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Joined: 2/13/2007
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?Page 1 of 13    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
Call me insecure, but the idea of me with another man would be absolutely repulsive and unfortunately if that was a fantasy of my woman, it will stay a fantasy.
 Aries Jade
Joined: 1/22/2009
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 12:48:12 PM
OMG.....that reminds me of the joke about three explorers lost in a jungle. They happen upon this tribe of natives who were none to friendly looking. The chief walks up to the first guy and says to him "You chose death or glubnik?" The dude turns to his buddies and goes "What the he11 is glubnik?" Of course no one knows, and, figuring it couldn't be worse than death says to the chief "I'll take glubnik." The chief turns to his tribe and shouts "HIM CHOSE GLUBNIK" to which he recieves a great and mighty cheer. The tribe proceeds to grab the man, bend him over a log, and, one by one gives him the pounding of a lifetime while his two buddies look on in abject horror. The chief walks up to the second guy and asks him the same question..."You chose death or glubnik?" The second guy, not wanting to die, hangs his head and whispers "glubnik." Again, the same treatment. The chief walks up to the final explorer and asks the dreaded "You chose death or glubnik" to which the third guy says "Fvck you....I chose DEATH!!!" The chief turns to his tribe and shouts "HIM CHOSE DEATH." Again, there is a mighty cheer from the tribe followed by the chief saying "But first, little glubnik!"

AJ bored at work!
Joined: 3/7/2008
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 2:39:57 PM
Very few women I've known have said that seeing 2 men together is a fantasy of theirs. More have been 100% straight but a few would try being with another woman.

As for me, I have VERY few limits sexually... but this is one of them. I have no desire to try anything with another guy, and couldnt even fake it for an SO. I just love womens bodies too much!
Joined: 2/2/2009
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 3:50:57 PM
No way in hell. I am no homophobe, but guy on guy stuff even intimate contact I find very repulsive. If my woman was into MMF I don't reckon I could come close to going along with it, the idea of another naked guy in my personal space would shut me down sexually, and probably him lol! Yes, part of it is the demasculation issue. And part of it is I find it dirty and unappealing. I've known few women where this M on male thing did something for them other than make them gag.
Being in a FFM encounter would probably be a turn on for me, it's a fantasy I suppose and yeah it is a double standard. It's also a pretty common double standard. However, I don't let my sex life with my GF be affected by some innnate and probalby childish fantasy. Not her bag = not my bag. Nuff said...

"Heard about the new lesbian marraige certificate? It's called a licker license!"
Joined: 2/2/2009
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 4:55:16 PM

And to say that a woman with another woman is totally cool and hot and that a man with another man is revolting, is just the margin of how dishonest many are and how far society has to go yet

Now we see your real intent of your post OP. You are trying to push gay views on others while not-so-subtly slamming some people's(includin my) viewpoints. You asked a question. Some of us responded honestly. Now it seems I must step in the ring with you:

Get this through your head - Some enjoy same sex encounters, some do not. Some do the bi thing - this is more predominant amongst women, hmmm....that tell you anything? You disagree? Bring it on.

I stand by my honest view that I do not find seeing woman on woman as revolting as seeing man on man. I am not alone in this. I REFUSE to be put down because of my own personal opinion preference. I do not slam your preference for sausaue dude, it's your life choice and more power to you. I REFUSE to be called a homophobe. I grew up West Coast and have gay/lesbian friends. Oh wait, maybe I should just say gay so you wont attack my stance of using two different terms regarding two different sexes lifestle huh? Gonna bring in the PC police? How dare you attack anyone's viewpoint if it is thier opinion? Take your drama coercive crap to some place where it's considered in good taste. Doing your little social coersion here shows a lack of good taste and judgment from you.
Joined: 3/7/2008
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 5:24:43 PM

Even straight men often get oral sex from other men
Now I have nothing against gay or bisexual men, but I'm not sure where you get this from. There is no amount of alcohol or horniness that would have me accept oral from a guy. And my friends are the same. Maybe the younger 'hipper' crowd is different, I dunno. But if a man is getting/giving oral with other men, he can't be considered straight, IMO.

