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I don't think anyone will argue that no doubt, no means no. However that has been applied to women when it comes to sex, not conversations. To some, avoiding a topic can seem like they are hiding something and that can cause issues at the point you are building trust. I agree with the "best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour" so if it didn't paint you in a good light she may just be trying to see if there's a red flag there. She could also just be interested why you did it...general curiosity, nothing more. So in the future you have to find a way to mention it and segway into something else without looking like you are avoiding it or perhaps move into how you believed it was the right choice at the time or how you have changed. It shows you have no issues talking about your past and you learned from it. If it's still what you would have done then stand behind it. If she doesn't like it then that's her problem. Nothing more to talk about.
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whats in the past is just that???
Posted: 1/27/2009 9:49:58 AM
I have to admit, OP, you are being irritatingly UNFORTHCOMING with anything valuable about said story, so it's nigh on to impossible to say whether she was "right" or "wrong".

Perhaps she felt the same way *I* do--why talk about it if you are then going to REFUSE to talk about it? In the future, don't bring it up!
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