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This post has to much drama for me and made me tired......
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will she come back
Posted: 1/15/2009 8:41:53 AM
I don't get why you are confused...she put up the walls like you had after your marriage broke up. It's a self defense if you beat a dog, it will cower away from you even if you are going to be nice to it. It takes time for it to trust again and will only do so if your actions are kind and consistent.

Basically you hurt her like your wife hurt you. Would you not have a hard time deciding to take her back if she came and asked you to? I think she will come around...her heart and head are battling it out right now but the fact that she's still talking about you which means she's not over you so you have a chance if you really love her.

But she's told you what she wants...for you to fight for her. Battles are not won in a short time, they take time and negotiation. She wants you to be her solider on the battle field of love. To SHOW her you care (which she did by being patient with you)...and to do so as many times (or more) then she did when she was patient with you. It took months to drive her away, it will take months to fix it. You have to be patient, caring and consistent in what you say and do. Send flowers, send kind emails, keep asking to see her and spend time with her so you can show her how you are committed to her. Get mutual friends (like the ones telling you she still loves you) to try and set up a meeting with her for you on the dl. Make it a special meeting with gifts, things you know she likes and plan out something wonderful to say (it's not a time to wing it). Make it a movie like moment, we love those. Tell her how you feel in the emails and if you are getting to a point that you think you should give up say that to her to...she may just be trying to push you to your breaking point like you did to her.

Again, I think she will come around...and if you love her and she's so wonderful, she's worth the fight. She thought you were worth waiting for. More often then not the heart wins once the head can start seeing the good again. If not, you know you gave it all you had but it wasn’t meant to be. No regrets.
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will she come back
Posted: 1/16/2009 6:15:27 AM
^^^^On the off chance you are serious it is a bracelet or a member of a female pop group.

You are both retarded. If you really care about this woman ask her to go to counseling with you or better yet, leave her alone and don't allow any contact so she can find someone that can actually hit the shift key and stop d!cking her around.

Unlike dogs, people cannot continually be kicked and pissed on and continue to come back wagging their tale and waiting for you to decide to pat them on the head.
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