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Joined: 1/27/2009
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Absolutely agree with the a matter fact, I stopped listening to guitar slingers after Vai, they all sound the same. In the 70's Fripp, Howe, Holdsworth,Mclaughlin all had completely different styles for example.
And don't get me started on Yngvie, anybody who worships that clown needs to get a check up.
 good guitar player
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/1/2009 6:44:23 PM
Really don't consider them today's......The Clowns from Nickle Back or the Jonas brothers are really more today. I agree speed is not all it cracked up to be ...but guys who say that can't play fast. Guitarist are ego's with a guitar so they are always justifing "Why" somthing is this way or that. Not a fan of any of them but they can play some good stuff, rather hear a lot of other guys but they have feel, not all feel is the johnny lee hooker type. Just may be a feel you don't conect with.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/1/2009 7:03:38 PM
I'm a guitarist and after seperating from my band some time ago I entered the world of songwriting... Through the music I studied in school and on my own it is my opinion that the best guitarists are completely unknown individually. Don't get me wrong, It is impressive and I do try to learn from the guys that can really make a guitar sing solo, but I find the most talent comes in knowing how to make yourself disappear in the track yet be completely essential for the flow of the song...

A really good examples of this type of playing-

Artist: People in Planes
Album: Beyond the Horizon
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/2/2009 8:44:05 PM
amen sir.. which is why I am a fan of J Mascis. can't sing to save his life.. but great lyrics and really good guitar playing.. alot of music is lacking 'soul' anymore.. the 'guitar gods' are more showmen that anything.. I was forced to watch the satirani video (the last one I think.. don't know.. don't really care) but... the rhythm guitar player was awesome. then again.. he didn't have to just play a note and hold it and 'look cool' like joe.. anywhoo there is some wonderful new music out there, and great guitar players with heart it just takes a bit to find them.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/2/2009 8:53:08 PM
does playing make you feel good? do you enjoy it? then there is a reason to play.. competing against someone in an arena like this doesn't make sense.. it's not about how fast or how well you can play.. but how it makes you feel and how it makes others feel.. the kid's really good.. but so were Beethoven, Mozart and Bach... didn't stop rock and roll and jazz from being born. play because you need too and for what it gives you back not for what it can bring you. anyway.. that's my 2 cents on the matter.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/3/2009 1:08:07 PM
Am I the only one who enjoys listening to guitar players play just cause I love the guitar,all styles....after all these years people still being crybabies about playing fast the guitar is meant to be played anyway the guitarist wants to play it including fast...A=440..that means the string vibrates 440 times in a second...thats very fast you dumba$$es... oh thats right tooo many notes you can't hear it,long live shred guitar and buddy holly,cause he was really good too.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/4/2009 5:04:51 PM
"Hard to consider guys who were big 15-20 years ago "todays guitarists"..."

I was just going to say. Satch, Vai and the rest of them have been around for YEARS. ****, didn't Satch teach Kirk Hammet when he was a kid?
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/5/2009 6:46:15 PM
I dont find Vai a fast player at all.Satch Vai ,Eric Johnson those guys sound kinda the same. They use alot of effects and are really good at it.Yingwi is fast but even hes a slow poke to todays shredder kings."Always with me always with you " no feel? How much more feel do you

Ted Nudgent,Claption ,Page ,Hendrix sound the same too.Why because it was the style of the times .Trends come and go.Every now and then you get someone come along and knocks your socks off then other fallow the styile.

Ive been playing for 30 years,I started young.And Im self taught.If its in you it comes out when you play.
 Call Me Sugar
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/8/2009 3:49:35 AM
Satriani is one of the best...
Also check out Jason Becker... do a search and read his story..
he's amazing..
He was diagnosed with ALS / Lou Gehrig's disease when he was 19 at the height of his career and now is in a wheelchair and cant move anymore but communicates with his eyes.. his father made him an alphabet chart so he can communicate with eye movements and he continues to write music this way... INCREDIBLE..
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/8/2009 6:27:45 AM
The true test of music is a single instrument, which takes the listener
on a voyage without lifes toil or foils.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 4/10/2009 7:44:47 PM
just to say.. there is some great music by good guitar players out there... two of my favorites of late..Rise Against:siren song of the counter culture...(the guitar player used to be in 88 fingers Louie) and Thrice: the Alchemy index. and artist int he ambulance. it's fast and heavy for the most part.. but it has depth and soul to it as well. and although not great guitar playing... look into 'drag the river' old school punks doing old school country.. great stuff and damn nice guys.. played with them a couple of times.
Joined: 3/4/2009
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 6/4/2009 9:29:14 PM
Vai, Satch, and Petrucci all play with quite a lot of feeling and expression. Not to mention guitarists in progressive and metal music like Mikael Akerfeldt, Steve Wilson, Buckethead, Matt Bellamy...

There's a LOT of talent out there. You just have to know where to look.
Joined: 8/18/2008
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 6/7/2009 1:46:19 AM
tom morello is quite a guy too, been in a lot of bands with his numerous wah playing trademarks
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 6/7/2009 10:56:29 PM
there are two types of musicians...ones that taught themselves tend to play more from the heart and soul thier songs tend to become timeless..and then there are the schooled musicians whom are technical and mathmatical when it comes to writing thier music tends to lack emotion therefore doesnt have much staying power.. example: nirvana verses dream theater..who do you hear more about?
Joined: 6/2/2009
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 6/9/2009 1:46:06 PM
I dunno..but I think its about being in the right place at the right time.

