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"Are you certain you will be able to handle this Donna?" Geoff asked me, smiling down at me, the man I have come to love, now stood before me, we had never physically met, just chatted for hours on end on the net, he had mentioned over the course of time that he loved tickling and bondage, and would I be receptive to it when we met, yes I said, wanting to impress him with my courage, now we are here, our first encounter together.

He is a big man, shoulders as wide as an axe handle, 6.’3’ tall, exuding strength in every part of his body, and those eyes, those lovely bright blue eyes, he is everything I ever imagined.
Now standing before him, I replied, tongue in cheek, "Anything you can give me darling, I can handle", realizing that I might regret that statement as soon as it came out of my mouth.
He though, being a man of vast experience and the art of tickling, grinned wider, and gazed at me with his gleaming blue eyes, with a stare that passed through me to the bone. I knew I was in for the day of my life, but I was much too intrigued and turned on, to back out at this point.

”You sure, Donna”, he said, as he pulled me close to him, still standing, he reached around me with his powerful arms, and kissed me ever so gently. He continued this gentle kissing, exploring my lips and mouth with his tongue, his soft nimble fingers caressing my back, he held me against his body for several minutes. I began to go weak at the knees when he said, " let's sit down and be comfortable, it's going to be a long, eventful evening, and you are going to need every ounce of strength you can muster.

Already I was burning with desire for him, as this encounter had been a long time coming, and I already knew full well, even now, that it would be all I had anticipated, and more.
My body was trembling, shaking, I was so nervous. He was concerned for me and inquired as to whether I was ok, I nodded in the affirmative. It isn't that I was afraid of him; I did not for one second believe he would hurt me.
It was just the thoughts provoked by the weeks and weeks of explicit mental images of myself being tickled by him, culminating in my mind, as he had often described them to me in lurid, taunting detail.

Tickling was a gift he had in abundance. He often described it to me over the net, telling me exactly what he planned to do to me once he was afforded the opportunity, and he held me with his words.
I was overwhelmed by the almost unbearable anticipation leading up to this day.

We lay on the bed and continued kissing, which was growing more and more passionate with each second. His skillful fingers were touching my breasts through my clothing, and unbuttoning the front of my long black dress, as he kissed and fondled me, from head to toe. He opened the front of the dress slowly; He slid it off my shoulders, and rose from the bed to see what he had done. I lay there before him in a black lace bra and panties, still tingling from what we were just doing, and the kisses he was placing upon my nakedness, I was waiting in anticipation of what was to follow.

He smiled as he reached for his bag of tricks. "You can take that underwear off Donna, you're not going to need that." I did as he asked. He bound my wrists, one at a time and tied each to a corner bedpost

The excitement I felt from relinquishing control to this man, who had held my heart for months now, as he then tied ropes around each ankle, and tied them to the bottom bedposts He held my feet gently, like they were fragile little gifts, that had little signs on them, handle with care. It was quite immobilizing, and I have never felt so opened up in my life

While he was tying me, he was talking about the many wisecracks I had made to him over the past year, and how they had earned me some extra tickling time.
He was amazing in his ability to remember what I said. I admit I did give him a hard time with my mouth. He verbally taunted me, he was really affecting me, and by the time he completed his knots, I was shaking.
Yes there was some fear. I admit it. But it was so very exciting, and I was so turned on.

He reached over into his bag and brought out a blindfold, he placed it over my eyes, lifting my head gently as he tied it behind my head. That was frightening, the thought of him now doing what he liked, and being unable to see what was coming.

A pause, as I lay there, then I felt oil dripping on my feet, drop by drop, his fingers started working it in between my toes, the feeling was electric, and I started wiggling my toes and jerking my feet, even though he wasn't really tickling me.

He said "Donna, we are going to have a great time, so just relax, okay?" and with that he ran his fingernails up my soles from the heels to the toes, making me gasp uncontrollably. He placed his face, against my feet and rubbed his soft cheeks against my soles.
Then he put his tongue and sharp fingernails to my wrinkled arches. He came to me then, and put his lips next to my ear, and whispered, "Scream, if you feel the need, let it all out."

I was squirming inside my own skin, thinking if I had let myself in for more than I had bargained for, and wondering for a moment if I could ask him to untie me, but I, oh so wanted him, I remained silent and waited for the tickling onslaught to begin.
I did not have to wait long. He told me he had a soft pig hair paintbrush.
“You look so beautifully helpless there, Donna, he said, and since I didn’t bring my camera to capture this moment for all eternity, I guess I'll just have to paint you."
With that, he took that soft brush and began with my face, tickling my lips, nose, eyelids and ears, with soft simple strokes, I pushed out my tongue, the brush worked around it, the sensation was incredible as he gently moved it around, under the tip and back again, I closed my mouth on the brush, sucking it, but he pulled it out of me.

The brush was wet, as he continued tickling my ears and nose; it was a different sensation as he moved it all over my face. When he stopped, I was gasping for air and already begging him to please stop this torment.
I knew how pleased he was at this development, and my dire situation was once again made clear to me, we had decided beforehand, that if at anytime I wanted to stop, we have a special word that I would have to repeat to him three times, that word is “Red”

’Tell me the word, I want to be sure you know what to say, so say it for me Donna, so I know you can stop me if you say it”, he said.
I repeated the word ‘ red " three times

The soft drying brush began its journey down my neck and shoulders, making me shiver with pleasure, he stopped at certain places, tickling back and forth, every once in a while going back to tickle my lips, knowing that my reaction to that was always certain to make me struggle against the bonds that held me fast.
He tickled up the insides of my arms, causing me to squirm as much as possible in this tightly tied position that my arms were in. He continued on the insides of my arms, my flesh crawling, as he touched it so softly with that devilish brush. I was begging him to just scratch that area to relieve the itching that his torturous tickling had caused.
He ignored my pleas for relief.

