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ah yes two-thousand and eight
the year I lost a lot of weight
the weight of a marriage
that wore me down
and left me moving
all over town

ah yes two-thousand and eight
some things sucked, some were great
through it all
the kids maintained
straight A's even though
their little lives were strained

ah yes two-thousand and eight
how many times I had to relocate
but now I no longer
have to roam
just in time for Christmas
I got back my home

ah yes two-thousand and eight
we finally endured eight years straight
of gross misconduct
so unbecoming
of a once great nation
now everyone's shunning

ah yes two-thousand and eight
a light beam appeared from Lincoln's state
shining light
on possibility
and returning
some civility

ah yes two-thousand and eight
something happened, greater than great
what started out
as a simple date
ended up in discovery
of my long lost soul mate

ah yes two-thousand and eight
you beat me down but filled my plate
with newfound friends
in the pond and 'round town
picked me up
when I was down

ah yes two-thousand and eight
could write you off, but won't take that bait
oh nine should be better
knock on wood
but curveballs are what make
the ballgame good
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/26/2008 11:21:38 AM
here comes the best year yet
fifty two weeks of no regret
rainy days will have to wait
her sunny smile has cleaned the slate
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/27/2008 9:25:20 PM
Playin' Around

Another hero sold the farm
woke up to her own alarm
packed what little she had left to prove

Went looking for her crazy horse
wants to ride the stage
of course
wakes up on the other side of noon

Demands a second reading to
crucial chapters she's flipped through
finds no doubt she's been left behind

But when she plays the music
and she feels it

She not looking for
something more
to come around
She's not waiting like she did before
to turn around
She's not saying
she's been found
She plays around

Yeah, playin' around

Since her walls stopped talking
she hears something new
breathes much deeper
than she's ever dared herself to do
Now she's riding on her crazy horse
high above the stage on course
gave up searching
found herself the star

'cause when she plays the music
you can feel it

and you're not looking for
something more
to come around
you're not waiting like you did before
to turn around
you're not saying
you've been found
you're playin' around

Yeah, playin' around
Yeah, playin' around
Yeah, playin' around
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/28/2008 5:33:52 AM
This was the first poem in my thread, thought it might be fitting for your "reflections"


Memories are,
Just that,
Just memories,
Neither good or bad,
Just part of me, yet to be,

Memories are,
Pleasure and pain,
Snow and rain,
Laughter and tears,
Doubts and fears,
Throughout the years.

Memories are,
Shaping and forging,
Creating and evolving,
Making me who I am,
And yet to become.

Holding the pain,
Makes me vain,
Forgetting the pleasure,
Takes from the measure,
Of who I am.

When Finally
I grasp,
All that they are,
Embrace them,
As part of me,
Then I will be,
Forever free.
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/29/2008 1:58:50 AM
i just wrote a very long poem here, writing out my need to
rebalance my life, for work has taken over so completely
and now the potential of love is actually at my doorstep
and i woke up tonight now feeling so sadly
so wrote a really good and healing poem
going through so much about me presently
and my life from my past, from living in England
to finally after nineteen years moving back to this country,
i wrote about my children and how incredible company they have been for me
and i wrote about my inner child and her feeling abandoned when i left her here
and found her again when i returned, not even realizing i had run away from that part of me,
i was just getting to see deeply how my reflections in this poem were dawning on me so clearly
when, suddenly, it all disappeared and my revelations of these past several years were gone
and i could see, would never return to these pages, just like another poem written recently....
so as the tears then flowed for the sadness of losing yet another writing of my soul's
it dawned on me that i don't write really for others to see so much as my own need
and that perhaps these writings that come from that part of me i feel so deeply
are not really necessary for anyone else to see, but, truly, for my eyes only
and so, with gratitude, and eyes that have dried, i'm grateful
for yet another revelation this eve, that reflective point
where we are not quite out of the old year
nor has the new one begun quite yet
but from my writing now here
i am so much clearer
on where i need
to rebalance
so i am
for love
to enter
and flow
from me
to another
this time
for he is here
having arrived
as a complete surprise
so i must truly prepare
for this one because it's
clear he's offering love
and already he is touching
my heart with feelings that are pure
and opening the door to something quite wonderful
and so i woke in the middle of the night, i can see now
because i needed to look deeply within and not let myself get frightened
for it's been a long time...many a year....since love really came knocking here

edit to add: one other tiny poem written yesterday just realized is on this thread's subject matter....