I fully admit there is a double standard about women though - I love the idea of 2 women. I did some swinging a while ago and obviously that crowd is very open sexually. In my experience, 90% of the women were bi or curious to fool around with a girl, and 95% of men were completely straight. We weren't phobic about being near other men, or accidental touching, but there was no want at all of sexual activity between the men. But I'm always OK with anything that goes on between consenting adults - to each his own...
Joined: 10/2/2006
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 5:42:56 PM desire to see my man with another man
and Sorry....but anybody that considers doing something sexual for their partner as a "sacrifice".....shouldn't be having sex to start with.

and in your original post.....u say a "mostly straight man" living out a fantasy.....
well....IMO......that man isn't mostly straight.......he's Bi.
Joined: 2/29/2008
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 7:37:19 PM
OP, NONE of the anger I see on here has to do with the topic; it has to do with your arrogant, condescending, judgmental, name calling; and your implied superiority of intelligence and experience; which I personally find offensive. You ask a question, (in baited, labeling, language) and get all pi$$y when people express views that are either opposite of yours, and/or given your sexual preference, find things you enjoy unappealing. I can understand that you may feel defensive when people say they find your personal preferences and actual physical practices, anywhere from revolting to sick to disgusting. However, you knew full well that the vast majority of people on this site, have sexual preferences different than yours; so to expect anything else is simply not realistic.

This may sound sick to many (especially homophobic on insecure men)
Inflammatory, condescending, and judgmental, and you KNEW it when you wrote it; so don’t get pi$$y when you get the reaction you were expecting. Actually homophobes WILL find it sick; MANY to MOST insecure men will be threatened; and SOME straight guys will also be disgusted.

Well this must be a whole new breed of men and women, because I have heard it from people………I can only go by what I've heard and seen I guess, which probably carries a bit more weight (because you’re so superior) in the end…all the adamant protests seem a little extreme from real life situations… situations I experienced.….. Everyone on POF must be different from every other place I've talked about it.…. All I did was say what I've heard and seen ...
Wow, touched on a big nerve with lots of macho manly men-men. Gawd, the hostility is so telling.
You imply that the posters are either lying, to you, or themselves, or must be completely detached from reality, or are just ignorant, and then have the balls to get upset when they in turn express negative feelings toward you? You also rant about ALL the encounters, experiences, and people you have had or known who feel different than the majority of the posters here. As though your experiences are valid, and their beliefs aren’t. Here’s a NEWS FLASH for you OP….YOU ARE GAY!!! The vast majority of the people you interact with on a personal level are ALL people who are either gay/bi or open, accepting, understand, or at the very least tolerant of you and alternative lifestyles in general. PLUS people/women who HAVE these fantasies/desires would GRAVITATE toward YOU! You have a VERY SKEWED reality in this regard. Get over it.

the margin of how dishonest many are and how far society has to go yet.
again with the assuming, and name calling, and show of superiority.
I was a little taken aback but the anger it promoted (well, maybe not).
LOL, No you weren’t; but nice try at innocence and superiority.
I did indeed say that MANY would find it "sick" (as I was proven right), ESPECIALLY those who are homophobic or insecure.
No, you said many MAY find it sick; and how do you know ANY of the posters are homophobic or insecure? Some probably are; but you’re still calling names.
many people make "sacrifices" sexually for the other
This is just wrong. NOBODY should be asked to do anything that is a “sacrifice” EVER! I’ll do things that don’t do anything for me because I know she really enjoys it; and have had lovers do the same; but NOTHING she or I really don’t like.
But I also have to admit, I have heard from even straight guys that "receiving oral isn't gay, as long as you don't give".
I can testify to this. I personally don’t feel this way; but many do. I was the only straight guy in a gay household for a while, and most, if not all, of the gay guys had encountered this at some point. (NO I DIDN’T DO THIS, LOL, really)
I have gotten private messages since I started this thread from people saying they know what I mean but did not want to contribute to this thread and be attacked or judged (this isn't entirely anonymous).
I’m curious, without giving any names, how many have you received?
The other thing is I have experienced guys I thought were totally straight (married, kids, girlfriends, don't date guys at all) showing sexual interest after drinking on many occasions.
I’ll concur. Heck, most of the gay guys I knew had ex wives and children.

