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I think it's ridiculous for them to pursue the stepparent to get the support, unless the stepparent adopts the child. I also heard florida has this law also.
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Child support from stepparents
Posted: 11/12/2008 10:16:31 PM
It's probably not quite as simple as that - I could see how a step-parent could be expected to bear the burden of child support, but it would have to be a pretty unusual circumstance, some sort of condition where the kid should reasonably expect continued support from the step-parent. (this would probably come with shared custody or visitation rights for the step parent) I'm not so sure that they wrote that into law, however, since the law would successfully prevent single parents from getting remarried, for fear that the step parent (who had no real choice in the kid's conception) would be financially responsible for them.

Since a step-parent has no reasonable expectation of custody or visitation rights after a divorce (you divorce a single parent, you divorce the kids as well) the courts couldn't hold them to support for the kids, either.
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Child support from stepparents
Posted: 1/25/2009 3:00:43 PM

The way it is looked at legally, is while you were married, you contributed to the childs well being. Part of your income did go to support the food on the table, the roof over thier heads...etc.

Sorry but i might have to disagree with you. While you were married there was no consideration about a new parent or step father contributing to the child's well being. that is for the biological father only. Otherwise can you imagine non custodial would be looking for relief in cs payments for situations where the mother re-marries?

They suggest that a parent who includes a child or has the child or children as part of the family then becomes finacially required to pay support to a step child. They actually in the wording make no reference to the finacial contributions..because they have already legally made any contributions immaterial.

However...Jax in fact there is legal precedent that suggests a mother cannot legally pursue a cs order on a step parent if she has not received one from the biological father. A number of lawyers do not like playing this card but there is some case law supporting this premise.
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