soon the new year will dawn
and this past year will live on
ending differently than it began
feeling more aware of the depth of care
it is going to take to survive here
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/29/2008 4:12:58 AM
Weighed on the scales of my regret
I purchased what I had not yet,
baubles for the window pane;
to decorate my thoughts to sane.

Memories in the sunlit view
of things forgotten, those not few;
I thought of things known yesterday,
some things I thought I'd put away.

One more year of life undone,
so quickly past, so quickly run;
to gaze ahead, I raised my eye
to watch the clouds pass through the sky.

For as the wind drives on the rain,
this life drives on the wondering brain;
wonders all, from spring to fall
that all succumb to winters call.

The year ahead a mystery;
the year behind, now lost to me.
Yet in my hand I hold today,
and wrestle with my errant way,

To state, to hold the time ahead,
is for the bold, who own their bread;
but for those keeping no such thing,
we hope for better songs to sing,

And in that hope of melody
I lift my eyes to what might be;
a drink of purer, brighter wine,
a toast; today, "I hope you're fine."

"Who can say what tomorrow will bring?"
 Perfectly me
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/29/2008 7:34:53 AM
Reflections I love and ones I dislike
begin and end looking in a mirror

Mirrored, my son's eyes speak of his love
and the times I've disappointed him
when two children raise each other
lines crossed marks the younger

Mirrored in ghosts returning dreams
some old unresolved conflict
and forever the form of those
I cannot live whole without but
must find some way to deal with loss
I wait impatiently, to see them again

Mirrored in my grandchildren eyes
the purest love I've ever known
true love at first sight and always
I belong to them and they to me
we are each others history
Finally I am a mature mother
able to leap tiny tears with
a single bound, scattering rainbows

Mirrored in my friends love
someone better than I think I am
I hope they can see their beauty
reflected in and on me
I sing with them

Mirrored in my Country
hope and despair seeking resolution
something that doesn't end with death
I shout out loudly, kicking the greedy
bloodsuckers in their pointy heads
and blacker hearts, grabbing money
that belongs to them because they say so
not because it's true, No, No, No more!

Hope floats

Love to you Rose, and all who bother to claim me as friend. Some amazing writes here I loved reading them all. My restrictions seem to suit me as I have less to blather on about and more to say when I speak. Go figure.

Swan I want to thank you especially for bringing your Silver eyes to speak golden truth and reminding us not to forget, never to accept terms like collateral damage can be applied to human beings still suffering and dying. That wolves dressed as sheep are still wolves.
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/29/2008 7:49:31 AM
^^from your amazing favorite part

"....Finally I am a mature mother
able to leap tiny tears with
a single bound, scattering rainbows...."

it is so true, dear perfectly you,
and to rosie, a sincere thank you
for all you do here and all the love you share,
huge hugs for both of you just to say I care
with many more to come in the new year!

