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Joined: 2/4/2009
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I call it the Fatal Flaw and The Doomsday Delete...
Happens to everyone in cyberspace.
The grass is always greener.
There's always a better deal.
It's the biggest candy store that never was.
If you'd really like to meet someone,your better bet is to go out,do social things you enjoy,meet like minded individuals having a fun time in the process.
I have found online is fine for casual random platonic conversations that simply fade away.(I gave up wondering "why")
I imagine it can be frustrating at best for those trying to invest their time and energy in something more.
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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 9:15:29 AM
You cannot say for certain that someone wasn't offended or put off. You are not a mind reader. If you were I am sure you would be seeking your fortunes elsewhere.

They may have lost interest for a variety of reason. You wont know unless you ask them directly.

I have had a few emails conversations just taper off. Some conversations just die a natural death.
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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 9:24:13 AM

Are some women on here being unrealistic?

I am sure some are. But this is not your problem to worry about.
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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 9:27:44 AM
Unrealistic? I can't be certain about that, but there's more than one reason why a girl decides to stop emailing you. Probably they find a better fish in the sea, they're too busy, or don't know what else to say.
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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 9:28:18 AM
IMO a person may stop talking to you for reasons that had nothing to do with the content of the email. Many people ( both women and men ) on dating sites have the "grass is greener" attitude. Another man may have emailed her. She liked his photos and profile. He is the "new and shiny product". Therefore she begins talking to him and ignores any other man that she was talking to.
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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 9:36:21 AM

It's crazy how it can put anyone off. If normal conversation does that to them then we wouldn't get on in the real world.

You didnt have to insult them for them to stop emailing you. They start messaging you to see if they are interested in meeting. Who knows you may be as exciting as a dirt clod in your messages and bore them to tears. They quit messaging when they decide your not interesting enough to meet. Thats how online dating works.

The messages should be asking questions and learning about the other person. When you see they are just not a match you move on to the next contestant. (long sigh...)

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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 9:37:36 AM

Why mail me in the first place?

B/c they are giving you a chance...scoping out the situation so to speak.

They disappear.

They probably got bored ... ending contact doesn't necessarily mean you offended them in any way.

Do they expect to be swept of there feet through the first few emails?

Not necessarily, but I would assume they want communication that keeps them stimulated enough to keep the contact going.
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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 10:08:23 AM

How do I quote from a reply on this thing

Because replies in this section are limited to 20 also try and answer several posters in one reply to save more responses.

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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 10:25:07 AM
Because something in your profile caught there attention, but after exchanging more information, that first interest is lost...

Kind of like seeing something shiny and thinking it is a quarter, or something, only to find it is a gum wrapper...

The reality is YOU don't know these people either, and don't know what exactly they are looking for in a person. Therefore there is no way of knowing if what you said struck them as weird, or creepy...

Women have the very same thing happen, it is just internet dating...

Kind of like on line shopping not every thing a person browse or bookmarks is something they will end up purchasing...

You have just as much of a chance to get some negative vibes in a few e mails and discontinue talking as well...

If you are concerned of someone being shallow then would you really be interested in them???
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Are some women being unrealistic?
Posted: 4/16/2009 10:35:45 AM
It's easy to become complacent here and stop trying.

I am in a place where I enjoy chatting by email a few times with a new guy here
but am on hold emotionally for various reasons and not too thrilled with the idea of meeting any more men after having some awful first meetings with a few.

I was very enthusiastic at first about this site but have had my hopes dashed to pieces by going out and meeting some true narcissists who wouldn't be able to have a relationship with anyone but themselves. It killed my enthusiasm.
I have a feeling I'm not the only one here to end up this way.
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