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Leaves part before my thoughts on this pathway that bridges my yesterdays and tomorrows and yet I feel the remembrance of dreams stirring quietly behind me. The sunset never lasts longer then I need it to and every time I sit at my favorite slip of heaven I fall back into the slumber of memories and think of you....And I wonder where your place in heaven is.... and if there's time and a hammock waiting for me...For us...

Embers of my thoughts wander within reach of my poetic nature but I feel tempted to let them fall alongside the path I traverse knowing I have yet to reach the destination of my day or my hearts desires, But every time I seek the notion I am almost there I find another pathway waiting for me.
Without looking back I know where my footsteps have visited and yet looking forward to the journey ahead I can't help but be influenced by past memories. How I want to see the sun today and feel its warmth. If I could take one memory with me would it be of her? Or maybe I would bypass that choice and just surrender to the inevitable of knowing it's not possible for someone like me, for someones heart like mine, for true and pure love and the things they stand for more then anything to me or anyone but most of all to her.

moments in my heart.....

seconds of my lifetime....windshield wipers--heartbeat...tears..rain slipping through the fog and mist through the gaps in my heart and in the window and over time, and years, things have quietly slipped into place, and back into the words of my heart

The only sound is the creak of the chain as I lay in this swing and sway with the whisper of wind as my companion and the warmth of the summers sun a blanket over my heart. My eyes, no longer gazing at the touch of your lips upon mine, enjoy the mystery of your body as it lies near mine. I hear the exhale of your kisses in each breath you take and the swell of your breast with each stroke of my hidden thoughts. The path of leaves as they fall from the tree and play with the wind, like my kisses on the path of your body, follows no set course. They tumble like lazy lovers, the leaves and the gasp of wind, each entwined around the other yet never touching. Like a crazy snow storm, millions of leaves, gather at the feet of natures gentle giants. Twin maples, like toy soldiers, line the property dropping a canopy of color with every breath of natures kiss. The drops of music from a natural storm splash against the echo of our thoughts and a child's laughter is the sun that parts the clouds anew. You feel the strength in my heart reaching out to you with each touch of my fingers over your body. The urge to pull me closer and savor more then kisses strongly teases your smile to emerge and with it the touch of passion once more. I feel the way the fabric of your heart beats under my probing fingers, steadily each pause of time stretching, and with the whisper of your name you hear in my voice the depth of my love for you.

The sun peaks through each leaf as it drops the way my love peaks forth from my heart and the steadiness of it surprises you because you can feel more then the ripple of my muscles as I touch you. You feel the pulse of life as it stops and starts, like a clock that has been wound too tight and now is released, and realize I am smiling because I have you in arms. I enfold more then my arms around you when I am hugging you. Each curve of my hands is but a reflection of the heart I let you hold. A surrounding shelter that encompasses your heart as well and the strength and feelings to go with them abound to capture the truth behind all the words and the love. The touch of my hand holding your chin is but one way I want to hold you. I want to wake up and see the gaze of your hearts laughter and the passion of a hundred I Love You's in each look and know I am the man you love and you, the woman with all of my heart, the woman I am devotedly in love with.

I want you to feel the depth of my kisses penetrate the shell of your heart and fill it with the tenderness of a million kisses, fill the void that has escaped to land within your soul and beckon you to abandon it and enjoy the true warmth of the sun. When I touch your chest, feel the gentle pulse of that little heart and wonder how soft it is to touch, I want you to know that I am yours in more then thought, love, or passion. I am the man who will share everything with you and never ask how come, or question why you feel that way, but entice you to let me share my heart with yours and for once feel the safety and security of knowing you can escape for once and never be chained by ideas or dreams again. The grain of the wood is firm, like the kiss I lay upon your forehead, as you shift slightly in my embrace to feel more then kisses. "Do you want to go inside honey?" I will pick you up and carry the ocean of your thoughts with me and the mystery of your heart and lay them into a bed of love and passion and let the pillow of my love and the lap of my words comfort you in an ocean of passion.
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