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Joined: 11/27/2007
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My questions don't include POF emails. I'm asking about web-based email address off of POF such as Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, or others.

Web-based email addresses seem to get alot of spam. I can understand why but the only thing I have found so far to get rid of spam is to have a filter (spam folder) where junk should go. I still have to delete them. And yes I can report something as spam but not much seems to happen.

I guess there is no such thing as "bounce emails" like you would have with a POP address. I can only add blocks for domains or email addresses. To me that means I don't see them but they probably still try to send messages anyway because the email address is still active.

Bounce email to me means if you try to reply/or send to an address It will give a message- demon stuff like.. not available, doesn't exist, or other.

I guess web-based addresses can't "bounce" back unless someone knows how to do it.

I could change my email address, even delete it and get another one. I don't want to do that. Too many friends and family have it.

Does anyone know how to "bounce emails" with a web-based email address?
Joined: 11/27/2007
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web-based email questions
Posted: 10/27/2008 1:39:32 PM
I appreciate responses. Replaced mentioned

now I have MailWasher Pro witch is a good one too.

I checked it out and it doesn't seem to work with web-based programs. Only stand-alones like Outlook, Outlook Express etc. Thanks for the suggestion.

trappedonbayst made a good point worth considering also

you do realize that the majority of all spammers spoof their address or hide it so that an auto reply or "bounce back" will go nowhere, right? So it's pretty much a wasted effort - it might for all that matter just confirm to the spammers that your account is live and to keep spamming you.

Something I didn't think about. Thanks for the heads up.
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web-based email questions
Posted: 10/27/2008 3:02:39 PM
spam is bad for both pop3/imap email accounts and web based email accounts, as well as for businesses. what has been working best for me for the last few years is a pop3/imap email account on my own private domain. the account comes with a program called spam assasin built right into the server. not sure how many emails it automatically deletes as spam, but I get about 15 a day in my spam folder. much better then 150+ spam emails a day right in my inbox without the program running. I very rarely have a problem with falsely marked emails.
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web-based email questions
Posted: 11/14/2008 8:45:17 AM
I have my own mail server, and use spamassassin and other techniques to manage unwanted mail. However, I do have a recommendation for free web based mail. offers excellent free email. You can unusually have good control over its adaptive spam filter for a free email service. At first you will start to get spam, but if you start classifying junk mail as spam and using their whitelist and blacklist, you can keep the spam way down with very little effort.

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