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There are some recipes online for white chili or white bean chili with chicken, etc. I have also seen some white chili mixes in the grocery store (seems as if McCormick comes to mind) I have not tried the mixes, they are probably good but salty.
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White chili recipes?
Posted: 1/11/2009 10:04:51 AM
I have tried the spice section powder....... Love it!!! Everyone I serve it to loves it. The McCormicks spice powder calls for one can of Great Northern beans...... I use 3 cans to the one spice packet ...... Usually 2 great northern and one kidney for color.... And all of the chicken I can fit in the pot. You can add anything else you want to personalize it!!!

but I couldn't figure out how they got it to taste like chili with none of the red coloration since chili powder is red.

Psst...... wispers Ever hear of green chilis?

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White chili recipes?
Posted: 1/11/2009 2:30:48 PM
sounds interesting......think i'll try making thing i really want to try making is a seafood chilli............more spacifically..a tuna chilli.....hmmmmmmm..........light tomato base............grilled fresh tuna steaks....definately gotta try it
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Happy Shappie's Checker Board Chicken Chili
Posted: 1/12/2009 1:19:57 AM
Here is a recipe I named in honor of my Best Friend/Brother

Cook a a couple of breasts (not your own, please) on the grill until they are marked on both sides, then finish in a pie pan in the oven on 220 (that is warm) to finish, then set out with some foil on it to 'rest'. In your thick pot, I want you to stew some, already stewed tomatoes, two cups of water and a can of beer. Stew it down to where there is about a half of what it used to be then put a coffee filter in a collander and strain the juice out of there. Congrats!! you just made tomato water. Now the cheater in me will just put some sundried tomatoes in a coffee pot and do it that way a few times but I can't divulge ALL my secrets now can I?

Use some Canallini Beans (any white bean will do) and some Black Beans, rinsing them first of all that cloudy crap that settles on the bottom. Combine the beans and tomato water. Using your coffee pot again, brew your seasonings (aka sache au pice) of chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, cilantro, and oregano. This will release the oils (aka flavor) but keep the color out somewhat. Pour that in the stewpot when done.

Now, back to the chicken. Shred it, using the back of your knife (that is the DULL part, Earl) and whack on it in ways only best mimicked on some scary movie. For any of you who tried to make tunafish on toast and wound up in the burn unit with mayo in your hair, I recommend you get yours already cooked and shredded. This will avoid more of those pesky medical bills and smirks from your local paramedic brigade.

Add your veggies of choice. Mine are (as if you REALLY care) red bell pepper, finely chopped habenero (trust me here, it isn't going to be hot), and some green chili. Adding some poblano flakes or not will change the taste or not. Garlic is a must; fresh is the best!

Let that stew for a little bit and reduce down about an inch or so then add the chicken, careful not to cook the chicken too long adding a chicken bullion cube for extra flavor and enjoy!! serve it up with some three pepper/parmesan cornbread and you have a meal fit for a (Rodney) King!!
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White chili recipes?
Posted: 1/17/2009 8:21:06 AM
You should be able to find dried, ground jalapeno powder. I have a bottle called Texas Gunpowder, but, I'm sure there are other brands around. It's great for green chili dishes that need a little more heat and chili flavor, without turning the food red.
My little kids don't like very spicy food, so I usually just put the bottle on the table. Then add as much as I want to my own plate or bowl.

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White chili recipes?
Posted: 1/17/2009 10:26:07 AM
TB someone said there were getting their green chili powder from Hatch...Hatch has a brand out.
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White chili recipes?
Posted: 1/17/2009 10:40:33 AM
Hatch is an awesome brand and I find the sauces and canned green chilis at WalMart!
I have even found Hatch green chilis and pureed red chilis in cartons there, in the frozen food section. I love the red chili puree for enchilada sauce, saves a couple of steps.
But, I've never looked for the green chili powder, I'll see if they have it next time, thanks.
Ever been to Hatch? When the chilis are ready to harvest and process the whole town smells like roasting chilis... I love the way roasting chili smells..

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