure he drinks plenty of water too. I think zephyrhills makes the aqua pods for kids, which are cool bottles they'll drink from.
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Child w/Diabetes need new ideas on Lunches/Snacks
Posted: 8/27/2008 5:09:53 PM
In my opinion, you need to ask your child's Dr. to refer you to a nutritionist for this kind of advise. You didn't mention the kind of diabetes your child has or many other pertinent facts, how could anyone give you good feedback?
I am a diabetic and have seen several suggestions that, although healthy, are not snacks well suited to someone who has diabetes.
Veggies and fruits, in themselves are good things, still you must remember how many of those things are high in sugar, therefore must be restricted. Also crackers and breads are normally high carb foods and most have sugar as an ingredient, so those too, must be limited for diabetics. Even peanut butter, as someone mentioned, normally has added sugar. It is one of the things I keep handy when my blood sugar drops too low. A table spoon is usually enough to bump it back up to a safer level, so even good ole PB&J sammies as a snack aren't a good first choice, in my opinion.
Some have mentioned low fat items ~ fat is not the primary issue here ~ it's about limiting foods with high sugar content.
In general, lots of lean protein, green leafy veggies, small amounts of fruits and breads without added sugar is a good general rule for a diabetic.

But, as I said, and I can't stress enough,, you need to be getting this advise from a professional , not us well meaning folk on a foodie forum. CALL YOUR DR!

My two cents worth,

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Child w/Diabetes need new ideas on Lunches/Snacks
Posted: 8/27/2008 6:33:02 PM
Well judging by the age (and race, (for example someone from Finland is 400 times more likely to get type 1 diabetes than someone from China)), I'm going to assume he is a type 1 diabetic and on insulin. It's important to realize that type 1 and type 2 have a different metabolic cause for the disease so what works for one doesn't always work for the other. Type 1 is an auto immune disease. Overall it's basically a balance game. Insulin is a hormone that helps take glucose (sugar) into a cell. So it's very important to match the food to the response of insulin. The reason most of the time type 1 diabetics avoid some foods is that the body digests them quickly and it gives the blood sugar a sudden rise. These foods include table sugar (candy, deserts, etc) and fruit juices. Other equal carbohydrates can rise the blood sugar just as much but they do it over a slower time frame and allow the injected insulin to move it into the blood stream and maintain the balance better. A carbohydrate is a long chain of glucose. The body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. So both of you will need to learn how to count the carbohydrates in food to match the response and amount of insulin. Protein and fats do not break down directly into glucose so they do not use up as much insulin, though they can use some. Those types of foods can make for a snack with a lower impact on blood sugar (nuts, meats, eggs, etc). Now if the blood sugar gets too low, then it is very important to eat something sugary as soon as possible otherwise there are serious immediate medical issues. High blood sugar has long term medical issues. Generally you will want to also feed him more healthy food as he will be more susceptible to other health issues over time such as heart trouble and other vascular issues. A better forum for these type of questions would be on something like rather than some dating website.
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Child w/Diabetes need new ideas on Lunches/Snacks
Posted: 8/27/2008 6:51:50 PM
I am not a professional doctor .in my opinion, the best way is to ask your san's doctor's for help.

wish your child healthy soon
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Child w/Diabetes need new ideas on Lunches/Snacks
Posted: 8/27/2008 7:49:57 PM

For your child with diabetes,
I can certainly recommend foods that break down / digest slowly in the body.
For example, I find that my energy levels stay strong for hours after I eat a whole wheat pita bread (no sugar or corn syrup in this bread) with tuna and carrots, or cottage cheese, or plain yogurt (no corn syrup or sugar in the yogurt) and fruit.

I thought that another idea I might offer you is information about the glycemic index of the foods, and how to get that information..
The lower the number of the glycemic index for a specific food (on a scale of 1 to 100) , the less the dramatic rise in blood sugar upon eating the food.

I see that I am not allowed to post a website address.
But if you type the two words " glyemic index" in your search engine, those 2 words are actually the key part of the website address.
I am not affiliated with the site, I obtained this information for my own use, and it is a free site called the Glycemic Index and GI Database hosted by part of the University of Sydney

You can type in the name of a specific food, and you can also find those foods with a glycemic index of less than a specific number, say 55 (< 55) and you get lists of hundreds of foods and their glycemic rating.

Foods to avaoid.........?
I am really shocked at the amount of "high fructose corn syrup" and also "partially hydrogenated oil" that is contained in so many of the foods in the regular grocery stores.
As a parent, I cannot justify feeding this stuff to our children.

The dangers of the high fructose corn syrup include that it makes people more hungry, so they eat more, but it also causes problems in the pancreas, including production / usage of insulin, as well as other substantial health complications in the liver and other areas on a long term basis (check out the research) .
The consequences of eating partially hydrogenated oils ........ including artery blockage and so much more, are well documented..
It is frightening if you consider the health consequences of these additives to our food on a mass scale.
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