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Joined: 11/29/2008
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I made a mistake and said Contagious was playing this Saturday. Which is the 24th. WRONG...I screwed up. They are at the Babylon in St. Peters on Mid Rivers Mall Dr. FRIDAY, the 23rd. I apologize. I hope everyone gets this message so they don't show up Saturday.
They start at 9pm. usually it's a 5 dollar cover. If you show up early you might miss the cover charge.
Again, I'm sorry for the mistake.

Joined: 5/14/2007
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Posted: 1/19/2009 5:09:20 AM
LOL - I clicked on this expecting to see some story about germy stalkers that got you all sick -
Maybe I should slow down on the cough syrup.
Joined: 12/13/2008
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Posted: 1/19/2009 7:33:37 AM
How many of the fishies have been under the weather this last week? It seems everyone I have talked with! I hope you all are better before this weekend! Looks like we have plenty of good choices both Friday and Saturday evening!

Contagious, I really need to catch them soon! One of our other faves, Hillbilly Authority is playing just east of the river/north county both Friday and Saturday. And of course we have a repeat planned meet & greet at Shady Jack's... always a good time!
Joined: 12/3/2007
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Posted: 1/19/2009 8:29:56 AM
As much as I want to go to Babylon, haven't been there yet, I must refrain........ Can't go out both Friday and Saturday night. I will have to check out their page on my space and see when they are playing again.
Joined: 12/13/2008
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Posted: 1/19/2009 12:08:41 PM
Get out and build up some resistance! Still take precautions of course! Wash hands, don't stand in front of someone that has obvious symptoms of YUCK.
Joined: 11/29/2007
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Posted: 1/19/2009 4:50:25 PM
the band Contagious, is a very fitting name for them, I loved them!!
thanks for the info on them Cujo
my bf did a solo dance to "Walk this Way" the other night, I mean solo, no one else was on the floor at the same time!!

Would be interested in hearing them in another month or so, can't let all the good vibes go toward one band.
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