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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/31/2008 7:10:01 AM
ah,but what merriment and mischief those emotions stir

A woman of verse, a woman of ryme
a woman to play with at least some of the time
a woman who can, with a single stare
achieve what others need to do
with no clothes, a broom, or big hair

these are the things that decide real desire
a woman of substance, of ice and fire
a woman to whom all men do aspire
if they but lift their own head out of the mire

So never believe these emotions you feel
are there, to deny, conceal or reveal
they are there for exstasy, derision and grief
to empower, and bolden, and strengthen belief

take care
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/31/2008 10:06:31 AM
Conceive of a future bright
hold strong in trusting the vision
let it expand to all around you
like the chain of nuclear fission
in yourself and others, trust
cast negativity aside
avoid feeling nonplussed
have faith and don't be denied
building castles in the air
forswearing those with a foundation
will lift you from despair
and enhance your spiritual station
creating cracks where dreams can hide
in the impenetrable facade
using the force that resides inside
like the seed inside the pod
and the roots will start to form
and push granite and marble apart
and what feels like a terrible storm
is the lifeblood of a new start
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 12/31/2008 5:08:15 PM
it's been a reflective week,
an ending to a year
that held much in fear and tears,
as well as blessings
and gratitude to be living here.....

it's been a reflective year
with many mirrors everywhere
showing parts of me
I wish would not be,
but learning acceptance
and responsibility....

it's been a reflective day
following a week
of much work and play,
making a new connection
that's grounded, this time,
it feels, in reality, with no hesitation
to continue to see him

learning to surrender,
learning to see
just what is, rather than tinting it
with what I wish it would be,
learning to be easier on me
and only then can I be
easier on everybody.....

it's been a reflective life
always seeking the purpose,
eager to find the meaning
and sacred aspect of it all,
even those times I knew I would fall...

as I did this past year, once again,
jumping in, diving in,
holding my breath
and then releasing it and coming up to see
I was not where I wished to be....

I guess it's time to ask for a prayer, actually....
to ask for more patience when it's failing me,
to pay attention to those things
that cause me stress, instantly,
like running late, which always seals my fate
and gets me down on me.....

it's time to ask for a prayer
for the universe
and all that's going on here in this country
and across the world,
with so many living, barely....

it's time to seek the beauty
and unity
and to live in love,
to be the channels we really know
we are capable of......

it's also time, it feels to me,
to honor all the gifts that we receive
and to be less selfish
and detach from quite so much
love of ownership....

I think it's time to honor
the fellowship
and kinship
and relationship
with this planet and
to let empathy help us
feel our humanity
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Another New Year.....reflection of past year into the future.
Posted: 1/1/2009 10:52:07 AM

Another year gone, another year past
I wonder if this will differ from the last
years they come and years they go
start with a promise, try to end without woe

All that i have, I hold in my heart
as the calender flips over, this year to start
All that I had, is held in my head
a memory of things gone by
as the old year is dead

all that I was, is held in my hand
as the year dawns new in this my homeland
All that I could be is held in my feet
to stay swift and strong and avoid defeat

the head follows the heart, the foot guides the hand
a simple rendition of this thing called man
no longer so swift, but still just as true
as just like an arrow it flies home to you
Joined: 2/8/2008
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Another New Year.....reflection of past year into the future.
Posted: 1/1/2009 12:55:49 PM
Wishing you, Rose, and all......all things good and wonderful..... warmth, joy, love and every dream.......

I dropped off the following on my own thread but find perhaps that this is the better place........ (Little rebellion against the calendar)

A New Year??

Why must today
a new year begin?
when it really should
all start in the spring?
All because of Gregory?
and a royal decree??
I dont feel new anything
My eyes just cant see.
I want to wait for suns bright shining
when the snow is melting
and the dark is declining.
I want to wait for springs first crocus
When the air is fragrant
and eyes have new focus.
When the dance of birds
is all twitterpated
and the stirrings of heart
look for love to be fated.
When a warm breeze
gently begins to blow
it seems to sweep away
all of winters deep woe.
When the whole world
takes on a colorful hue
thats the time
that new should be new.
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Another New Year.....reflection of past year into the future.
Posted: 1/2/2009 11:18:42 AM
phishon I was feeling you there...
funny I had just finished writing a friend when I caught this write of yours...I told him that sometimes I feel like Jim Morrison, the scene they depicted of his visions in the movie the doors, where the ghost dancers surround him..Sometimes I think I know he was feeling at those times......I feel them hovering around me sometimes..those who have left us here to ponder this universe.
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Another New Year.....reflection of past year into the future.
Posted: 1/4/2009 6:43:49 AM
A reflection dances in the still crystal sea;
detection enhances the vision I see.
though rippling waters disturb such a view,
I glance at the daughters of life for a few.

