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So she says, "Honey, what are you thinking?"

And I know, right at that moment, I am in trouble. She, like millions of other people out there has no attention span. If I answer in more than ten words, her eyes will glaze over and I will have lost any chance to actually answer her.

Kinda like how you the reader, are deciding not to finish reading this post. You can feel the fact that is is going to be long. You can probably see it extend down the screen, and you sigh, looking for the link above that shows all forums, getting ready to move that mouse.

Oh, I know it's true. The most popular threads in this section are all about short replies. All the stories that people put time and effort into have a handful of views. They have even fewer comments. What has happened to the attention span? They say that the internet is the death of reading. I say it is the dirt on the grave of the attention span.

"Are you thinking about what you're thinking?" she asks over her shoulder, eyes glued to the television.

I have to answer her. I have to say something. Now, I'm not one of those guys to lie and say "nothing, dear". She knows this. She knows me well enough that I'll expound into a lengthy dissertation on the state of affairs of the world today, or about how we are long overdue for another American Revolution. I might even tell her about a new story idea that I've been turning over my head. She won't hear me though. That's because I know her.

"I'm thinking about how to answer you, babe." It's not a lie. It's a delaying action. It's a tactic that has to be followed up by something, but it gives me time to formulate something. Not just anything, but something.

You see, I'm true to myself. Not many people are. Oh, sure, many people claim they are, but in truth they aren't. Would they willingly go homeless rather than sell their soul for a job? I did. The homeless thing... not the selling of the soul. Would they work for free, because the work they did was something they loved, rather than allow that work to turn into a dreaded J. O. B. and something to be hated? Again, I did that too. The pro bono thing... but you understood that.

So paying attention is all about discipline. Being true to one's self is all about discipline. You know your mind, and you stick by it, because you believe in yourself, and what you think. You settle into something and follow it through, because that is what you should do and you know it. Yet, I can hear the masses silently screaming out in their heads.. Why Bother? Why pay attention when there is something new and shiny right over here... and over there... and ooh lookie... something new *there*. If it was a conversation, I'd be hearing "What did you say?" right about now.

"I'm thinking about how I love you, babe, and how I'll talk when your show is over." It is again honest, and another delaying tactic. Ok, I didn't mention to you, dear reader, how I loved her. But I do, and I wouldn't be thinking about how to lengthen her attention span if I did not love her. To me, that is a given.

Now, if you got this far... this is classified as creative writing, because there is no "she".
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Short Attention Span Lifestyle
Posted: 8/28/2008 9:10:51 PM
Alright then.... I've started another
Short Attention Span Lifestyle Pt2
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