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Ok, soo.... to start, for those of you that are scratching their head going "what is Tinnitus?"

Basically it is ringing, buzzing or an airy noise that you hear all day and night. This can happen for a lot of reasons or really none at all. Mine is from the time I spent in Iraq, It is bilateral (both ears) and associated with damage to the ears (not particularly hearing loss, just damage). This has been causing me to lose sleep at times, and also interferes with my day to day life.

Their are many support groups and some therapies out there to help cope with the constant ringing that I hear but, I never have time to go or at least go consistently. So I figured I'd post this and see what some others do to calm the ringing?

I do have a prescription for a low dose of Xanax to help me sleep, but it doesn't do much of anything. I am not into surgical options as the VA and my family doctor heavily warn against them due to the fact that they normally cause more problems than they solve.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 8:01:35 AM
There are 100s of $Bs to be made by somebody who can fix/improve traumatic, drug-induced/ototoxic, and/or age-related hearing loss, which is often coupled with equilibrium loss (close your eyes or in the dark, and fall over without visual clues).

I've followed the research for years. There simply isn't much progress.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 8:47:08 AM
Sorry OP... they haven't found a way to stop Tinnitus.
Not that I know of, anyway.
If falling asleep is difficult... run a fan or another soft constant motor noise, and concentrate on THAT noise.. letting it lull you to sleep.
If you lay there and think about the 'ringing' in your head.. it will make it more pronounced. But I'm sure you already know that.
Wish there was an answer for you.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 12:14:32 PM
One of the best things for tinnitus is to take Ginkgo Biloba as it improves circulation to the inner ear. But it doesnt work the same for everyone but give it a go!
Also incorporate Zinc as well as it is highly concentrated in the ear; a deficiency of this mineral can actually be the cause!
Take your Magnesium as well as calcium in combination at night the mag works for the tinnitus but the calcium works great to give you a more restful sleep!
Do you smoke? Stop
Do you wear ear plugs in loud environments? Start
Are you stressed? Chill and take some b-complex vitamins.
Do you get excersize? Work out to reduse stress and improve blood flow.
Mininmize caffeine, alcohol, trans fats and processed foods.

I hope that heps as it should but with any natural remedies you need to give it a chance to work!
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 12:16:04 PM
your right about a low noise to distract the ringing!
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 2:58:30 PM
I will definately take all of this into consideration, and probably start taking the B-complex vitamins that keep staring at me from that bottle over there (I'm pointing even-though you can't see lol) Anyways this is good advice I will def do this, and I actually just started to do an exercise program called p90x hope it works....
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 7:24:59 PM
hi, everything that shao-lynn said and I will add that dairy adds to the problem by far... eat high raw or go all raw for a few months to see if it improves... if you want top shelf advice, contact Dr Gabrial Cousens at Tree of Life Rejeuvenation Centre in Patagonia AZ, ask him if he has any protocol for this very trying situation.. blessings for strength and even for a complete recovery, warmly Mona.. ps, I would never take meds if I could avoid them as I believe that they add to the toxin overload in our bodies
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 7:59:00 PM
So Monalee1's advice for everyting is to avoid dairy. She threw in raw veggies again. This will have zero effect. I have a ringing in one ear since the age of 19 (almost 18 years) because of an ear infection that changed the shape of my ear cannal. No matter what you eat or what you do it will still ring. To be completely honest, you will get accustomed to it. Sucks but that is my reality. I always sleep with a fan and it helps. Dr's said they could operate but there would be a 30 percent chance of complete hearing loss! Fvck that I will deal with the ringing. Sometimes I don't notice it at all. But if there is a ringing within earshot it can be quite debilitating.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/17/2009 11:30:42 PM
If your tinnitus is accompanied by any of the following conditions ~

* Headaches
* Face pain
* Eye pain
* Earaches
* Dizziness
* Pressure in the ears
* Clicking noises or pain when opening or closing the mouth
* Difficulty swallowing
* Burning tongue
* Frequent sore throats

it may be that you have a problem with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Research suggests that misalignment of this joint may be one of the primary causes of tinnitus. You might consider asking your dentist to refer you to an oral surgeon who is familiar with neuromuscular surgery.

However, please do not assume that surgery is the only answer. Treatment options may include (but are not limited to) massage, facial exercises, and mouth guards to coax the joint into proper positioning. I personally know of a case where a person's tinnitus disappeared when they finally got around to getting their dentures refitted.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/18/2009 8:32:47 PM
sketchiness, sorry to know that you suffer with this as well... with all due respect towards your situation and your suffering, my experience with ear infections, antibiotic use, shunts and other ear related problems have ALWAYS improved when cows milk was removed...not to mention asthma, bedwetting, allergies, convulsions, acne and a host of other issues...considering the nature of Tinnitus perhaps it will not help an already difficult situation to heal but it will surely stop it from getting worse from any on-going infections caused by the mucus from milk forming in the delicate ear canal... and pls do not eat just raw veggies, eat raw EVERYTHING... perhaps you may want to consider broadening your resources beyond mainstream medicine as well... blessings for more appreciation of other schools of thought, warmly Mona
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/18/2009 8:42:52 PM
Have you tried detoxing your system, or tried Vitamin B shots?
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/18/2009 9:27:47 PM
I am a musician and in my youth I was careless with my hearing. I suffer from mild tinnitus but it really only bothers me when it's very quiet.

