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Joined: 4/19/2008
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Help me figure this one out (Eastern European)Page 1 of 1    
Im confused about the reference to Belarus as eastern European.

Political tension, ever changing dynamics and EURASEC not withstanding, Me thinks that pre-coup, Belarus geographically was located in Asia. Post-coup, central Asia at best. Definitely not European, albeit I can see the advantage of the classification and the current references, yada yada yada.... However, Belarus has rejected all affiliated alliances anyway (NATO, OSCE, WEU, etc.) except for CEI, which consists of three countries from the former USSR (Asian) anyway. I did fail government, history and world geography, but again, since that was pre-coup, where is the relevance? I'm a firm believer that Baltic is Baltic. As far as the EurAsia stuff, I'm f**king lost.

Moldova, I officially give you the label "eastern European", even if it feels like you got a green card. Nothing wrong with green cards.....Just a metaphor. In fact, I love foreign chicks with or without green cards, especially Balkan Beotches(and I mean that in the most loving way, seriously..damnit people, it's slang).

POF rule-You must iterate before attempting to reiterate.. Back to the OP...I can see your attraction mi amigo. I currently experience a very similar situation, but it doesn't quite equate to your scenario. The analogous part is the attraction which you describe. Very weird I should say, but nevertheless, uber-desirable.


Go snatch her up and look her in the eye. Tell her what you think and feel. You only live once. Enough of this pu**y stuff ---->"we have fun and laugh together". That's all good, but friends do that sh!t... you better stimulate something more than her funny bone if she is that f**king cool. Go out of your way. Do something extraordinary for her. GRAB HER AND F**KING KISS HER DUDE. If only I had that opportunity now with the one I think of constantly. Consider yourself lucky that she is nearby. Don't let her slip by without giving every effort in you. If your cheezy azz sits back and "hopes", you ain't getting sh!t brother. No more Mr. Nicenutz. Lets roll on her and let her know what be the dealio...That girl likes BALLZ, like you said, a "strong" man. I understand that COMPLETELY. I know Im that cat, but are YOU? Show her you've got the goods son, and MAN UP.

As for advice, consider this disclaimer: My advice is for entertainment purposes only, even if I only give truth in it's purest form.

That was one helluva pep talk. Makes it hard to be humble.....Good luck
Joined: 4/19/2008
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Help me figure this one out (Eastern European)
Posted: 10/9/2008 10:55:13 PM
Ok Momihatethis, calm down...I can tell by your attack that you dont like Alpha males... :)

Dont make me put your feminazi azz over my knee little lady. I'll spank that azz good and proper.....we're talking handprints on the booty cheeks darling.

Now, God, please allow me to have my own thoughts, kinda like you have yours. Now see? That's not so hard is it? I know you're not use to being wrong, or at least you probably cant remember the last time you were.....but in this case you're insulting me for no reason. Maybe you didnt notice the disclaimer.

I would advise you to avoid thongs. Pulling that strap out of your crack all day is just gonna get you worked up babe.

Joined: 12/14/2007
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Help me figure this one out (Eastern European)
Posted: 10/9/2008 11:04:21 PM
Inmy experience eastern european girls are used to guys taking charge. So take charge...I don't mean kiss her out of the blue...I mean like you are the boss. That's a start. If you don't do will remain at the "friends" level. Asking north american girls will get you lots of advice...good advice...for north american girls.
If you act all hesitant and unsure of yourself it's gonna backfire and not only will you bomb....but you will also lose a friend. If you don't think you are capable of chauvinist your heart a favour and enjoy her good friendship. I can say that from experience. Don't forget to open doors and pull out's not brownie points, it's expected. What do you expect? Good luck man
Joined: 6/16/2008
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Help me figure this one out (Eastern European)
Posted: 10/10/2008 1:52:31 PM
You are not done with here. Don't lie to yourself and say you are.
She is working her way through school right now. That is important to her. Respect that. But call her go out with her. If having her in your life fills something that was never filled before, take the risk, put in the time. The pay off in the long run could be huge.
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