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well, here i am...filled out alot of these kinds of things for a lot of different reasons...some good, some not so good...dressed them up & sent them out to play with the other little freaks & found i don't like to play dress up anymore...i am ready to just be me...the good ,the bad & the ugly....i am a social creature trapped inside an isolationist's body....i am my ying to my own yang...self-sufficent, yet dependant...extroverted & introspective...submissive yet domineering...afraid but not alone in my fears...reaching out yet holding of my favorite quotes is from a scientist "when you reach the end of all the light that you know & you step out into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen- you will be given something solid to stand on...or wings to fly."....i had come to the end of all the light that i knew & when i stepped into the unknown not only have i been given something solid to stand on but i have also been given wings to fly...sometimes someone comes into your life that makes such a deep & primal impact that everything you know to be true about yourself somehow shifts on its axels...the person you were meant to be emerges from its cocoon & spreads its wings...slowly, haltingly, feel the sun's warmth upon you truly for the first time...all experiences are seen with new eyes...all emotions felt with tender nerves...all the cosmos align & everything is suddenly right with your world....libbygirl has been born & she has found a home...the land of the lost has become for her the place to take her stand....i stepped into this life with barely a glance backwards at the old one i was shedding & i have found my peace...but as they say "no gas, no grass, no ass...nobody rides for free"....i work hard for what i have & even harder to keep it but it is a labor of love...
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