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As most of us know already, AIG has given out $165 million dollar in bonus pay. AIG of course was handed taxpayer bailout money so the company could survive. The public is obviously outraged and politicians are playing politics by pointing fingers at who's to blame for this outrageous act. But there is something very wrong here and that is, why isn't hardly anybody in the media is talking about the Federal Reserve pumping over 1 trillion dollars of new money into the economy a few days ago? That's a huge story, but yet all we hear is the outrageous AIG bonus scandal and don't forget President Obama made his historical appearance on the tonight show. The economy and US Dollar could implode in a few years(maybe faster if this recent Fed action does not work the way intended) and we could have run any inflation as well. When and if the implosion happens the media may tell us that a "Global bank, Global regulations, Global Currency or Global oversight" are new measures of protection.(Heck they are already making small mentions of those already) The media may tell us that had these "protections" been in place earlier, things would have been fine or not nearly as bad. The media will sell these new "protection" measures off to the public as a safeguard to ensure that the world will never face a financial crisis of this magnitude ever again.

Could the hype over the AIG story be a smoke screen?

Why on earth is a $165 million dollar story getting all the attention while a 1 trillion dollar story sits idle on the side lines?

You decide.....

Here's one good media broadcast on a wider view of AIG

(Only seems works on google. 1st site on google)
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AIG Bonus Smoke Screen?
Posted: 3/20/2009 6:04:45 PM
Good time to get the heck outta any financial dealing in the US involving US dollars. Try anything else...the euro, canadian pesos, gold and silver certificates, city bonds...anything but the US dollar.
 riveting tale
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AIG Bonus Smoke Screen?
Posted: 3/20/2009 9:01:59 PM
AIG wasn't in the wrong, the government was.
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AIG Bonus Smoke Screen?
Posted: 3/21/2009 7:01:17 AM

...but those bonuses have been subjected to a 90% taxation

First the smoke screen and then the dog and pony show.

but in reality it's going back to coffers

Yeah, right... cough, cough.
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AIG Bonus Smoke Screen?
Posted: 3/21/2009 7:06:58 AM
I think the title of this thread says it all. With China and everyone else that we owe money to worried about the devaluation of the dollar, this is not what the mainstream media needs to be talking about.
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AIG Bonus Smoke Screen?
Posted: 3/21/2009 10:46:14 AM
I think it surely is something other than what it is presented to be. I suspect that it is a way to get money that possibly is not needed. Basically a scam. You notice the media does not mention that former Pres. Bush's sister sits on the board of AIG. You can not tell me that an insurance providing financial investing organization is hurting for money. Insurance is the goose that laid the golden egg. I am not sure what the sceme is, but I am pretty sure there is one. AIG has indicated that all the other holdings/dealings they are involved with have made money. So, do what other businesses do when one department takes a loss. Use your own money to cover it.
Also I have written several times to obtain information regarding the exact amount of money collected monthlyl by our government by the people in the form of taxes, fees, terrifs, business taxes...essentially all incoming money. To date, no one has responded. In addition, in the back of my mind, I wonder about what really happened after 911. There are a lot of suspicious events with weak explanations. For example everyone in the fed admin getting hurt with odd excuses. Bushes black eye, Cheney's fat lip, Rumsfelds broken arm, the sec of state at that time's rug burn like mark all down the side of his face, the nude art work in the White House covered, the nude statues at the white house covered, and lately Joe Biddens bruise on his forehead.
They even made jokes about it on the tonight show during the time of 911 saying,
"what do they have up there---a fight club" Also I was watching cspan and the senate during that time and there was one evening when the senators were all in the senate which is a major rare event. As I was watching there was a fight scuffle sound from behind closed doors in the hallway and then a gun shot sound. Stabenow's eyes widdened and Harry read flinched but maintained stoical presence. With all the strangeness going on during the last 9 years, all of this leads me to wonder...who
took over on 911.
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