OP, if you wanted to know what percentage of people in a predominantly straight group might have homosexual fantasies, you got your answer. This population base is very different form the one your used to; more people here are not going to be as tolerant as what you’re used to. YOUR reality is skewed toward people accepting and supportive of non-straight people; THIS reality is skewed in exactly the opposite direction; because most gay people will be using different sites. BOTH are skewed away from the population in general. Accept it, and get over it; and take your superior condescending bull$hit somewhere else.
Joined: 2/2/2009
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/20/2009 8:57:11 PM
Here we go again OP. Pretty much every response you put in this forum reaps of promoting your "open minded" lifestyle backing it up with things like most guys dont find it gay while slamming ANY guy who disagrees. You've done this to me twice now. I am not homophobic. I do find what gays do intimatly to be personally revolting and unhealthy but I don't do anything to protest it or condom errr condem. It's thier choice. It's my choice to take the stance whether it is fair or not many men and women have the similar view of me that female vs female > male vs male. Have a problem accepting that? What makes it seem to unjust to you? You, of all people are personal in the intimacies and(spposdely) the physcology of it. Act your intelligence man, stop slamming guys and girls who disagree. This still looks like a not-so-subtle attempt to promote an agenda. I vote to delete. Start a sincere topic next time.
Joined: 4/21/2007
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/21/2009 7:59:25 AM
And here I thought that the question was whether or not women had this fantasy.. silly me.

A) Count me in. I have. Pretty much every guy I've ever dated, in fact, but I knew it would stay a fantasy. I've dated a few guys who didn't get all upset or grossed out if I shared this fantasy, but they'd never have done it. I was/am ok with that.

B) Unless the guy is bi-sexual, I doubt any would do it.

Finding fantasies sick is kind of ridiculous, especially just a guy on guy one. I mean.. helloooo. FANTASY.. not real, just a random thought that flicks into one's brainpan. Not sick, but I suppose kind of odd.

I wouldn't want to see a guy I was dating with another guy because how the heck can I compete with a penis?!

Hah.. it's funny you should say that because that'd be my thing, too. I know how much *I* like the penis. What if this fantasy was given to me in a live show and he liked the penis as much as or more than I? YIKES!

Strange fear to have, I imagine, but there it is. I'm pretty good, I think, but I can't compete with penis, really.
Joined: 4/21/2007
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/21/2009 8:33:26 AM

Hey he's had at least 4 now say it was a fantasy.

Joined: 5/3/2006
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/21/2009 10:22:13 AM
To answer your question PNG, I have fantasized about it. I've shared this with several of the men I've had relationships with and several of them have been ok with the idea. My fantasy changes from being strictly focused on me, to me being the observer, if you know what I mean.

My current is bi, so this is something he would do for me... provided we ever agree on the 3rd party. He knows that I have no interest in being with another woman, so him asking me isn't going to happen. Well. He could ask.. but it won't happen. If he decided not to do it for me, then it won't happen. I won't force him. I can't. He has free will and is allowed to use it.
Joined: 2/13/2007
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/21/2009 2:55:34 PM

never did I say that "anybody who can’t find this practice a turn on was “homophobic, insecure and repressed”.

Yet your original post says this:

This may sound sick to many (especially homophobic on insecure men) but it is just the reverse of men fantasizing about their woman with another woman.

However, if I am suffering from Alzheimer's and did and just don't remember, anyone is free to copy and paste where I did.

So dude, read what you wrote. Or get checked for the above problem.
Joined: 12/14/2008
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/21/2009 4:56:40 PM
Me? Never. No interest in it.
Joined: 4/21/2007
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/21/2009 4:57:47 PM

I love it when people speak for everyone.
Joined: 10/9/2008
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/21/2009 5:04:08 PM
Exit only

One way street

Do not enter

And...I would not ask the same of a ladie. JMO
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/22/2009 12:04:28 PM

Although I did say this may sound sick especially to homophobic or insecure men, I DID NOT BY ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SAY if you find it a turn-off or wouldn't do it you were then by default homophobic or insecure, nor do I believe that

OP, is it possible that some homophobic men AND women may find watching same sex action sort of a turn on? There are many reasons a person may be a homophobe. Just because I find male on male personally revolting does not, in any way, make me homophobic. No matter what your intentions it does look like you were branding people with differing preferences/opinions. I'll conced that often a partner enjoys a certain sex act thier partner does for them just because they asked them to. It's submission and/or sign of desire to please a partner. But everybody has thier boundaries. I wont sit here and spell out my views or statistics or stuff for why I disagree with same sex lifestyles(both sexes). Bottom line I state my personal preference.

