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I could never see myself not doing something.

Another sad indictment of our society where we prefer to do nothing for fear of falling into some politically correct abyss.

These are our children! Our future! Errrrrrrrr, i'll stop now before i burst into song......
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Would you help a lost child?
Posted: 10/3/2008 3:26:34 PM
Yes I would, but then I think it is easier for me to say that as a woman and I think I would have to take a non evasive approach if I were a man in the same situation. Ie alert someone who worked where the child was lost or a security guard/police to where they can find the child.
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Would you help a lost child?
Posted: 10/3/2008 5:20:21 PM
Always help & always will.
Risk of you being misunderstood is much less than the risk to a child in a vulnerable position - not just weirdos but more likely traffic or such and distress.
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Would you help a lost child?
Posted: 10/3/2008 11:52:14 PM
In a shopping centre I wouldn't hesitate to go and help an obviously lost child, I'd go straight into the nearest shop, inform them I'd found the child and ask what the centre policy was ...

If I was in a situation where I found a child wandering the streets, as soon as I made sure they were lost, I'd call the police and tell them I'd found the children and ask their advice, not only is it the sensible thing to do in regards to the children, it also protects you from any false accusations ...Nearly everyone has a mobile phone and 999 would not berate you for using their service for that reason ..

It's just a case of protecting yourself at the same time as ensuring the safety of the children, common sense really ...
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Would you help a lost child?
Posted: 10/4/2008 2:12:01 AM
I was in a real life situation 2 days ago on a bus ............A woman let her toddler run ahead of her on a bus as people were getting off, it was a busy main road and he was briefly unsupervised.........I grabbed him ,picked him up and handed him to his mother as she eventually got off.

My first thought was NOT that people might think I was pedo but was to stop a toddler from running into a busy main road ....... It was a natural reaction imo !!

I got no thanks for it by the mother , just a funny look ........but at the end of the day I dont give a shite because I can sleep peacefully knowing that I possibly saved that kids life and what others thought of my actions is completely irrelevant as I done right by ME !!

EDIT} As an after thought , had this same scenario happened a decade or so ago the attention wouldnt have been on the one that helped the child but the irresponsible mother who had let it happen??????

Well done you and I would have done exactlyt the same.

I have to say though, it isn't just men who get funny looks for intervening. Everyone seems to be on edge at the moment and taking any intervention as a personal stab as being a 'bad parent'. I have a current crb form and work with kids, so feel quite comfortable approaching kids if I feel the need (I even tell them to pick things up and put them in the bin). However, there is very little thanks for it when you do help out, because everyone is terrified that they will have social services on their backs.

It is sad that we can't act as a community, without worrying about the consequences, or feel that being given help in someway makes you a less adequate person.
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Would you help a lost child?
Posted: 10/4/2008 2:13:27 AM
Yes, without hesitation. I am the kind of person who can't walk by and assume that everything will be fine.
This extends to adults also......have on more than one occasion knocked on a car window to check that the driver hadn't collapsed, only to be told 'It's fine, I was just having a wee nap....'
Still...better to check eh?
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Would you help a lost child?
Posted: 10/4/2008 2:27:16 AM
Nice thread Whitey....I didn't see the experiment on TV.....

If I saw a lost child in distress I would stop to help even if it meant getting dodgy looks.
I would go into the nearest store and ask the staff there to call security to come and help.

I do think its more easy for women to say they would help more than men saying so.

Its a sad state of affairs when you cant stop to help a child or an adult anymore with
out the fear of other people thinking your up to no good even if your trying to help.
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Would you help a lost child?
Posted: 10/8/2008 4:09:43 AM
I couldnt just leave them,and would hope someone wouldnt leave mine in the same situation.
We went to longleat not long back and noticed a little girl on the park crying and shouting for her mam,i talked to her while the lads had a look for her mam,it only took a few minutes but in busy places its so easy for a little 1 to wander off.There is no way i would have just walked past n left her.
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