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For the Time being, there is ZERO Tolerance for Trolls posting Flamebait,
Insults, or peddling Agendas. Automatic 28 Day minimum Vacation Package.
    Don't post here if you can't keep your "Cool"

Report offensive Posts as usual in the Forum Rule Violations Report Thread

Current Affairs/Politics topics are bound to have divisive and emotionally charged issues, however, Troll/Flame/Insult/Off-topic/Libel/Chat/Racist/Threadjacking posts, are detrimental to the decorum of the threads and will be deleted and result in suspensions, at the discretion of the Moderators and Admin

DO NOT RE-POST DELETED THREADS/POSTS (Consider post deletions a warning)

Repeat rule violations Will result in permanent suspension of posting privileges, and/or profile deletion

If someone breaks the rules i.e.: "Flames" you, and you reciprocate, YOU will also be subject to consequences too, if you see a rule violation ignore/report it HERE

Address the topic of the thread,do not CHAT, and don't attack other posters, or "Troll" them and you'll have no problems

It seems some are still not "GETTING IT",so we'll make the text even larger:


Protest or comments on the forums re: deletions and/or mod actions will be cause for suspension.

Anybody caught trying to bypass text limits by "post padding" or pasting text -editing out, may lose their posting privileges for 10 days, and their Edit feature permanently.

FAQ - Message Posts / Replies too short / Text limits


Anyone that creates or participates in a Protest Thread, outlines any protest in their profile, posts any negative commentary with regards to moderation or administration, or discusses emails/actions between moderators/administration and themselves in their profiles or postings with respect to the Administration of this Site, instead of E-Mailing the Admin or one of the Moderators, will have their posting privileges permanently revoked, banned forever, all Message Posts deleted, and every Trace and Symbol of that Poster from this Forum removed, depending on severity.

Note - Admin's profile statement: If you were suspended from the forums, I will not answer your emails. Talk to the moderator that suspended you.


If you have valid concerns that you wish to make known with respect to Administration and Moderation of this site, or problems with another poster, the appropriate and only venue, is either in private email with either Admin, a particular Moderator, or the global Forum Moderator account (all found here --> Your Moderators), or if the concern is of a general nature that has nothing to do with Administration, Moderation or another poster, please post a thread, in a civil manner to the Plentyoffish Site/Suggestions/Help Forum.

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1. All 911 threads are to be deleted on sight, be they in this forum or the Politics forum as most posters who frequent this forum, frequent the Politics forum as well.

2. Any user that turns every thread they post into a conspiracy theory will be deleted.

3. Any new thread in this forum, must be on a topic that occurred within the last 2 weeks.

After looking at some accounts, it’s clear that there are some nuts that joined the site for the sole purpose of spreading their delusions.


RE: Off-Topic/Thread Jacking/Hijacking Topics

The specific topic is in the OP.

If you cannot respond to a post on-topic, It will be deleted.

Good rules of thumb to know the difference between on-topic/off-topic is: Does your post address the OP topic, or another poster? Would it make any sense as msg.#2?

Discussion threads tend to develop sub-topics, posts addressing sub-topics, or issues on the periphery of the subject matter, are only valid if they relate the topic of the OP, otherwise they are off-topic/thread hijacking.

There is a problem with trolls on some threads who seize any opportunity to hijack topics and replace them with their own agenda, other than the topic of the OP.

OP - User 1

Thread Topic - Fast Car get fined?

A) I have a fast car, it's a Corvette it has been outlawed because of its modifications to the fuel injection system. I'm thinking of returning it to stock condition to avoid fines

- on topic post 2

- on topic post 3

- on topic post 4

On-topic User 5
B) I have a Corvette too, when the new law came in, when the law came out, I had the fuel injection system modification removed and returned to stock condition by the XYZ garage who do all my work. But, I kept getting pulled over because the police suspected my fuel injection system was illegal. I asked One officer told me it was because it was red and had stripes painted on it, but I'm not going to change that.

Off topic - User 6
C) XYZ did my paint job too, my van is green, but no stripes. I don't think stripes look cool.

On-topic post- User 7
D) Stripes are cool, what are you talking about, I have them on my Harley's gas tank. But, that's beside the point That new law isn't fair, the only reason it was passed was because of street racers, not everybody with a fuel injection modification is a street racer.

Off topicUser 5 again
E) I have stripes on my Harley gas tank too, it matches my ' Vette.

Hijacked/Flame War ensues - User 6 again
F) Stripes look stupid, but you ride a motorcycle, so it figures.

- Etc.

What do C, D, E, and F, have to do with the topic of the OP?
Do these posts address the topic of the OP, or other posters?
Only "D" is a valid on-topic post, as it addresses the topic of the OP (poster tries to bring the thread back on-topic)

A good rule of thumb to determine whether one's comment is "on-topic" before you post, is to check to see if it relates to the OP, not just a part of the post preceding it, addressing both the post and the topic, and not just addressing the poster.

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Rules - Please Read Before Posting *Partisan Political Discussions*
Posted: 7/3/2008 1:41:37 PM

Partisan political discussion can often lead to heated disagreement. This can often lead to people losing a bit of self-control and forgetting to check what they post before hitting send and this leads to a whole class of specific versions of the common rule violations particular to the News/Current Events Forums.

Here are some examples of typical comments in the News/Current Events Forum:


"That's typical liberal commie thinking, tax and spend"
"The right wing fascists are all alike, ignoring the poor"

These are generalizations or labels directed at a poster, or a group, not the topic at hand.
While they may make commentary that may be true or valid about government policy (for instance it is true that liberal and leftist policy is higher in taxation generally and tend to spend more and conservatives have traditionally spend less on social policy), their intent is to malign or tar-and-feather a poster or group by generalization and incite them to a heated response. This is flame-baiting as opposed to a direct insult:


"You are just a typical leftist...fuzzy thinking and unable to provide decisive action"
"You're a neo-conservative war-monger who wants to invade foreign nations and kill their children"

This is plain and simple flaming

There are existing rules to deal with all of these in the Forum Rules Specific thread as there are for Trolling.

Posting a Thread specifically to start a flame-war or to incite flames from your political adversary - and it soon becomes clear either in the wording or content of your posts or the subject line what that is - is garden variety Trolling and will be dealt with in the usual way.


"Liberals fear the truth of terrorist agenda"
"Conservative talk-show host spews fascist rhetoric"

These are pretty obvious as to their intent. Such threads, if spotted will be deleted and if a serious enough rule violation or repeatedly posted, their originator will be banned.

The final arbiter in these cases will be the moderators - jailhouse barristers and rules lawyers be advised - looking for loopholes will only earn you extra sentencing time. This form of cheap debating tactic is a sneaky way of trying to get around PoF's rules of not being able to directly insult or make insinuations about your opponant or actually having to defend a position in a debate by building a good argument. Well if you cannot construct a good argument, get used to not having much to say.

Consider yourself on notice. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for this kind of behavior in future.

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