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Warning Erotic Writing!!

All my life I have bin good at finding love in all the wrong places. Well thats what people around me think. But what do they know? I'm just a man, lost in a sea of dolls looking for Mr. Right. I don't know what it is about me, the sharp piercing look of my eyes, my casual demeanor or maybe I just remind women of their deep dark passions that they hide in that part of their soul were the sun don't shine.

My name is Cox, Chivalry Cox I'm a private detective and me stuck on this cold hard rock we call a planet is like a wolf in a hen house, me being the wolf you know. My pick up line to dames is nothing more than words of sincere warning. Dolls don't heed it, so they end up doing every naughty, dirty, unholy thing they ever promised their grandpa, before he took his dieing breath, they would never do. Poor things, it only takes me ten minutes to break down every rule they thought they had too.

Saying this brings back memories of the first woman I ever said them to. I had got a lead to speak with Bishop Jones down at little saint marries church off 21 and Bingtown bay. A church in the red light district, whats the world coming to? I arrived at the church for a meeting with the Bish I knocked at the door of the Bishop's waiting room and thats where I met Casie. Long legs Casie the nun. Thats not here real name but she did have long legs, Casie is as good a name as any and before she met me she was a nun. Big, bright, beautiful green eyes filled with nothing but innocence poring out of long lashes. Slender Irish face with a few trademark feckless just above her rosy cheeks. She had a smile that would bring back the world to a five year old who's Icecream just flopped on the floor off his cone.

"You must be Mr. Chivalry Cox." She said with a big smile. " Pleas come in and keep me company while Bishop Jones gets done with his affairs." Casie lead me into the waiting room as friendly as a pixie in fairyland. Her gray nuns gown tight around her juicy butt revealing her slender ankles she walked over to pat a chair for me to sit on.
"God damn your gorgeous" I was mesmerized by her tightly rapped bosom stretching the gray gown. Her boobs weren't that big, but hey a handful is all you need. "How old are you?" I said examining the gray strap around her waist exposing her luscious figure better than an x-ray.
Looking at me in wonder with a hint of anger she said "Mr.Cox!!" She paused a moment to think of what she would say to my remark. "I'm 22 and pleas don't use the lords name in vain."
"In vain?" I said with a wolfish smile. "Trust me doll it was not in vain. Say hun, are you a virgin?"

Her eyes widened but before she could respond she was saved by the door to Bishop Jones offices opening. The Bish poked his head out in greeting. "Oh my, Mr. Cox. I'm sorry to keep you waiting."
"No biggie." was my reply as I stared at the nun who was now sitting at her secretary's desk, hiding behind a vase of flowers.
"Well it looks like my lawyer is going to hassle with me for another 30 minutes or so." Bish Jones was now fully in the waiting room.
"Plenty of time" I moved the chair so I could see Casie better. Remembering what I said I added "I mean I'm a bit tired. I could use the rest before I question you." After not hearing him leave I turned and smiled at him.
"Very well, you could also come back tomorrow if you so choose good Sir." He said to me hopefully.
The smile faded from my face as I continued to look at him.
"Very well, I will see you today good Sir." He said as he looked at Casie then went back to his office and locked the door.

Alone again with Casie I brought back my full attention to her. I sat looking at her for several minutes. She ignored me so I lit a cigarette.
When she got the first whiff of smoke she bolted up and said "Mr......Mr.....Cox" She looked flustered after saying my name this time. "You cannot smoke in here. This is a house of God!!"
"So" I blew out another big puff. "How do you know God doesn't smoke himself?" I laughed. "I don't remember reading anything against smoking in the you?"
She just stood there arms crossed glaring at me.
"Are you still a Virginie Miss nun?" The wolfish smile was back on my face.
"And if I am?" she said after a few breaths. "What if I'm proud of it?" My smile got bigger as she said "I am a nun you know, my interests are in God and the well being of his children."
I stood up and walked around the desk and stood next to her and said. "Thats funny because I have the same interests as you, kind of, But I think you have other interests too doll. I think you want a man" I got closer to her as I saw her chest go up and down in deeper breaths. "Have you ever wondered how hard and soft a guys prick would feel?"

She moved several steps away from me. I did not move from my spot. As silent and still as a wolf I waited, not willing to give myself away to my prey. Casie turned. Arms still crossed looking at the ceiling she sighed.
I made my move "How many nights have you spent dreaming for a mans touch?" I said this while I walked closer to her. When I reached her I got behind her and grabbed her gently by the shoulders. Whispering into her ear I said "How does my hot breath feel on your neck Miss nun?"
She started to tremble in my arms. I relished her nervousness as she peeped out "Mr. Chivalry...."
"Thats not what you called me last time." I took her nuns cap off. Her hair was so red and so full it looked like a bed of roses.
"Whats the matter hun you can't call me by my name?" I told her as I took the last puff from my cigarette and stubbed it out on the nice wood flooring. She didn't notice or didn't care. I figured if she let me take her cap off she would not mind me upbraiding her beautiful hair. She stood breathing and shaking as I grabbed a hand full and smelled it. Head N Shoulders never smelt so good in my life. I undid her hair and it fell past her shoulders in thick curls.
As I was coming her hair out with my fingers she gasped "Cox. I mean Mr. Cox. I mean Chivalry, have mercy. I don't think I'm ready for this test against temptation." I put my arm around her waist and pressed my hard prick against her firm butt. "Pleas....Pleas tell me what you remember about the Bible." She whispered.
"I don't know" I kissed the back of her neck than said. "Something about my seed not touching the floor. Oh and that God is all forgiving, so don't worry babe. I'm sure God will forgive you especially since your going to help a man's seed not touch the floor."

