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Would I be the air
And love you in this way…
That my constitution bears the clime of nature
And carries the perfume of a sweet garden
To you, who breathe me in
So you know me
And all of a soft zephyr is my calling card

In Winter…

I might scold a Winter’s sharpness
That it hurries you
In a need to find warmer climes
So I scold its cold nature
In nips and tucks
A stiff glare, of blasting freeze
To suit the cloth, the white
Which Winter wears
Till it runs, to Spring a grip’s release

In Spring…

I would expose my joy to you
In freshened delight
To touch the buds, which happy rise
In a loved way towards a Sun
And gentles my spirit to new tastes and sounds
That I carry in shimmering waves
Of sweetened heights, of air
Which is scented with my love for you
And breathes into a Summer’s gold

In Summer…

How temperate would I lay to your cheek
In comfort’s grace
To your spread of happy frame
On any grassy bank, with streams gurgle
That I persuade its darling water
To lilt you a dream of sparkled Summer’s run
And, in a favour’s play
Would I peck to the lips that wears a warming smile
Then… lead you into Autumn’s colour

In Autumn…

Would I be the air’s cushion
Which comforts the fall of leaves
In confetti’s melt
To lay each in a feathered bed of temptation
And would I breeze into you
That you breathe my air’s love and know me
As inhalation’s experience
Then… To exhalation’s joy
Having breathed me in and loved me out
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In the spiritual quest for love...
Posted: 2/14/2009 12:42:11 AM

My emotions make me a sea
That a calming rage is all in nature
And I rise to love… A tidal swell
When the sea and sky bed to an horizon

And she is the sky, who meets me in love…

She rolls in on me
And her fingertips are white horses
Which crests any softening wave
As it wastes itself on a soulful shore

Then, does she effect my calm
So larger waves of emotive energy
Tumble the ride of deeper oceans
And reckless passions create the storm

A mind is capsized
Thought is well dipped to the swim
Sunk to a rising tide of love
Which sets a whole sea to light

Lost, I am all at sea
Submerged in this undercurrent
Grounded in a sensual sand
Sea-floored in dreamy sensation

And she lifts me
Rising me to loves’ higher energy
The sanctuary of a scarlet sky
Plunged deep and risen to a high

So turquoise energy merges
To a nights’ red attire
As we bed in love’s black satin sheets

Her night sky and my sea...
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Let me be the first (a Sonnet for the ladies on Valentine's Day!)
Posted: 2/14/2009 1:35:47 AM
Let me be the first
to wish you,
in rhyme and verse,
a day romantic and true.

Let me be the one
to unveil, on this day,
like the red dawning sun,
a radiant bloom'd bouquet!

Though not of cheerful daffodil,
nor lilacs (smelled, seen, not heard!)
Not of sweetest rose, nor orchid's fragrant thrill:
This flowery bunch is made of words!

For though these words new from fingers start,
they've long been growing within my heart!
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Posted: 2/14/2009 5:34:42 AM

If your eyes shine in dear flirtatious light
Then I am alive to their brilliance
More proven, that no Sun shines as bright
Nor any star, in fall, has such high excellence

What divinity can share with iridescent pools
Those coy casts which deliberate enthusiasm
More fierce than a fire, for blacksmith tools
More depth than a deepest of Hades’ chasms

Sweet darling eyes, keep me in fondest gaze
Stoke up in me such a beloved blaze of fire
Would I love you and eyes flirtatious play
Should you reflect my look of burn’s desire

A smile of eyes that has an amorous intention
Is to a Lady’s benefit and the devil’s invention
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Posted: 2/14/2009 11:53:02 PM

Memory is not in fortification’s grasp
To hold the span of time’s comment
No dream has the telling in memory’s clasp
Or logic of any real intent
In space for any screen’s review
Hazed notion is no selective jolt
To recollect in sharpness, not misconstrue
Memory has no sudden thunderbolt
For informed knowledge of yester-year
No sharp sense of inject
To draw the notion’s impact clear
Without dear time’s intellect

Reminiscence has no more clear sight than this
The memory of a love’s first sweet kiss.
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Posted: 2/15/2009 10:03:15 PM

There is no sweeter kiss
Than that which gentle alights the lips
More red than any rose'd wine
Which tastes divinity within softest sips