As much as many guys(and some women) may find girl on girl some kind of a turn on I've also seen the effects of a friend coming home to find his wife in bed with another woman, she left him that day and filed divorce before he could. He's probalby the most non-emotional man I've ever met since that event...
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/22/2009 8:52:57 PM

Any hint of homophobia from people around me is an instant turn off.

Homophobia is an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality, homosexuals, or individuals perceived as homosexual.

I think this word is sometimes “ thrown out” and “thrown at” people without warrant. Some definitions of homophobia leave out the irrational part. With that definition, I guess I would be a “homophobe” because I can say that I have a rational aversion to homosexuality. I can have this rational aversion without offending or discriminating against anyone for what they choose to do with their lives.

As many have said before, don't knock it until you've tried it. In fact, why do people feel the need to knock it all?

The OP asked for opinions on would you. I don't think you have to do something in order to have an opinion on how you might feel about doing something. IMO
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/22/2009 9:17:48 PM

You can see what I mean if you ask yourself to logically explain why it is worse to see two men vs women. It comes naturally to many in our society to just automatically "seem" worse or disgusting, so we assume that is because it just is so by definition. But when you ask anyone to intellectually give one good reason why it is worse, they can't.

Well...I can...but only for me personally but might be why it is predominantly so for other. And I think there was a hint of this earlier in the thread....maybe not.

I see(and have throughout my life seen) women hugging and kissing (whether they are homosexual, bi or hetero) every day of our lives.

Mothers and daughters, good friends or whatever. Women tend to “show” their affection publicly (to either sex) more so than men do.

A guy will give his SO or daughter a hug and kiss...he will give his son, brother or even good friend a hug...but there is a time limit.

I believe that logically...this would explain why I am more comfortable with FF. I’m just more used to seeing it with FF than I am with MM.

BTW...I don’t believe there is a difference between MM and FF.
Joined: 2/29/2008
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/22/2009 11:53:19 PM
PhxNiceGuy Alright wild man, let’s talk. Dude, you are killing me. First off, your approach is so bad that you’ve got m_church and I on the same side! That’s like Strom Thurmond and Ted Kennedy linking up. If you want to think that your “Whoa is me…I can’t understand how anyone could think that…” BS is actually going to get anyone to believe you…go right ahead and believe it. NONE of my anger had anything at all to do with the question you posed per se; but your backhanded ways, and some not so backhanded ways, of dissing people who disagree with you; and the inferences and assumptions you make; and with your revisionism of mine and other responses. Got that? NOTHING upset me about you asking about women having the fantasy of seeing two men make out…NOTHING.

Wow Windloverr, you sure like to "cherry-pick" quotes ...
The operant term here being “quotes”. YOU wrote that stuff not me; and I noticed how you didn’t address, defend, or explain ANY of the quotes I referenced. It’s on you man.

Again, it is very interesting that all the anger and outrage comes from (some of the) straight men: those that have no problem seeing two women together … then assume it is for them to decide what a woman's fantasy should be …. (and gee, does it have anything to do with you being a straight man, many who shudder at the mere thought of a question like that, but drool over two "lipstick lesbians" doing it?)
Hey, I missed it. (and don’t even pretend that you weren’t implying that I was in that group) I’ve posted on soooo many threads here I can’t remember them all. Would you please copy and paste the post, and my response, that indicates how much I’m into seeing two women together? AND the one where I indicate what women’s fantasies should be? Thanks. Sorry dude, back on you...
I feel sorry for women who settle for men like this. ...Maybe that is why so many women actually like hanging out with gay men: respect and understanding.
Me too on women settling; and the hanging out thing also has to do with NO sexual tension; and the fact that a lot of gay men are so much easier to truly relax around. Although SOME gay men assume all straight guys are secretly gay; although those who do will deny it.