I like white noise in the background to help me sleep. The ceiling fan over my bed is usually adequate for me. Sometimes I will play Bach or Schubert on a very low volume if it's too cold for the fan. I have also used a thunderstorm soundtrack turned down very low to help me get to sleep.

During the day I don't notice it as much as the actual hearing loss. I am very, very careful with my hearing now and I bet I have at least four pair of ear plugs in the bottom of my purse. I don't listen to amplified live music without them.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/20/2009 6:01:17 AM

During the day I don't notice it as much as the actual hearing loss. I am very, very careful with my hearing now and I bet I have at least four pair of ear plugs in the bottom of my purse. I don't listen to amplified live music without them.

I know exactly what you mean, I carry them in my pocket and have some in my car. there are one at Cabela's that we used in iraq, they work very very well, and don't block out conversation or softer noises If you send me an email i can give you more information and maybe make your music listening exerience a little better.

I'd like to thank you all for responding to my original post, All of your information has been really useful. I've began taking my daily vitamins again (GNC's Mega-man w/ vitamin B complex). Not long before my post I started into a workout program, although cardio was not a large part of it, I am working more cardio into it. This should help with circulation of blood through the ears and possibly calm the ringing a little. I found something on ebay called a "noise machine" It's not a fan but it makes a slight noise that is helping me sleep a little better, that mixed with a cd I purchased called "Speed Sleep"

Once again thank you all for posting :)
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/22/2009 4:43:28 AM
try biofeedback or whitenoise when sleeping. my brother has this, from really loud music when he was younger.

[Their are many support groups and some therapies out there to help cope with the constant ringing that I hear but, I never have time to go or at least go consistently.]

think you should make the effort to try this^^^ you may find it helps

I find it difficult to believe that cows milk or lack thereof & eating raw per that poster will get rid of something like this.. but to each their own; shows a lack of responsibility tho to recommend supplements when you dont know what you are doing since it may affect others differently & may even be harmful.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/22/2009 1:49:24 PM
Thank you for starting this thread! I've had it non-stop for the past 6 years. It's getting louder the past six months. They say it's nerve damage, can also be caused from head or neck injury. Whatever the cause, a lot of you have mentioned the lack of treatment and that's about what I got. My hearing is fine, sometimes I just have a hard time hearing through the ringing. From what I've read, the "treatment" involves coping more than anything. Like those of you that find white noise solutions, I do too. I don't have Ménière's disease. Had a friend with that, really a much bigger deal with the vertigo and all.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/22/2009 2:10:23 PM
I had tinnitus for a couple of years. I got a "white noise" machine, that helped. Paradoxically, making my bedroom extremely quiet otherwise and very dark helped. The white noise can be from a radio set in-between stations or a very small fan.

It turned out that it was from a medication I was on at the time. I had no idea that tinnitus was on the list of side-effects until I went off of it and the tinnitus went away--of course, then I looked at the prescription insert.

Try checking all of your medications if you are on any, and you might try a different type of medication, too.

Damage to the ear is not going to be the same kind of tinnitus I had, but I think it sounds the same...a constant ringing.

The inner ear is a bunch of extremely tiny nerve endings. The Ginko might help because it increases circulation to careful not to take too much because it works kind of like a blood thinner, and you might increase your risk of stroke. Also tell your Doctor you are taking it because it can affect the dosages of other medications.

Anything that helps nerves to heal might also help the nerve endings in your go for solutions that help the nervous system to heal.
 eschec mat
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/22/2009 4:12:14 PM
I agree about checking with your dentist for a doctor that works with TMJ patients. They can give you a night guard that can help and equilabrate your teeth. Equilabrate means to take the bumps or ridges off your teeth to make sure when you are biting you are biting a bit more squarely and not throwing your bite to one side causing stress on the TMJ. I always avoid unnecessary operations.

I have also done potassium. Bananas and potatoes with skins are supposed to help. I never recommend supplements to people because you don't digest them as well. If you try to make sure the food you eat contains your vitamins, supplements aren't as necessary. You can over do certain vitamins.

Allergies - sinus type, can also contribute if you get drainage around your ears, so I have been told. I don't know how accurate that is.

I leave my tv on all the time for the back ground noise.

I too carry a little ziplock bag of earplugs.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/22/2009 6:21:47 PM
Dcellxray ,

I am with you man. I already had a touch before i joined but deployment hammered me. I was in a stryker as a mortarman. We fired 600 rounds in country out of the 120 and who knows out of the 60 plus the daily barrage of incoming mortars and rockets.
Anyway my left (gun side) is hammered and the ringing was outrageous. I have actually nursed it to a very nice level a few times and am on my way back. I have it so bad as well at times i think i can feel the ear drum vibrating.

