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Am I doing something wrong? Am I not telling enough? Am I telling too much? Why am i getting lots of views but no real messages or replies. I mean Im a fun gal to be around but am very shy at first. So if you could tell me what im doing wrong or what i could change i'd give you massive
thanks in advance
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help a girl out!!!
Posted: 2/1/2009 5:16:28 PM
Hi Mandi,

Yes, I think that you are definitely telling too much...I suggest that you delete most of your last paragraph. Keep the positive parts, and drop the rest since it sounds as though you've been in several relationships that weren't good for you. Also delete the " I've never had a guy be romantic " parts. Dont share this info by email or during your first few dates with someone....stay positive and expect to be treated well & remember that saying that we decide how other people will treat us.

Your main photo is lovely, but the others aren't flattering of you. Have someone help you take better photos, including a full body photo of you in your most flattering (but not sexy) clothes. Be sure at least some of your photos show your smile.

Your first paragraph is difficult to read. Divide it into smaller paragraphs, and use a spelling/grammar check since those errors do matter to a lot of people.

Tell more about your career plans and future plans. The men that you want to attract are interested in women who are passionate about their own life and are working on making a good future for themselves.

Good luck!
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help a girl out!!!
Posted: 2/1/2009 5:27:10 PM
-- I agree the paragraphs are waaaaay too long. And it's hard to read when you don't put spaces after your punctuation marks.

-- Too much of the "laundry list" going on here. Only put things that make you stand out. Mentioning that you like music and movies makes you look like every other profile on this site. What makes you different from everyone else?

-- As a corollary to the above, instead of simply stating what you like, why not tell something about it that makes it interesting. Saying that you like to go to clubs is boring -- instead, why not tell an interesting, two-sentence anecdote about a time you went to a club?

-- Your pictures need some serious improvement. Three of them are blurry and the other shows you hiding your face. Get rid of mirror shots, too. When I see a mirror shot it says to me that someone doesn't lead an interesting enough life to have photos of them going out and doing things. Here's a couple of general rules of profile photos:

1) Always include a really good head shot. And by "really good" I mean good lighting, sharp focus, and don't hold the camera yourself. Either get a friend who's handy with a camera or use a tripod with a time delay.

2) Include a photo or two of you doing something. Especially a photo of you doing something that defines you. If you like going to clubs, as you mention, then include a photo of yourself at a club. This is your chance to show people who you really are.
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help a girl out!!!
Posted: 2/1/2009 5:45:16 PM
thank you ill see what i can do bout all of that
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