...(but by all means go ahead and assume you know me so well and my intentions if it helps you vent). ....
Not venting dude; just calling you out. Ask your question; but ease up on the labels.
... when what you should have said is your own inferred idea of my "superiority of intelligence and experience".
Not telling me what I should have said are you? Wow, that’s an accusation that sounds familiar. For the record: That’s your fantasy, not mine. I have NO such idea, real, implied, or inferred, regarding your superiority. Although, I will go on record as saying I think you are fairly bright; it’s just that you aren’t NEARLY as clever as you think you are. By that I referring to you pretending you don't really understand what the anger is about; and your PRETENDING it's really the subject matter that people are upset with, and not your methods.
many women got what I meant and answered the question without any threat or perceived hostility.
My my my…let me see…could that be because…they weren’t grouped with,
(especially homophobic on insecure men)
when it was stated WHO MAY be offended? You point to a group you didn't attack, and say Oooooo...they didn't get offended, so I must be right. Wooo go guy.
What anger or issues do you have that you chose to take it that way? ....the things you have said are indeed hostile, no inference necessary:
The things I said were indeed hostile. Read my other posts; I have no problem at all rising to the level of hostility when I see an appropriate application. ”What anger or issues do I have…” Read my other posts, note the patterns, I NEVER get hostile over ideas that are not in themselves hostile; and this isn't one, so, again, don't pretend…I get hostile over bullies, and people who perceive themselves as superior, or perceive others as inferior, and I get hostile with hostility. MY ISSUES are with people who, try to accent their own superiority by showing the obvious inferiority of anyone who disagrees with them or their approach.
...Actually you are the very one who is angry when you see opinions that differ from yours.
Your fantasy, not mine. Again, it has NOTHING to do with your opinion…
We all know anger stems from men who can't dare to think of homosexuality unless it is with two women for their own pleasure. ....Actually, to me, perceiving a threat when there isn't one is exactly what I meant when I used the word "insecure". ...
LMAO! You’re killing me! “We all know” that’s where anger stems from huh? Keep trying guy. Also, keep dreaming, I do not perceive YOU as a threat to me, my masculinity, or my sexuality in any way, shape, or form. You wish. You must have missed the part where I said I used to live in a gay household; AND the post where I referred to two men kissing in public as “having balls”; AND the one where I was pointing out to a few people that gay men think and feel EXACTLY like straight men with the exception of sexual preference. However, I never did post about offering a gay friend of mine to ride with me back to the park to point out the two straight guys who just beat him up for being gay, so I could beat the sh!t out of them. AND I didn’t post where the flowers, catering, and hair at my wedding was all done be gay men, FREE OF CHARGE, because they were all such close friends; so you couldn’t possibly have known that. Dude…don’t f*ck with me about my conservative, bigoted, chauvinistic attitudes; or my insecurities; unless you have a clue what those might be. MY "anger" has to do with your perceived superiority, and condescending attitude toward people who don’t agree with you. Period. Also, I'm NOT actually angry; I'm just not putting up with your BS.

And since you asked, the first-hand experiences I spoke of were from men that weren't gay or that I met in a gay setting, so it has nothing to do with me being gay or who I hang out with, unless you mean just more relaxed or open-minded people who are secure within themselves.
LMAO…that is EXACTLY who I mean. That’s where your “this is normal, and you must be insecure to disagree with me” bull$hit comes from.
(really just general public, not designated as "straight" or "gay").
Ahhhhh…so these are perfect strangers who in no way self selected to be in your company that you walk up to on the streets and ask, “Do you fantasize about two gay men making love?” Work with me dude.
And if you suspect my diabolical intentions and hidden gay agenda, then ask, don't tell me what's my intention.
Whoa! Your paranoia…not mine. Please cut and past the part where I discussed your “intentions” or “agenda”.

Thanks and I am truly sorry I dared to pose this unspeakable and shocking question, Can we end this now or if not, at least continue civilly?
The question is cool…ask away…just don’t label or accuse or imply things about people who disagree with you. You, however, made MANY assumptions and implications, about me and others, but NEVER ASKED, so I’ll tell you. I am happy for people when they can be open and honest with themselves and others regarding who they are; who they care for, and who they love. I cannot imagine NOT being able to do so myself. Regarding gay porn…I’ve seen it, and found it as exciting as cleaning the oven. It simply doesn’t do it for me. Sorry. Besides, the acting, quality, dialogue, etc. is sooooo much worse in gay porn. Yeah dude, hate to break it to you, but everyone who is NOT excited about gay sex issues is not insecure with their sexuality…rock on. Pi$$, moan, point imaginary fingers, and play stupid all you want; if you say something I agree with, I’ll say so; but, when you take on your accusatory and Miss Thang attitude; don’t get pi$$y, when I take offense. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…SNAP!
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/23/2009 8:58:44 PM

I didn't realize you knew me so well after 3 days in a forum.
You have yet to address a SINGLE quote I've addressed, or point I've made.
no explanation, apology or attempt to be civil
not when each of them is replete with barbs, digs, assumptions, and innuendos.
"open-mindedly gay-friendly" you claim you have been in the past
How about "open minded and gay friendly I am?"
this is not about a "gay/straight" thing
Huh? Well for all the homophobia and insecure hetersexuality you accuse me, and others of, I'd have thought differently.
even when they explain and tell you it's not so.
again, I addressed numerous direct quotes of yours; NONE of which you have re-addressed.
copy-and-paste quote HTML-style does not back up anything you say as again they are cherry-picked and you left out huge chunks
Then, would you PLEASE cut and paste the "huge chunks" that address how wrong I am?