Alcohol, number one villan, even one beer and its back to full ring for at least a week.

Sitting, whatever does it extended sitting on bad seats brings the ring up. i try to avoid stressful sits.

rough noise, like crappy loud bar music. I listen to my stero home all the time and it doesnt hurt but even low level crappy bar stereos do.

I have heard the other hints may help and am testing them to but im keeping track of what works. Good luck, keep in touch on this i would love to lower mine again.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/23/2009 1:30:55 PM
Certain frequencies are affected more than others. You can try going to an audiologist to see where your hearing drops off and in what ranges...if any.

Sometimes getting a stereo equalizer helps. You can try putting certain frequencies louder and turning others way down and see what works for you. I have problems in the normal speaking range of the human voice, but I have no trouble hearing way above and way below the normal hearing range.

Hearing is one of the only senses that don't "turn off." For instance, humans can't smell anything at all during deep sleep. So if there is a fire, and someone is deaf, they won't wake up because of the smoke alone.
 Brad Pitbullsht
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/23/2009 7:21:57 PM
This may not be the answer for which the poster is looking.

Try Googling the word "Shabd." This is a name for the inner sound. To Christians, this is logos (from the Greek). It is also knownin Eckankar, to Sikhs, and most yogis, but the concept has largely been lost or misunderstood in the west.

By the nature of the sound which one hears, one can tell upon which plane attention is focussed. There are many different inner sounds, many different planes or levels of awareness, and in other cultures, you would be revered.

No, it is not the same as damage to the eardrum from guns or amplified guitars. As Satx said above, it may be accompanied by loss of equilibrium. This can often be a wonderful sign of a spiritual awakening or opening, but its scary to go through alone if we are not in possession of this simple fact and listen to the advice of some AMA types. It can be the opening of the awareness to a higher plane - a wonderful blessing, and it will soon stabilize.

Yes, we are more than just physical beings. There is much more here than meets the eye. There is much more hear than meets the ear... (lol)
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/26/2009 12:11:51 AM
please dont laugh,i do get ringing in my ear but not as frequently i experience more of the hissing at bed time .the ringing use to drive me nuts ,i suffer from tmj and i dont know if it contributes to it ,however i thought my ears were always dirty and i would clean them constantly ,but it didnt help and well you feel like ripping your ears off and came close ,thats how i got rid of my high pitched ringing, I massage my ear and stretch my ear ,i pull and stretch my ear ,when the ringing starts i start tuggin at my ear sometimes im pullin from my lobe sometimes and it works but usually im tug my whole ear util the ringing disappears really it works ,I still have the hissing and when i go to bed and it just wont let me sleep i start tuggin and it does dull the hiss but it doesnt take it away.but i dont get many ringing attacks like i use to ,but when i do i massage my ear and stretcth it until it goes away and it does,I know it sounds stupid but when something drives you crazy you ll do anything to make it stop.I call it the echo effect ,the sound reverberates in your ear and echoes bouncing around ,with nowhere to go ,by stretch your ear you change the shape of the inside your ear allowing the sound to escape ,crazy but it works for me.It cant hurt to try ,it is a very difficult thing to deal with.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/26/2009 8:27:42 PM

I am with you man. I already had a touch before i joined but deployment hammered me.


If you haven't yet please document as much as you can, go to the VA and start a claim. I am sure you will get 10-20 percent disability and compensation, They have many good programs "if" you have the time for it.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/27/2009 12:12:31 PM
Already done, the hearing is just extra to my claim. I dont have a VA rating yet but the Army just set me at 90%(Yea i am a train wreck i know) . As for time thats all i have right now :) But thanks, it's funny you mention that because a buddy of mine from the navy didnt realize he was eligible for a lot he may be eligible and we just discusssedthat today.
Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/14/2017 4:33:18 AM
Thought I'd share this around...

I'd get a ringing like everyone else I assume, that would come for a few moments then go away, just every once in a very great while. But recently I got some ringing that stayed. So I did the google research thing. Tinnitus, Meniere's disease, etc. Turns out it's the auditory cortex getting confused, the neuron feedback and sound map in your feedback with an electronic microphone and speaker, blah blah blah. You have to read this:

So when reading this, I thought maybe some people have already put some stuff in youtube as a result of the things in the above article that reboots these neurons or auditory map/cortex etc...seems more and more info really is right at our fingertips so I figured there is. Found some stuff. I'm presently, while typing this, looking at search results while playing one vid I found. So I haven't looked at everything that's out there yet and made a judgement, but I'm tripping out on how the majority of my ringing almost immediately disappeared when playing the first vid below, which I'm still in the middle of while posting this. Can't say yet how effective this really is on a permanent basis versus some temporary quasi-placebo distracting effect, but apparently it depends on hitting the right frequencies so everything can be reprogrammed/rebooted and requires a few "treatments":
Joined: 3/7/2017
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/14/2017 7:36:17 AM
I have Tinnitus for over 10 years now and this technique is one that I have found to suppress it for a while.
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