To be continued.....
Joined: 4/14/2008
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The Fitz, Private I.
Posted: 3/3/2009 3:48:12 AM
Continuation Of Long legs Casie the nun.....

Then that Double-Damned conscience kicked in so I told her "Look, I'm going to block both doors with chairs so no one can walk in on us. In that time you can choose to leave and go back to being a God Fearing virgin But when I'm done I'm going to rip your cloths off and foock the living crap out of you like a cave man, not that you believe in evolution. And don't for a second think I'm going easy on you because it's you first time. I guess you could say your getting the crash course so make up your mind fast. Remember God gave you free will, maybe you should use it some time." She Looked at me for a moment then nodded and walked over and grabbed one of the chairs to helped me block the doors shut. What a gal.

I took her in my arms and kissed her softly. I let my hands fall to her rump and squeezed tightly while deepening my kiss. She had her arms around my neck and one hand stroking and griping my hair. This girl ways a natural!!. She was a bit surprised when I started sucking her tongue but soon relaxed and kissed me deep until we were in each others throats. I felt her breasts get firm so I knew it was time to get started on them. But first I payed her neck a visit by running my tongue softly right where the neck meets the shoulder and sucked hard. So I gave the nun a hickey get over it.

I took that nuns garb off, bent her over a little and gave her a nice hard slap on her pale rump as she peeled her undies off. She tried to take my cloths off but I told her "Not yet. I'm not done playing fare."

I Scooped her up and carried her over to a couch that was to one side of the waiting room. I laid her down on the couch and knelt beside her and took her breasts in my hands. I cupped them, gently caressing them. She squealed in delight as my tongue softly rotated around her bright pink nipple while my hand stroked her red pelted kitten. I bit down hard on one nipple then made it all better but suckling them both like an indecisive, starving new born pup. She would jolt when I tapped and circled her clit. Time to cool her down a bit.

I pulled her to her feet and she took off all my cloths with a smile. Both naked I pulled her close. Bodies meshed together I kissed her deeply again. I sat down on the couch.
"Kneel down here, I'm going to teach you how to suck as deep as humanly possible" I told her.
Her eyes got big "That? I'm going to but that down my throat? I don't think I can. Is it hard to do?" She said trembling with suppressed lust. She did what I told her.
As she rapped her mouth around the head hesitantly, I said "No I'll help you. you just put your hands behind your back and take it inch by inch." I sighed with the pleaser of her worm mouth "Yea...thats good just go deeper and deeper, up and down. I'll help you when you think you can't go any further."

I heard the lock on the Bishops door unlock and quickly covered her ears. The door opened a crack but jammed on the chair.
"Hey whats going on in there? what is all that noise and why is this door not opening?" Said the Bishop.
"Um....I'm sorry to tell you this Bish, but your nun is possessed by a succubus daemonic hell spirit." I said as casually as I could manage.
"What?!?! Open this door!!" Said the Bishop skeptically.
I pulled her down on me as deep as I forcibly could and as she started gagging and choking I told the Bishop "NO!! Oh my...Oh yea. It's Um...To dangerous Bish!!...Oh deeper baby....thats it" I gasped in extacy then continued with "The door is blocked for your protection!! Ooh hunny...Don't worry Bish just lock the door and stay safe!! I saw the movie Constantine in I-Max I know how to preform an exorcism!! I am a P.I. you know!!.....OOOoo you nasty, nasty girl you."
It must have been the strangled, gurgles she was making that convinced him because he said "OK!! May God be with my brave man!!" And with that he shut and locked the door with a slam. What a jerk-off.

I let her up for air. She was oblivious to what had just happened. With each big gasp of air she took the color returned to her rosy cheeks.
"That was fun!!" She said coughing and wiping tears from her eyes. A natural I tell you.
"Good do you think you can do it until I cum, I know CPR I am a P.I you know." I said confidently.
She thought for a moment took a deep breath and said "I'll try"
It was a great BJ. Up and down, I rushed into her mouth pulling her head down by her red curls I held her there like a drowning man in a rushing river holds a piece of drift wood. Not a second to soon deep in her throat I exploded. She swallowed, her nails digging into my knee in fear of passing out. She lurched up with a big gasp for the air her lungs so desperately needed. Good thing too, I really didn't know CPR.........

To be continued.........
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