I am asking you...BEGGING you, to PLEASE show me SPECIFICALLY where I have twisted a single word. Show me where I "cherry pick" your quotes leaving out the important part that gives it a different meaning. You have also not shown me the quotes where I'm all over the girl/girl thing; or ONE SINGLE ANTI-GAY quote I've EVER WRITTEN.

Show me a REAL apology; a REAL attempt at being civil; and/or a REAL admission that you MAY have said something that could have been misconstrued. Show me examples that DO NOT include the words "homophobia" or "insecurity."

You're not going to, because you can't. You are also absolutely correct, it is a "dead horse." You are also correct in that anyone reading the posts can see what's going on. I've given specific examples; you give non-specific innuendo laden rants. Truly pathetic.
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/24/2009 1:05:51 PM

from your opening topic it read to those males who disagreed with the topic were insecure homophobes maybe if you offered an apology it would ease the tension

I guess I am one of those males that would say this is "not happening" on many levels. First and foremost...I am not bi, homosexual and very sure I'm not suppressing any curiosity or tendencies.

I read the OP opening post and took no offense at that time. I have re-read it and still don’t feel as though I have been called a homophobe.

Although I find the scenario described in the OP’s opening post repulsive…I do not find his verbiage the same.

Edit: No apology needed
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/24/2009 2:10:49 PM
RE [quote} Redlance71,
You reek of hypocrisy. Female-female is a homosexual act.

Hey mick2521, try reading all of the posts Einstein. I blatently stated I had the view that 2 females was not as disgusting in my opinion as male on male. I acknowledge it is a double standard that is not uncommon. I even tried to explain it. You've got no basis to attack me, I am neither fooling myself nor anyone else.

For your education and to explain out what the OP supposedly does not know are the reasons for this(though I know he does know) here I go again -

I find FF action can be a bit repulsive to me at times, and a turn on at others. It's not a fetish I pursue. Femininity is not reduced in my mind by seeing two women being close to each other. I do not care to see PDA in public from either FF or MM, I am equally turned off by seeing that either way. I'm not a big fan of big PDAs put on by anybody straight or otherwise. It's poor taste imho and too distracting. I have issues with porn in general so it is not an active part in my life but when I did view it I was not into same sex scenarios, didn't mind seeing FFM and tolerated MMF. In some strange sense women sexually expressing with each other was almost a femininity booster, my drawback to FF stuff is it is unnatural in some ways. This is why FF not a full blown turn-on for me. When a dildo was brought into a scene it was almost a turn off for me yet I have no inhibitions or fears of seeing my mate use any toy she wants and even using them on her. Odd huh?

I find MM action to be very repulsive to me. I don't ever see myself wanting to be in a sexually vulnerable situation with a man. Male on male action for me is demasculation. In my mind there can be only one male and if I was into dudes someone would have to be the "bi**ch". No, it's not about aggression either. I see MM actions as invasive. Most of the time some guy's member is going into a body part of another guy and NO guy has a place in thier body where the male member is DESIGNED to go. To an accused "homophobe" like me it's unnatural, disgusting, invasive and destructive emotionally and mentally. This is not everybody's view - to each thier own. I resent being called a homphobe cause I wont jump on the sausage wagon. It's ignorant.

