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Crackheads Online vs Crackheads OfflinePage 1 of 1 many have dated a person online only to find out after you meet them that they are a real life joke! People are always saying that it is better to meet people offline but I have NEVER met a CrackHead online yet! I would thing they wouldn't be able to keep computer long enough to get past 2 or 3 emails before they sold it!

But offline...I could go into a club one a girl that's kind of tipsy have a good time dancing and get her number...Call her for a few dates and have a nice time...only to find out from a neighbor of hers that she is a recovering CrackHead and had only been clean for 2 weeks...hmm that is the whole period she spent with me!!!

Or even a girl at the local store. Beautiful girl by day anyway, only to find out a few weeks later that she has a serious POWDER problem and sometimes uses Crack if she can't get her drug of choice...WTF!

So time you down online dating remember that the chances of hooking up with a crackhead are more likely offline than online.

Not all crackheads have missing teeth and stink...
both of these girls were at the start of heavy drug use
you saw how Amy Winehouse started don't
give me no POST saying DUDE ya ya ya couldn't tell
she was a crackhead...NO FOOL if I showed you her
photo you would have no IDEA either....These Ain't Jokes!
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Crackheads Online vs Crackheads Offline
Posted: 6/17/2009 12:19:39 PM
Truthfully, I was surprised to find out how many addicts live in my small town, which makes the prospects of meeting someone good pretty bleak. I really think that ' party people ' should post something - a warning of some sort, atleast. Everyone has their poison and some people don't choose any- I'd HAD ( don't read anything bad into that, it is definetely a part of the past now ) a drug problem for about a year and it tore my life up. I really don't understand how people put something as catastrophic as hard drugs into their lives and expect to be able to juggle normal things, like dating and work. I know from seeing others that are still ' chasin ' that drug addict couples don't work out. I can understand your frustration when it's not just 5 out of 10 dating prospects but most of them that have serious drug problems, though.. it's really pitiful but atleast you're still trying to find someone decent to share your time and life with.
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Crackheads Online vs Crackheads Offline
Posted: 6/17/2009 4:25:25 PM
@post 6

Yeah man, real life can be like that.
Just like in the movie 12 Monkies.
At the end, the nice lady from the future sits right next to some lab dude with a Thanatos complex and covered in a virus that'll wipe out 99% of the planets population.

You just don't know who'll you'll meet.

Today you're all like 'Dude SARS and H1N1 and Avian Flu ain't nuthin" and tomorrow, you wake up with crotch rot because that virus mutated and jumped off a co-worker and onto you during that closed door meeting.

I'm pretty good at sorting most out before meeting them.
Just had an interesting lady tell me a story over the phone about when she dated a cop.
Went like this:
'Yeah, I was like 18 and high on crack and the cop totally didn't care. Only concerned that I didn't do it around him. I think he just wanted to get with a pretty young thing.'

Of course, this is 'in her past'. But, lights blaring.

And no, not all drug users look like those propaganda posters you see.
And, there are non-drug users who do look that way...eek
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