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Joined: 4/25/2008
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I was driving along a curvy road last night when I went into a right hand turn which seemed quite endless. After a few minutes in the turn I realized my worst fear was true. Just ahead I could see my own tail lights and in my rear view mirror I could see what I was quite sure were my own headlights. To make sure, I flashed the highbeam and yes, it was true, I was behind myself. I was irritated that I was driving so slow ahead of me, so I crowded myself just a bit by accelerating slightly, but in response, I started tailgating myself (which was even more annoying) so I touched my brakes slightly to warn me back. Well, that had no effect so I slammed my brakes in an act of road rage but once again I knew it was about to happen since I was the person behind me so I swerved and passed me on a double yellow line. That really made me mad so I sped up to get the plate number which I did. I considered using my cell phone and calling the plate number in to the police but I realized I barely had enough money to pay for gas, let alone an expensive ticket. Besides that, on a citizen's complaint I figured I would need another witness, and although by then I was completely beside myself, I realized the police would have a very difficult time determining which of us was the guilty party.
Joined: 4/25/2008
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Coming Unwound on a Winding Road
Posted: 9/3/2008 11:00:31 AM
There are times when I think the whole world has gone crazy but other times I think to myself, "Maybe it's just me?"
That is when I realize it is in fact the whole world gone mad since I disproved the latter supposition by not having said "Maybe it's just us?"

(at least that's what the voices told me to say)

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