Core of the question was would I indulge on a woman's MMF fantasy if she really wanted it. My answer - I don't see myself wanting to do that for my girl. I won't say never. MMF does not mean some guys has to blow me or even intentionally touch me. My tolerances broaden and tighten depending on the relationship. Would I like to see FFM action with her in it? Probably not. She's not into that so neither am I. I once had chance for FFM with me and I turned it down, my issue since then has been why the hell did I turn it down? Each women was very hot! What would it have been like? It wasn't perfomance anxiety. More than likely my faith convictions kicked in. It's the only explanation I have got.
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/24/2009 6:18:59 PM

and yet I did apologize just to appease any who found the original post offensive…Sorry again: Re-read post #48. I did EXACTLY THAT, even after your unwarranted accusations and remarks.
Right, which came right after post 46. So, you expected to rant and rave in #46, then act as if nothing happened in #48 and get all beside yourself because I responded to you? Come on chief, one way or the other please, you can't have it both ways. No pun intended.

Try SHOWING how "tolerant" you are, not claiming it with past references no one can see or prove.
Ummmm…the posts I referenced are current; and have been posted in the last few days; which obviously reflects how I feel NOW; AND were posted before you had posted anything, so are obviously NOT influenced by this post in any way. Regarding my past actions; are you calling me a liar? LMAO What?…do you think I would make something like that up in order to “look good” for you? Trust me on this one, it’s not going to happen. Besides, you know what, I REALLY don’t give a d*mn one way or the other what you think of me.

As for “everyone who got it right”, they are simply answering the question; which I also did. However, my issue was NOT with the question, (as badly as you keep trying to pretend it was) it was with HOW you stated it. So run around, wave your arms, and deny all culpability, and rant about my homophobia and insecurity; that will certainly clear things up. Also, for the record, I’ve also gotten personal emails FROM WOMEN telling me “good job for ripping that guy…he knows what you’re talking about.” Of course, you’re not going to believe me; but again, I don’t care.

Frankly, you win. I give up. You wore me down. I’ve pointed out specifically and explicitly what my issues were using YOUR OWN LANGUAGE QUOTED DIRECTLY FROM YOU; and you go off on a lengthy rant, then pretend you addressed it, or deny you ever said anything. There is absolutely NO purpose to continuing parallel monologues with you. I ask you what time it is; and you tell me how to make a sandwich. I’m done.

You know what else? In future posts, if I agree with you, I’ll say so. If I don’t, you’ll know that too.
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How many women fantasize watching their man with another man?
Posted: 3/24/2009 7:12:23 PM
OP, do you know what is absolutely hilarious? I went back and re-read my posts. All I did was specifically address how INTOLLERENT YOU WERE (post 41); then YOU turned it back on me and started all this homophobia and insecurity BS. I DIDN’T EVEN MENTION straight or gay…YOU DID!!! (post 46 when you were addressing me; although you had picked up that flag and were waving it long before I stepped into the fray) ROFLMAO

YOU made it a straight/gay thing; then called ME out saying “this isn’t even about straight or gay”, then went on about how I/we must be homophobic, insecure, and bigoted since we also must like woman on woman fantasies…YOU WERE BRILLIANT!!! I defended myself for stuff I didn't even imply! I EVEN AGREED WITH YOU AND SUPPORTED YOU ON SEVERAL POINTS!! HOW FUNNY!!!

You based your entire offense (and I say offense; because you never did address the specific comments I made) on the fact that you didn’t specifically name someone. YOU ASKED THE QUESTION!!! OF COURSE WE NAMED YOU, YOU DOLT;………IT’S YOUR POST!!!!

My bet is you sucked in Philosophy or Logic; but rocked in Debate. Absolutely hilarious!

Ok, you wanted a list of 5 unaddressed issues; I picked 6, please forgive me.
1/Show me the post where I talk about how much I’m into FF fantasies.
2/Show me the post where I discuss what women’s fantasies should be.
3/Show me a quote anywhere where I am anything BUT supportive of gays.
4/Show me where I, in any way, referred to the SUBJECT of your post, and not your attitude.
5/Show me where I even mentioned your “intentions” or “agenda”.

Well this must be a whole new breed of men and women, because I have heard it from people………I can only go by what I've heard and seen I guess, which probably carries a bit more weight in the end…all the adamant protests seem a little extreme from real life situations… situations I experienced.….. Everyone on POF must be different from every other place I've talked about it.…. All I did was say what I've heard and seen ...
Wow, touched on a big nerve with lots of macho manly men-men. Gawd, the hostility is so telling....the margin of how dishonest many are and how far society has to go yet.

6/Since you accuse me of making my own interpretation; please specifically address the quotes I have highlighted, and explain to me that you are NOT accusing people of lying. If I “cherry picked” please feel free to expand the quotes so that they encompass your “REAL” intentions.
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