A guitarist to me is just another character in a play.
In the end, the whole story has to come together, right?
 Husker Freak
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/19/2010 7:53:45 PM
Anyone here like Steve Lukather? The guy can tear it up!!
Joined: 1/15/2010
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/19/2010 9:09:52 PM
Steven Wilson is fairly recent and he's flat out amazing.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/20/2010 6:50:00 PM
Music,one of the most subjective experiences in life..which renders any discussion of who is better than who completely irrelevant.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/21/2010 6:16:19 AM
Those guys mentioned by the op are not today's guitarists.

Joe Satriani is amazing, and does play with feel.

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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/21/2010 8:38:03 AM
never knew this was here,

well I'm an acoustic 12 string player and my favs are older 70's guys like Page, Joe Perry, Brian May Ace ,under rated guys like rick neilson and Alex Liefson from Rush .
Satriana Vai ect Eddie are all fast and spped is fun but the feel i can relate too.
We cover a song by Satriani and its just 4 chords E m c d and g so you never know.
I watched a video and this guy named Manny for Madonna ( 11 years) had to play classical, electric, mandolin, dobro, spanish, 6 string, 12 string , ukulele ect.
was quite impressive although many would say im silly.
I think the best acoustic guitarist is Nancy Wilson from Heart . The chords she invented are amazing . just my thoughts....
Joined: 1/31/2010
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/21/2010 11:01:35 AM
I must say that those guys from the late 60's 70's are in a class all by themselves....of course being 45 I love the Hendrix,Jimmy Page,Carlos Santana,David Gilmour,Brian May,Ernie Isley,Garry Marshall Shider&"Eddie" Hazel of Funkadelic
Joined: 11/23/2009
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/21/2010 5:10:23 PM
Satch taught Hammet and Vai.
Joined: 12/26/2008
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 2/22/2010 5:08:00 PM
This is actually a great question or post...Music as it advances is a progression of learning from those before you, and moving forward.

As with everything in the last several years/decades things have jumped faster by leaps and bounds.....we are in the information age.

I'll give you my insight based on experience. I remember the sixties, not the bands but people in general, hell about all anyone could do as far as regular people was play chords, few could do lead , and when they did it was mediocre at best, even the bands in rock didn't play complicated riffs. In the seventies, you saw more people playing better, more complicated stuff, but still out in public a person who could play good lead wasn't common like these days...Now, I'm talking about at pawn shops, music stores, at a friends house, etc...

If you didn't have someone to teach you, you taught yourself, unless you took music for a long time.....The bands in the late sixties and then on got a lot better and much better riffs in lead , by the end of the seventies, about all the great guitar bands could wail.

Fast forward to these days, everything done before is out there for the taking, you can learn the tabs, and pick it up on the net, the teaching is quicker more advanced, etc....a starting out guitar player can learn in two years what took much longer in the past.

I can go all over the place and everywhere you go there is someone who can wail and not even in a band...take them back in time and they would be a spectrum for all to see.

I taught myself how to play guitar, and played for the fun of it, and didn't get into lead till several years back...I can go places and see someone who can out speed me, course if I put more into it, it might be different.

But, I noticed someone...almost all of these people sound the same...they picked up the same info. and techniques and all sound similar.

Music is an expression, or can be....other than the real hard rock, most songs that made it big had a distictive but uncomplicated lead that sticks in your mind. It moves with the song and has almost a meaning to it.

There's a guy my son knew, who could play well, he learned Stevie Ray stuff, but play some cords and ask him to play along and he struggles.

So, I think many learn from the same techniques, a good thing because you learn faster, but you lose a bit in individuality....and people these days haven't gone thru the same things that inspired the old blues players, the hard times,, it doesn't come thru in their music...the soul and feelings.

So, its good to learn the techniques, then develop your own style thru your feelings, and their are still a lot of great different players too....but the thing about this rapid advancing, its hard to come up with something new, there are the ones before you and so many now and mostly its been done before, there are only so many notes and ways you can play them.
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 3/2/2010 3:19:26 AM
Sorry dude I think you got it wrong about satch teaching Vai,

Check your history, Steve Vai used to play with Frank Zappa,

He was originally hired by Frank to transcribe Frank's Guitar Solo's and arrangements.

And soon after joined the band.

FRANK ZAPPA is the MILES DAVIS of Rock Music...

There are several players that passed through is bands...

Johnny "Guitar Watson
Steve Vai
Terry and Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons
George Duke
Ainsley Dunbar...

I can keep going.

If you guy's want to talk style and all that... I think most of the guy's you mentioned are very lame.

If you really want good guitar with feel.

Check out the Jazzers, Norman Brown, George Benson,
Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel, Joe Pass, Howard Roberts, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery.

You guy's got a lot to learn about music...Take it form a PRO player of over 40 years

Most of these Rockers are just pure LAME POSERS,

I been playing bass all that time and six month ago picked up the guitar as another outlet.

I been studying scale and chords and how they fit together and after six months of practice about 8hrs a day... I can blast through a scale riff as good as any of those rock guys...but I still can't touch the Jazzers. and I actually play pretty good...

Don't believe? Check my facebook

This tune Micheal's Smile is my first try at writing, arranging, and recording
my new found guitar voice.

Feedback is appreciated
Joined: 1/30/2007
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Dunno about todays guitarist
Posted: 3/2/2010 3:24:39 AM
Oh yeah,

I forgot to mention LES PAUL, CHET ATKINS, brotha'

I could go on for days


no direspect meant to the old guard of rock clapton, hendrix, page,

It's these young boy posers who need to listen up.

Stan Da Bassman AND sometimes Guitarman
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