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Granholm says she was just doing her job
She had to follow law, won't commute mayor's sentence

Despite verbal jabs by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Gov. Jennifer Granholm said Friday she was just doing her job by holding a hearing to remove him from office -- and she won't help him avoid four months behind bars.

Granholm said she wouldn't commute Kilpatrick's 120-day sentence.

In an interview with the Free Press, Granholm declined to say whether she had enough information after one day of the removal hearing to decide Kilpatrick's fate.

"The mayor's team had 27 witnesses that they intended to call," Granholm said. "Obviously, you want to get through the entire hearing before you make a final decision. Obviously, it's a moot point now."

She also praised Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy's handling of Kilpatrick's perjury case.

"I think she was extremely tough and handled it as a professional prosecutor, and I think she's somebody who from the earliest moment said that public office is not entrusted to the politician, but is owned by the people and I think that's the right philosophy to approach these kinds of cases with."

Speaking earlier on "Inside Detroit" with Mildred Gaddis on WCHB-AM (1200), Granholm said Detroit City Council's request left her no choice but to hold a hearing Wednesday on whether to oust the mayor. The hearing was suspended Thursday until Sept. 22, four days after the mayor is to resign. If he resigns, the hearing will not resume.

"I just had to follow what the law says," Granholm said. "The city council did their homework. I think that it's really important that the city of Detroit understand I was asked to come in by your city leaders. The mayor ultimately did the right thing: he stepped down."

Kilpatrick, in a speech Thursday night from his office hours after he pleaded guilty to two felonies in Wayne County Circuit Court, accused Granholm of putting him "at the top of her list" despite foreclosures and other pressing issues facing the state.

Without directly addressing his comments about her, Granholm made the rounds on Detroit talk radio Friday morning, stopping at WWJ-AM (950) and later on Gaddis' show.

She said that Kilpatrick's situation should be a lesson to everyone.

"When you take public office, you have to follow the rules," she said.

Granholm said if she had removed Kilpatrick, he would not have been able to return to public office for three years. His plea deal forbids him to run again for five years.

"Ultimately, he will be able to come back and run," she said. "I think he made it clear last night -- the mayor did -- that he'll be back."

Granholm said she believes Kilpatrick's resignation will help the city and state move forward with job creation, green initiatives and supporting the election of Barack Obama for president.

"This is an opportunity for us as a state and a city to link arms," she said.


There was an article that came out the other day regarding the Detroit city Mayor that left office after being found guilty in a Michigan court for violating court terms for commuting outside the state for business.

Having spent time in the Michigan area have learn a little about the local politics there. The current Governor who is popular and supported by both political parties took office against a conservative incumbent governor. She is regarded for being politically savvy not to mention smart who has not really been in the national scene. So I was surprised when I learned how far reaching the event had in not only national news but international.

Considering other prevailing issues like urban economic development, education, and relations between local counties; What do you think about the court decision? And how does this effect the outgoing Mayor? Is this similar to the Former DC mayor Barry's criminal brush with the law? And does this same more about a national and international political direction? I hadn't read anything about it on here and wanted to learn how people thought about this.
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Mayor Resigns after possible removal
Posted: 9/8/2008 8:44:55 AM

He definitely has to find another line of work since he can't run for office for 5 years and no longer has his law license. Any asset in his name will be seized and turned over to the city of Detroit for reparation. Like Barry....he will try to make a comeback.

I had also thought that having felony conviction(s) on record would also make finding work to earn income more difficult. So still in another line of work at a level that would generate the kind of income to pay for accumulated expenses to date seems to be a dilemna. I'm thinking the repurcussions of the decision are more serious than a goal of trying to rerun for office.

Overall, the events of the last 8 months in Detroit have done a lot of damage to the city, region and state.

It seems that the state and city have done a more recent assessment of their objectives and goals.

Hope you stayed safe down there and Hanna didn’t do too much damage.

Yes. It's hurricane season again.
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Mayor Resigns after possible removal
Posted: 9/12/2008 9:42:27 PM

This state is always doing 'assessments' of their goals...and still end up blaming Engler for all the problems this state faces. That held water for the first few years but it doesn't now, it's been long enough for Granholms policies to take effect.

It is interesting that a lot of people follow news on General Motors and the other automakers in the Detroit area because it said a lot about the economic status of the country as a whole. General Motors had a lot to do with contributing to the GDP of the country. And I gather that Detroit city politics also becomes news worthy because of its relation to the automotive industry. I do think that people want sustainable jobs that are part of an infrastructure that can make it possible. And what role the mayor of a major city like Detroit plays in economic growth not only on a locale and state level but national level I would think would have a lot to do with supporting relations with all people who can affect this growth.
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Mayor Resigns after possible removal
Posted: 10/19/2008 4:57:12 PM

IMO, the big 3 made the mistake of not getting a good feel for the market and the trends. As gas prices went up, more and more people wanted fuel efficient vehicles and all 3 kept producing the big gas guzzling SUV’s.

There is talk about a GM merger which was interesting. That would be an interesting move for traditional politics in Detroit. I'd like to think that the automakers including Ford would get some of the funds that were recently authorized through congress.
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