In faces I see my own eyes seeing joy;
these traces of wonder defining the boy,
though often quite old, and gray to a fault,
my wishes are whispered to me from this vault.

Determined to find me again quite content,
I ponder my mind in the ways that it's bent;
none are so given to narcissistic play
but those who have striven, and been cast away.

If yes or if know from the answers that show,
for no holds an answer when it's light does glow.
So often I gaze at the pool of delight
often these days, awaiting the light.

Dawn will arise, set the sun in the skies,
to surprise all the mist that would cover my eyes.
Seeing I stand on the shoreline today,
I wonder at ships in a line, on their way.

No matter the clatter of trade on the street,
I prepare my own platter of food, and I eat;
glad for the strength of the life I have found,
I stand, for a while, with my feet on the ground.

I think that it is inevitable in a long term relationship that a real "partner" will lose parts of themselves for the relationship, else it's a farce. When the relationship ends, the process of rediscovering one's self seems like THE most selfish thing in the world at the outset, but it is a must before "moving on."

Best wishes for the New Year (no apologies)

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Another New Year.....reflection of past year into the future.
Posted: 1/4/2009 7:47:12 AM
this new year began
under the white blanket
of a winter storm with snow so thick
most plans around here
were cancelled
for obvious reasons
that cars and walkers would slip!

and so a new year's eve
was reflective, truly,
and quietly spent
reading, writing,
and mostly being still
and feeling the energy....

this year began
like no other
with a heartfelt connection
that is not imaginary,
despite the fact that it did start
right here in 'virtuality'!

so my faith has returned
with an easing of my sarcasm
as to why I've been here
in this 'love for sale' garden....
full of men and women
like a sears catalogue
and then of course this
wonderful writers' bard....

oh yes, my time with pof
altogether, on and off
for the last year and a half,
has had a bit of adventure
and a little woe,
but that does seem to be
how most relationships go...

and so
this new year
with this latest love
who feels incredibly lovely,
full of humanity and sensitivity,
but also wonderful humour and wit,
and although he doesn't post here,
turns out he's also quite a poet....

well, I open my arms wide
and welcome this wonderful surprise
that's already touching our lives
and shows in our eyes
for I believe you can see
love flowing through our eyes
coming directly from our hearts
when our soul energy flows freely....

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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/4/2009 10:05:12 AM
There was a time long ago
When with you at my side
I loved to see the moon
I felt it symbolized
Our infinite possibilities

One particular lunar memory
I wont forget in the Adorondacks
We were hiking back to our campsite
Climbing gently to a rocky bluff
On the side of a mountain
That rose from the landscape
Like an earthen breast

Between the peaks
We glimpsed a magical moon
That had me sing out loud
For it hung in the sky
Just a foot above the ground
Like the night sky’s eucharist
Served to us alone

But now as I sit
On the bank of a river
Watching traffic upon the bridge
Listening to the waterfall
The moon seems distant
As if it has turned it’s back
Resenting its lack of appreciation
For the magical gift it granted

For it had tried
To grace the life of new lovers
I wished for it to return
To me, to us, for another chance
But the moon was too far away
And clouds kept drifting passed it
Its distance revealing the emptiness of space

And I felt so very alone
Wishing you were there
On the river bank to help call back the moon
To help rebuild the magic
To help re-fill the universe
 best kept secret
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/4/2009 12:22:33 PM
Can't back up now

The road ahead is new in wonder
Each day begins with a thought
Where we are headed or ending up
Depends on if we did or did not

If mistakes are made in our day ahead
It can go one way or another
I will choose a lesson learned
Let no man put asunder

Looking back at yesteryear
Has shown me blessings despite myself
I will keep eyes forward and looking up
For no matter the year, I need help!

