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 Pitch Blease
Joined: 3/4/2009
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Your profile looks like any other profile. You don't stand out. You also need better pictures. I agree that you should go to profile review.
Joined: 2/23/2009
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What's the deal??
Posted: 3/16/2009 1:24:13 PM
I'm guessing you're referring to Jim and Pam from "The Office". I don't see where it's referenced, probably because you changed your profile, but I'm assuming that you meant Hyde and Jackie from "That 70's Show".

You're profile is really bland, though. Everyone reads books, watches movies, and listens to music. You need to accentuate what make you... YOU, i.e. did you do something stupid in high school/college (ya know ya did... everyone has!)? Embarrassing moment? Funny joke? Personal motto? That may help.
Joined: 7/7/2008
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What's the deal??
Posted: 3/16/2009 2:44:16 PM
I think there's a study somewhere that says on average people go on like 25 dates before finding someone to see steadily... I just can't remember where I read it.

Anyway it's just not your time.
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