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My 21 year old niece recently met a man through a different dating site. They got on well and spoke regularly on the phone. He has a two y.o son to his ex.

After a few weeks, the young man (who lived interstate ) invited her to meet him and he paid for the plane ticket. She left her baby son back at home with her mum for the 3 days she was away.

We were nervous about her going but we have family friends who lived close by so we had organised a back-up plan for her to go to our friends place if things didn't work out.

The meeting went extremely well. She flew home and they stayed in regular contact. He then flew down to meet our family and her baby son two weeks before Xmas. We all liked him and he doted on her little son.

He invited her and her baby to fly back to his home and start a new life together.

We thought it was way too soon for her to make such a big decision but she is an adult and she felt it was right.

Today I found out that his ex girlfriend invited him to her parents place for Xmas Eve. He went, leaving my niece behind at his house. Later he rang my niece and said his ex wanted him to stay overnight at her parents place so they could all have Xmas morning together, including their young son.

He told my niece that he would pick her up at 10 a.m Xmas Day to take her to HIS mothers place to meet HIS family. He finally turned up at 5 p.m and told her that he was going back to his ex.

Her father is currently driving 10 hours to pick her and her baby up to bring them home. (I hope, for his sake, that he isn't home when her father turns up!!)

I am looking for advice (apart from the obvious) from you all to help her through her heart ache, which I may be able to pass on to her.

Thanks in advance.
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My broken hearted niece.
Posted: 12/28/2008 8:59:02 AM
She may feel foolish. She needs to understand that - things like that happen.

Indeed she is a lucky young lady to have a supportive family.

OP - just remind her that - this type of thing happens. It happens to all kinds of people - both genders and of all ages.
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My broken hearted niece.
Posted: 12/28/2008 6:02:41 PM
At least she only lost two weeks of her life. If I was the Dad, I would change her numbers so he could not contact her again, because I really would be afraid of what I would do to him.
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