Great idea, Rose!
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Reflection of past year into the future.
Posted: 1/4/2009 9:17:29 PM
that was good, fish. i dare add another from my vault of hell.

Awake again
I feel hung over
Without the relief
Of a previous night’s drunkenness

Alone again
With nothing inside me
Like and empty container
That once held hope

I stand ‘lone in the crowd
Does anyone see me?
I search for help with my eyes
But stand unable to ask

Past and future
Dragging me downwards
Darkness at both ends
The day is lost

From the outside
Life seems so bright
I fool no one who looks close
My insides are wearing through

For years I fooled myself
Through external advancement
But such knowledge can’t free me
For my soul is not my own

I feel close to no one
Succeeded on self sufficiency
In spite of the knowledge
That my Will will cause death

So I attack the system
For I consciously blame it
For a world of suffering
For its cold indifference

But why do I fight?
Is it due to compassion
For those who still suffer
Or is it instead due to resentment

There must be a point
Where healing occurs
I dance around it
As if it where there at all

My hope has been pride
My feelings, cold hard analysis
As life was a puzzle
And that I may one day solve it
But life is not a puzzle
Life is life. Puzzles are puzzles
The confusion is fear-based
Fear of owning one’s life as a whole

I have no answers
For there are no answers
All there seems to be are
Questions and circles
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/5/2009 6:03:03 AM
You're very welcome, thanks for the spot to write!
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/6/2009 3:32:05 PM
THanks Rose.

Just did a reflection one on 1st/last . damn shoulda put it here. but u know how it goes, ya make it up as you go.

least i do. and tell the truth.

that way I can remember it.

so i will go copy and paste it here for prosperity.
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/6/2009 3:33:58 PM
things packed in boxes
forgotten and stored
the things you learn when not looking
sometimes you might be floored!

a crate of Mr. Potato Heads
Sam I am in a Box
A jar full of sea shells
a bucket of rocks

an old red sox hat
thats been hit by a truck
$1000 dollars from an island off Turkey
that is worth quite less than a buck

A case of old Dead tapes
The Kinks on 8 track
a tie died tank top traded for LSD
a moldy poker chip stack

poems to lovers whose names I forget
books I never did read
a homemade granite emulate
a bandana on which I bled

pinecones and driftwood
tickets not paid
Jeans that are Holy
baseball cards I did trade

the momentos kept around me
valueless to most
to me, each is a story
to be shared upon my roast
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/6/2009 6:43:30 PM
Warm & free Like the sun
block the years of the gun
who's to say I have no fun
I play with the language of children

Ice storm arthritis, I cant hit the strings
My fingers cramp up with the pain it brings
Give me Irish whiskey and some of my things
I made up my mind, I am leaving

when you reach an age the world can melt down
and you wont even care
say by-by bat eyelashes
for nuthin is quite fair

we're just stones tossed in puddles
we're just ripples in the mud
i know the truth despite my muddles
my road is paved in blood

wake up in the darkness
its no fault being wrong
we were but children
thinking up a song

but you know what your doing
you live for will of meaning
its effortless
its the language of childrem

(thought u deserved to be borrowed from, phish; some good ideas there)
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/6/2009 7:24:38 PM
My experience has been that it takes courage just to get out of bed some days. With the new year comes hope that life will change and be better...not so lonely. I wrote this little poem a long time ago when it was fashionable for poems to rhyme. It is copywrighted and appears in one of my books of poems.

Life lingers long
For those brave and strong
And death dares not dark their door.

Life wanders groping
For those with no hope in
The tomorrows that lay in store.
Joined: 1/24/2004
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 1/6/2009 8:08:40 PM
Turning toward the sun
enjoying the glow of the newly minted year
celebrating in style with friends
easing our fears with laughter
our penchant for looking backward
with steps ahead
holding hearts while clasping hands
bridging past
with tenderness and love
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