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Joined: 8/20/2008
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Emails usually stop after two or three, I don't feel like being called a "stalker" b ecause it was my turn to email and I did.

As of today, got 30+ emails calling me nasty names, accusing me of being married because I wear a silver ring on my ring finger - the only one it fits on. Even says that in the picture - and I have been explicitly "looking for friends - no flings". Cant they read?

Seriously, why would I post a wedding-ring picture? If I was lying, I would say I was divorced or something...I surely wouldnt keep the picture up for eight months!

As soon as I meet someone promising, they really push it and start talking marriage. AFTER ONE DATE! Not one month, one year...

I seem to only attract the dumber crowd of women who listen to rap and love guys with dirty backwards hats and MySpace pictures of themselves and their mirrored cellphone camera image. Get a life. Your pics suck; blurry out of focus low-resolution cellphone camera pictures, sticking your upper lip out, or in a pouty kiss. THATS original. Oh the "victory" sign, you thought it was a "peace" sign. Well, there is no such thing. I can't read your emails anyways, BKUZ DEY IZ SEN 2 ME LYK DIS. I refuse to spend ten minutes translating your garbage ghetto typing because you wanted to save two seconds sending me a message while trying to mask your second-grade spelling level.

Another great person whom started to "hit it off" with me, well we found out we worked for the same company but in different cities, POOF deleted her profile without a word. I guess not so great. You know who you are. That hurt. Maybe YOU were the married one!

I guess I had "left" POF a while ago. I said it wouldnt be fair to someone I was dating, because being a single father, in school, and working full time, I didnt want to not be able to "be there" for someone as much as I want to, and as much as they need. So I'd changed my status to "looking for friends" in my profile. Still, the bitter and the nasty looked at nothing more than my pictures and spent 15 minuts blasting me n an email about my "infidelity".

Joy A., You were very nice, a wonderful woman I'd enjoyed talking to very much, I was so excited about meeting you. Sorry about your mom, I just didnt know WHEN to ever call after that bad news, then it became too long of a period to call again. Sorry that it ended before it ever began. I'm so very sorry.

Everyone else, well...I never got to know you.

/listening to Chevelle "Safer Waters" - it fits this goodbye letter very well.

Going back to taking care of my son. He needs a good life better than I do at this point. Saving him from his mother was useless without following it up with actions I should have taken a while ago.

I'm doing the right thing; his future is more important than mine. I cant help him how he needs when I'm running all over town with a girlfriend.

Bye PoF, I hope it works out for you. We weren't a match.
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