Passion’s time is more cosseted
If taken with yearned taste
Nuzzled are the lips enjoined in bliss
With precious times embrace

In new opening and sensuous greeting
Do soft lips find apart
In unions move, to drink the sweet wine
Fast beats a driven heart

All of earth's moving time is stood to still
In honour of such empowered bliss
When love finds the energy of two sweethearts
There is no sweeter kiss.
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Posted: 2/15/2009 10:56:11 PM

What delight is a dreamy snowdrop’s eye
That leads rise to a new Spring’s adorning
Love is the Mother’s joy, to babe’s first cry
And pleasure’s trill are birds to new dawning
While nature’s art creates impressed emotions
New sweet daffodils have all of golden bliss
What glorious touch is love’s first devotions
As is all delight, the sweetness of a first kiss
A first awareness of earth’s heavenly view
Is knowledge, which enlivens mind’s interest
Passion’s taste, when mouths sup nectar’s dew
When lips are joined in kiss, mind impressed

No emotion has more astound, or always mark
When lips are first enjoined in passions spark
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How long does love last?
Posted: 2/17/2009 12:19:17 AM

Soft, in a sweet quiet of the night
My Guru sat in contemplative guise
The fire burned, to bring to light
A reflective spirit in my Guru’s eyes

He sat alone, beneath a star-ridden sky
Near to where the Sandalwood grows
Where the Jasmine and the Orange vie
With a sweetest air of the golden rose

Softer in tread, than this night’s attire
Did I move, to test my Guru’s mind
My shadow stole the light from the fire
And my Guru turned, to discovery’s find

‘Tell me Guru, what means love to you
Have you found time for relationships
And, how long ere your heart know it true
How long is it, before sweet true-love grips

My Guru sat, then smiled, with head shaking
Then considered my face in the fire’s glow
‘What a task, do you find yourself making
Ask me the age, how long for love to grow

Love is immeasurable, no space or motion
My life has not the length of emotion’s clime
For love is the testing of eternal devotion
Not tied to a string of any duration’s time
I tell you, my young and inquisitive friend
Love cannot be measured for its duration
For those who love have no time of its end
Just a beginning with no idea of destination

Love, in its definition, is a delicate intricacy
It is the stitch which rounds the whole affair
The intention of all sweet-natured embroidery
Which gives definition to love’s pictured care

Soft, in its detail, is the taste of passion’s fill
Not crude in words of emotion’s displeasing
But sweet, to mouth, is love’s kiss to thrill
A gentle build in time, is energy increasing

There is no hard casing, no turtle’s shell
Or a heart which sets the alarm-bells ringing
Love is a breeze of a sweet wind-chime’s bell
A harmonising of all dear songbirds singing

To the feelings, is this inner glow’s reflect
To end, when memory’s time has gentle recall
Love’s sweet smile, in thinking, has no neglect
And then, one has the most delicate love of all

I sat still for a while, lost to my silent thought
While my Guru sat still, as if cast out of stone
How wise is this man and what wisdom he taught
I rose and, without a sound, I left him alone
 mystic writer
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How long does love last?
Posted: 3/6/2009 6:20:26 AM

Can you write about heartbreak?...
 Richie 2009
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In the spiritual quest for love...
Posted: 3/8/2009 5:48:33 PM
---------------a good woman--------------------
-------------is like an apple------------------
---------on a tree. The best ones----
-------are at the top of the tree.--------
------The guys dont want to reach------
----for the good ones because they ------
--are afraid of falling and getting hurt.----
-Instead, they just get the rotten apples-
--from the ground that aren't as good, --
but easy. So the apples at the top think
something is wrong with them, when in
--reality, they're amazing. They just----
---have to wait for the right man to------
----- come along, the one who's-----------
----------- brave enough to-----------------
-----------------climb all-------------------
-----------------the way---------------------
----------------to the top--------------------
--------------- of the tree.-------------------
 mystic writer
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In the spiritual quest for love...
Posted: 3/9/2009 7:45:28 AM

Where do you find the good men?...
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In the spiritual quest for love...
Posted: 3/9/2009 1:54:50 PM
laying under the tree
 mystic writer
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In the spiritual quest for love...
Posted: 3/10/2009 5:43:39 PM
Could you be more specific?...
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