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Joined: 10/1/2008
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2 New Messages?
Posted: 1/6/2009 12:50:22 AM
I cannot get rid of this "2 new messages" message at the top of the navigation.

  • Delete your Cookies and Temporary Internet Files

  • Update your Firefox Browser.

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    Joined: 6/3/2004
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    2 New Messages?
    Posted: 1/13/2009 5:11:59 PM
    My profile is hidden so it is very strange for me to be receiving any messages at all.

    You can still be e-mailed by Users who have 'bookmarked' your Profile Page with a hidden Profile.

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    Joined: 6/3/2004
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    Posted: 1/14/2009 10:51:22 AM
    I just read in the other thread that someone had an "unread" in their Sent box, and they deleted it and that fixed the problem!

    Having to delete E-Mails in order to remove Forum Page Notifications is not a bona-fide Solution, but something the Admin has been/will be
    looking into. Furthermore, Change of Password and Application of the Steps in the E-Mail Notifications have resolved the Bulk of these Issues so far, with only but a Handful suceeding by deleting their Sent Msg/Outbox Messages.
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