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Joined: 5/26/2008
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Do you have any idea what that thrilled woman would do for you in return?

No. But, if I could get a steak dinner and she'd stop complaining I'd be happy. Can you write out in detail as you did so graciously what women want, what she would do for me in return? I really want to know.

But, to help you out here are a few things I would like in return (of course this is only from a man's perspective):

1. That new Dodge Challenger SRT8 (prefer Corvette Z01, but cutting her some slack)
2. Rolex watch(es)
3. All season tickets to the Raptors.
4. All season tickets to the Blue Jays
5. .... Argos.
6. 2 x vacations p/yr.
7. Guitar lessons.
8. Flight lessons (chopper and plane).
9. Yatch
10. Louis XIII Cognac
11. New Harley V Rod.
12. Trips to Veges, 2 x year minimum.
13. Golf membership & lessons.
14. Every Friday night out with the boys.
15. Boss, Armani clothing.
16. Drive me around
17. Sex every single day, at least 3 times daily, some days I'll want more (must include good oral too.)
18. A home cooked meal everyday.
19. A neat home.
20. No panties hanging in the shower.
21. Leave the seat up, where it's supposed to be. (Geezzz how many times do you need to take a crap anyway).
22. Don't move my shit around.
23. New big screen TV, one in each room.
24. Surround sound 7.1 all over the house.
25. Landscaper.
26. Heated driveway.
27. Birthday party every year.
28. No socks, ties for holidays or birthdays (a real gift would be nice).
29. Don't have sex with me while thinking about my best friend.
30. No cheating on those trips with the girls, or on business. If you give me #17 you shouldn't have to.
31. Take some cooking lessons.
32. Go out with your friends and do girlie stuff (don't try and make me).
33. Don't neglect the children.
34. Make some real money.
35. Get a drivers license.
36. Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar to go with #7 (I'll buy the amp., pedals, stand, case, picks, cables, etc....)

I can go on, but fingers are tired, and I'm laughing too hard.

Men…..want to be her Knight in Shining Armor? Really?

No I don't. I'm not living in the 17th. century. So, I don't want a princess wearing glass slippers either. I just want a good decent level minded and realistic women. Perhaps, when people stop trying to set unrealistic expectations, especially in the current climate (21st. century), we can be better lovers and try to understand "each other". Relationships are not about what she want's but are about what they want and working to achieve those goals together equally. It takes two people, and lot's of work to have a successfull relationship. Doing everything to make a women feel like some kind of princess and giving her everything she needs is not the answer. Usually, men who try and do this feel, un-appreciated, are neglected, and look outside the home for what they are missing from their woman. Look it up, do some research, you'll find that most men who cheat on their wives do it because they "over provide" and don't get anything back in return. Trust me read up on it, you'll see for yourself. Most recently a study was done by a relationship specialist in the US, wrote a book and was on Ophrah, he did surveys on thousands of successfull men who over-provided and had so called happy homes, they all cheated, and all had the same answer for why the did it. It wasn't for the sex, it was for the attention, appreciation, respect, and admiration they got. They felt neglected by their wives and didn't feel appreciated by their families. So, what am I going to get in return again? Perhaps, many men tried what your suggesting and didn't get anything at all in return.

I've spent numerous hours browsing through profiles and sending email, and egifts and sending sweet poems and giving compliments. These women don't even have the decency to reply back to me and say thanks. So, what kind of message do you think I get from that? It not do more, it's do less. Strangely enough, contrary to what you're saying (do everything she could ever want), I'm getting more responses now. Believe me I don't get it either, because us good guys are taught exactly what you're saying, but, it seems to me your way just isn't the way it is. Ya'll say one thing but you really mean something else.

Joined: 5/26/2008
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Mediocre men.....
Posted: 4/22/2009 4:01:41 PM
Bloody hell....and they accuse women of being materialistic! Quite a list of "stuff"...stuff doesn't make you happy. "We all" are far from the same!

Lighten up sweetie!

Considering, stuff is the fruit of labour, it's better than having nothing.

Me lighten up, you're the one complaining about how men don't provide all the want's and needs for women. Personally, if I can find that one lady that takes me for who I am, I'll be pleased otherwise who the hell cares.
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Mediocre men.....
Posted: 4/23/2009 4:43:02 PM

It was all in are taking this way to seriously.

Absolutely. I get that, and I'm not taking anything on POF seriously at all. As far as I'm concerned POF is one of the options that can be used to meet people.

But, I still want to know what I would get in return, at least that way us "mediocre men" can be motivated to do better. No?
Joined: 5/26/2008
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Mediocre men.....
Posted: 4/24/2009 9:26:19 AM
Buy a for

Dude. You just didn't compare women to female dogs did you?

Irish Setter? Lol!

Ya'll some cold mo'fos. She gonna' be really pissed now. hahahahaha......

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Mediocre men.....
Posted: 4/28/2009 8:37:54 AM

To be fair, most women are very cryptic with this information and most women send mixed messages to men about what they want and most women expect most men to read their minds

Cheers. They just complain on POF, while the man is clueless and thinks everything is going fine.
Joined: 1/13/2009
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Mediocre men.....
Posted: 7/26/2009 11:04:15 AM
I think I've read this book... or books... Just maybe you could seek employment at Disneyland... the most fun and happiest place on earth... I hear the nightly fireworks are dazzling... that should please you, finally, .... or not? Disneyland... in lieu of a man... something to think about...
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