Straddling my hips, he was now on top of me, he leaned forward and kissed me, then his brush found its way to my defenseless armpits; he began wildly tickling them as I squirmed helplessly beneath him.
I tried to hold the laughter back...but just couldn't do it. My armpits are one of my most ticklish spots, and I just broke into uncontrollable laughter, he was laughing almost as hard, just from seeing my reaction to his wicked brush under my armpits.
He continued to tickle me there for what seemed like hours, but in reality what were probably, only minutes.
When he stopped I was gasping for air, and tears were streaming down my face.
Unable to stop laughing completely...I was still giggling as I was trying to breathe, he was still giggling too. I love his laugh.

He said, "Oh wow, that is wonderful Donna." I could feel he had an enormous hard on; it was hitting me on the ribs every time I took a breath, the touch of his****against me had aroused me so much, fluid was dripping from my ****.

Allowing me to catch my breath, he moved his body down on me; he started in on my helpless unprotected ribs, and then moved down to my tummy. He had abandoned the brush for his fingers now, and was working over my torso in a circular motion; he touched my breasts, nipple in either hand, rolling them between his fingertips.
The sensation was electric, and ran through my body like a hot current, stopping at my **** and making me try to arch my back, and buck him off, but I couldn’t, he was too heavy.
He alternated between the crazy rib tickling, and the sensuous breast caressing, until I did not know what to do, laugh or moan. He was giggling when he got off me, and told me that I should prepare myself for the next level.

I knew I was in for it now. He took my bound feet in his hand and began tickling them softly. I let a small giggle escape and thought to myself; oh this won't be too bad. He held them so gently; I thought he might actually make love to them. He placed a pillow under each foot, elevating them higher than my body; he began my journey to tickle hell.

Running his one nail from the ball of my foot to the heel, it was like I had been taken to a whole new level.
I have always been sensitive on my feet, but this truly was a new experience. I gasped aloud, he ran his nails up and down the arches, over and over again, as my body jerked and bucked on the bed, and I laughed wildly.

He only needed to hear me laugh, it was music to his ears, he was inspired to begin working on the toes, sucking them and running his tongue in between them, using his teeth to scrape along the bottoms of the big toes, sending signals to my brain that I still cannot even interpret.

After my toes were soaked from his saliva, he started moving his fingers sideways on the base of the toes, making me go wild, as he did so. I was laughing so hard I thought my sides would actually split, and I needed air, something fierce.
He would hear none of it, because he promised to help me explore my limits today, and since I had not used the safe word, he felt it was safe to continue. He worked my feet over for about 15 minutes, pausing every now and then, to let me catch my air just enough, so he could continue some more, without me passing out.

Up the soles, tickling the arches, nails up the sides, tickling my ankles, sucking toes, and then running the silk stockings in between my toes, like toe floss, a sensation that was more erotic than any other.

I thought I might just cum from this, but he stopped just as I reached the edge.
I was stunned. "Hey...don't stop!" I whined...."I want to cum Geoff ".

"Not just yet Donna, I have another plan for that,” he replied.

He told me he had two big white feathers, with wispy tips. I felt him lean over to get them, he then ran a feather up the inside of each leg, from the foot all the way up to the upper thigh, he made me moan and giggle the whole time. I could not move a muscle, I was tied so tightly. All I could do was endure this exquisite torture.
He brought the feathers up to the inner thighs and tickled me there for a long time, watching me try to move my hips up and down in spasmodic hopes of making them touch my ****. I was growing desperate for release, he moved them to my aching ****, tickling me on my labia, both at once, occasionally running one over my aching clit, which now was so bloody rigid, standing proud, begging for his attention.
He reached above me, where he had placed the soft brush, he removed the blindfold, and positioned himself between my widely spread legs, he began to tickle my clit with the tip of that brush very slowly, stopping after three or four swipes with it, as I moaned and giggled, and moaned some more, begging him for just another touch, just one more, please!!! I was so wet at this point I began to feel disoriented from the sexual frustration he was putting me through. Sensing I was about to lose it, he buried his mouth in my ****, licking me only three or four times before I exploded with an orgasm, the intensity of which I can't even put into words.
He continued this oral pleasure; making me cum numerous times again, wave after wave.

He bent down to the end of the bed, and released my ankles, only to tie them together again quickly with his ties. He raised me a little and slipped a pillow under me, elevating my **** to him. He lifted my legs against his chest, exposing my throbbing, wet **** to him.

He positioned his huge, hard****against my wet**** the head of his****moved all over my labia, entering my dripping hole just so slightly, teasing and tormenting me, he then drove it into me, he began to caress my****walls with his incredible**** the rim of it stretching me with each thrust, his control was incredible, slow thrusting movements, probing me deeper with every thrust, he rotated my hips with his hands, just a little each thrust, to let me feel more of him inside me.
I was already having small orgasms again, clamping on him with each stroke, holding the rim of his****inside me, he continued tickling my feet, I as became incontrollable, he pushed deeper, I exploded with the most incredible orgasm I have ever experienced, then he came with me, pumping his fluid into me, screaming with pleasure as he pushed into me, I could feel every spasm he had, I just seemed to cum, over and over, as he kept pleasuring my feet and my ****.
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